Does this guy want me to notice him or am I just too observant?

Basically this guy and I go to the same high school and have not had a class together since freshman year (it’s now junior year) so we know of each other but haven’t talked in a while. I recently found out he lived in my neighborhood when we both drove to school at the same time and I now know what his car looks like cuz it was like a vibrant blue and he knows mine cuz it’s was bright red abs there’s not many colored cars in the junior lot. Anyways, he is in the same class as one of my friends and most of the time I’ll pick her up at her class since I don’t have one during that period and every time I’m waiting for her to meet with me he makes eye contact and holds it until he has to turn his head to exit the doors. On top of that he makes eye contact with me any chance he gets and makes like double glances at me. He also parks his car next to mine even though in the morning I will see his car parked at the back of the lot (I’ll park in the front) and then after school gets out I’ll walk to my car and his will be parked next to mine. Also he waits until I get to my car and am about to leave to exit his parking spot. What does this mean?
Does this guy want me to notice him or am I just too observant?
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