Why does this guy keep messaging me even though I said I’m not interested?

I went out on a date with this guy I met on a dating site. We were texting back and forth for some time before I decided we should meet up. I remember when I met him for the first time, I felt really disappointed because he lied about his height, said he was taller than what he was and I just wasn’t physically attracted to him at all. I continued on the date anyway and we went for a coffee, and he decided to prolong the date which made me feel like he was way more into me than I was him. Anyway after that date he kept messaging me really long essays which took forever to reply to, and eventually I told him the truth that I wasn’t ready to date and that it was nice to meet him but I wasn’t feeling any romantic feelings towards him. I didn’t hear from him then for two months and then on Christmas Day this year he messaged me saying ‘for what it’s worth have a nice Christmas’ and since then we’ve been exchanging messages again back and forth. I still feel the same way about him and don’t feel physically attracted to him and he still continues to send me really long messages (essays) trying to talk to me. They really irritate me and in the messages he keeps asking me if I was in a bad place emotionally when I met him and that’s why I rejected him and then says “I don’t want to push or press this by asking you”

I still don’t feel attracted to him physically at all and still feel if I met up with him again my feelings would be the same and wouldn’t change. Why does he continue to message me after I said I’m not wanting to date him and wasn’t interested in him romantically?
Why does this guy keep messaging me even though I said I’m not interested?
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