How do I get him to notice me?


I met this guy at work and he was first to approach me. He really tried hard to become my friend and we ended up training together and working in the same department.

I thought he was really cute and we got talking more found out he was 4 years younger than me and he thought I was the younger one out of us two. We have loads in common like music and hobbies but he had a girlfriend I found out so I backed off.

They had a very strange relationship were she was very controlling and everything had to be on her terms.

They eventually split up but he didn't bother telling me till 3 months later. She's gone to uni now and left her job. I tried to set him up with a friend of mine to distract my feelings for him.

He regretted my friend and told her he no longer has feelings for his ex anymore but still checks in on her and that he likes another girl.

I assumed this girl was me as I'm probably his closest girl friend. I started getting up really early in the morning to make myself look extra pretty for him and he barely notices. He's stopped eating lunch with me now too and liking my social media posts. I still caught him stairing at me at times and he still tries to talk to me but he will always ignore me if one of his male friends are around.

It really upsets me and I feel like I should just give up on trying to get him to notice me especially after he had he had no feelings for his ex yet still "checks up" on her

How do I get him to notice me?
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