Why do guys suck?

I started seeing this guy about 5 months ago. I met him on Tinder and it was pretty clear in my profile that I wanted long term so I never asked him to clarify what he wanted. Things have been going well but during a conversation he said something that I questioned. He said if either of us were to find someone else we let each other go. Here all along I thought we were making a relationship so when I questioned him this is what he said. (He’s 43 I’m 47) I might want to be a dad one day so if want to find someone younger to do that but in the meantime I though we could enjoy each other’s company but I don’t want to come to Sunday dinner with your family. We’ve talked about moving in possibly, going on vacations and just spending time together. So this was really surprising! He still wants to hang out and spend time together I’m just worried I will develop feelings for him. He’s not so concerned about developing feelings for me as he didn’t mention it. I just don’t know what to do?
Why do guys suck?
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