I shouldn’t check the text or reply, yea?

hi all,

there is a guy I met he knows that I like him and we’ve been in the same place with our separate group of friends and talk 3-4 times and added each other on instagram.. but then I had to leave for work for 5 months (I am in a whole different country right now) I texted him recently saying that we should meet and catch up when I comeback. He said ok sure maybe, let’s see. And then we didn’t talk for a week and recently he posted a story and I sent the laughing emoji as a reply to it as it was really funny. And a few minutes later he sent me this text: Fuck you.

:( I don’t understand why he did that why would anyone do that.. :(:(:( he still follows me and checks my story..

so, I left him on read as I think I shouldn’t read or reply to it..

2 of my friends said you should ask him why he did that or just laugh it off but we are not even that close.. what should I do? Why did he send that? :(

I shouldn’t check the text or reply, yea?
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