Should I be suspicious of my boyfriend?

I've been with my boyfriend for over 2 years
he's 30 and Im 25
We both work 5 days a week
But sometimes he works 6 days a week

Anyway so my parents own 4 properties in our city
One of them is vacant so my mum asked if I wanted to rent there with my boyfriend
Since i sleepover at my boyfriend's place everyday

My boyfriend lives alone in his apartment and has few months till his contract finishes
And he was going to look for another apartment anyway

So I told him about it
And he got happy and said he wants my mum's apartment instead of looking for other apartments

I asked him why?

And he replied
"Because I know her and the rent will go to her mortgage. Not anyone else's/random stranger."

Is there any ulterior motive in this?
Why does he want my parent's apartment?
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Should I be suspicious of my boyfriend?
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