Why does he keep reminding me that I can rely on him?

I have a guy friend who keeps reminding me that if I’m ever in need of help or in trouble that I can rely on him because he deeply cares about me. We have some romantic interest in each other but we also aren’t dating each other because we’re both unavailable for a relationship. He doesn’t know how to deal his feelings for me and is confused with life. So we stay as good friends and I know he’s a good person.

I’m quite independent in general that I don’t actively speak up to ask for help if I need it because I’m used to resolving my issues on my own and don’t like relying on others. Maybe it’s trust issues I have, but it’s more likely that I’m used to doing everything on my own. Been single for over 5 years now.

However every time we talk, he always brings up the ‘if you need help, I’m there for you, I really care about you, you know you can rely on me if I need anything’. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but it’s also getting a little annoying too. But I know he means well.

Why does he keep bringing it up?
Why does he keep reminding me that I can rely on him?
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