She's so nervous, never looks in my eyes, runs away...what does it mean?

There's this girl I see here and then in college. Initially she would always look down and talk very strict, and when I'd say something funny or nice she would smile a big smile, seems like she's trying to think what to say but then splits. Next time she would act extremely "ugly", like we never met...I remain cool and say something to break the ice, then she again smiles and blabs something nervous, and turns her back. This went on a few times. Once I found her in a cooler mood and we talked and she walked real close to me and it was fun, next time again - so cold, looks down. I am sure there's something going on, but it is so hard to remain cool when you don't know how she would react. Well it was going on quite a while, and last time I was going to just ask her out, and it was quite obvious I was going to, but again she was on the computer, typing and looking down while talking to me, and then suddenly took off and didn't give me a chance to get to the point. It is going on for too long, a couple of months and I'm afraid I'm losing the momentum, maybe I should have asked her out before, but it's so hard to get to her. What does it mean? If she likes me, is there a chance she thinks I'm a jerk I didn't ask her by now?


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  • She's shy. She likes you. She thinks you are out of her league, so she keeps you at arms length cause she doesn't want to get hurt. She'd rather not know you well and get lost in your eyes then get turned down by you

    • What she said. I was like that with one specific guy in College. Oi, how embarrassing.

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    • I managed to make thigs a lot more comfortable, now we talk freely, she laughs a lot and it is seemingly great, a lot more comfident...BUT - I am worried that the romantic tension is gone, and it became as if it is "just" friendship...what do you think?

    • Strike while the iron is hot!

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  • I'm no expert, but it sounds like she's either incredibly shy and running away is her way of dealing with that shyness, or she doesn't want to talk to you. But I doubt it's the latter if she responds positively when you do talk.

    That kind of behavior is really confusing. I guess there's no harm in asking her out. Who knows, maybe she'll say yes.

    Good luck with that situation. She sounds like quite the character. :P

    • I know a girl just like this. She's gorgeous but doesn't realize it, which only makes her more attractive. She's shy around me and keeps running away but is otherwise very bubbly and outgoing. I know she likes me but I think she's afraid of getting hurt. From her looks I think she would attract a lot of players and so doesn't trust guys very easily. I think I just need to perserve and show her I like her for her and am not just after sex. Hope this helps.

  • I think your beating around the bush to much. Sounds like your waiting for the right moment there will never be one you will keep missing your chance just go for it say hey can I have your number or, would you like to hang out sometime.

  • Oh, she likes you. She is attracted to you. I bet good money she day dreams about you. Ask her out it is not to late, awww having a warm fuzzy moment :)

  • She likes you, but she is shy.
    Ask her out! :)


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