Help me understand this behaviour please?

A couple of months ago I was casually seeing a guy (28) I’m (30) f this was my decision to be casual I told him this from the very beginning and he went along with it. I noticed he would say little things to try and make me jealous by telling me he has other girls after him etc.

Anyway he then had to move away for 3 months out of the country so he called it off as he couldn’t give me the time which I agreed with and deleted him from social media. He had a massive go at me for deleting him and said I didn’t let him finish what he had to say and why would I do that. I told him if he doesn’t want to continue there is nothing left to say and he replied with if that’s how you feel then.
I did see while he was away he was partying with girls and I mentioned it when we spoke the one day and I was called a psycho, weird said he can do what he likes etc. So I put him behind me and moved forward.

Since he had been away I met a great guy who is (42) and treats me how I should be treated. My friends with benefits has recently came back home and messaged me tonight love heart eyes and I said what’s that for? Because not so long ago I was a psycho etc. I was in the same area as him and he said he wanted to see me and I said no as I’m meeting someone and moved on. He replied with ‘I bet he’s ugly you still fancy me anyway’. I said actually he’s beautiful and a great person and treats me amazing and he was like ye whatever so I sent him a pic of the nice flowers he had brought me. He kept putting laughing faces and told me he had sex 3 times last night and twice this morning.

He has since blocked me but I don’t get why he acts like this? He didn’t want me and I was a psycho not so long ago? Why the random outburst? He will never tell me why and even though I’m happy and content it’s left me confused because there was a time where I did care about him. I would never leave my current guy for him but I just have to try and understand peoples behaviour for my own piece of mind.
Help me understand this behaviour please?
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