What does this mean? What should I do next time I see him?

Well, it was on a Sunday we had church and I was invited to my crushes house to hangout with his sister so, I went to my crushes house hangout, and to swim with his sister his sister is my best friend and a lot of things happen. So here's where it begins after a while one of his family members prepared lunch I ate and stuff and when I was eating and stuff and I can tell he was looking at me, so when I turned my head to look at him he was looking at me but he quickly moved his eyes another way, then after the meal we had to wait to digest before we swam, and then when I was walking to get my towel and stuff he was looking I was wear really short shorts so I don't know if he was looking at me or something else or somewhere else. Anyways while we were swimming he did come out a few times he never got in but stayed for a while and talked to his one of his family members, so when we were in the pool he would look at me sometimes. After a while we got out and dried off and stuff and I put my hair up and he looked at me as I was finishing putting it up, then after that we watched a movie in the kitchen and had snacks and then he came in while the movie was on and asked for something to be done and was waiting and then there was a part where I had to cover my eyes because there was something in there that made me cover my eyes and after I uncovered my eyes he was looking at me. Also everytime he walked by where we were he would turn his head and look. Then when I was getting ready to leave I went in to a room where he was and he was sitting and was eating and his sister was also in there so I when I went to see if I left anything behind and he turned his head and looked at me and moved in his chair like he was gonna get up but he didn't then he looked at me again. All he did that day was look at me but never said anything to me.
What does this mean? What should I do next time I see him?
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