Is my boyfriend controlling or caring?

Is my boyfriend controlling or caring?

I'm away for one week field work. After a tiring day, he called me at 9:00pm.

Him: "How was your day?"

Me :Exhausting. I'm lying on the bed already.

Him: Sorry about that. Rest okay? I'll give you a treat when you're back.

Me: Yay. I can't wait.

Him:Love u. Sweet dreams.

Me:Love u. Oh my God, I hear music from the bar. My colleagues are sitting out. I hear their voices.


Me: I'll join them for a few minutes before bed.

Him:That's a great idea babe, except I'll be calling you soon.

Me:I'm not going with my phone.

Him:I advice you do. Because you need to rest. So I will be calling in about five minutes And when I do, I want to hear that you're on your bed, ready to fall asleep. Are we clear?"

Me: But...

He ends call. I ended up not stepping out and rested.

Was he being caring or controlling?

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Is my boyfriend controlling or caring?
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