Is it worth it to reach out again?


Right before leaving for a month trip to Europe, I (20F) met a great guy (25M) online who lives 1hr drive away. We FaceTime often and get along well. We plan that he drives down to go on a date and then we drive down for beach day this weekend.

Since I’ve gotten back from Europe he complains that I take longer to reply and thinks I’m not interested. I keep saying yes or I wouldn’t be talking to him. Today he texts me to promise one thing. That “it will be with his time”. He doesn’t explain what it means but part of me thinks it may sexual.

I reply that “this makes me uncomf bc I want it to be mutual and him to value my comfort”.

he says “well ur obviously not interested. If that’s the case, wish you luck”

I reply that “I just don’t want to feel pressured”

he finishes with “I have lots of girls interested in me who would love for me to take them out. It’s a shame that you are missing out on meeting an amazing guy”

is it worth it to reach out again? Maybe call him or text back “it’s a shame you lost a D1 athlete at an Ivy League who genuinely cared for you”. I rlly liked him and want to meet him irl, just not sure what’s happening with our communication.

Is it worth it to reach out again?
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