Guy friend and girls?


My friend had the habit of leaving his former date, on read, on Whatsapp, hoping she will chase him and get more desperate for him but after nearly a year of this and him being sad and upset that she wouldn't ask him out, she eventually wrote to him that she won't talk to him again because she feels he doesn't want to talk to her or meet her considering how he's always leaving her on read.

He was with us (me and a few girls) at a bar when she first texted him to meet up which he ignored but when she texted again 2 hours later saying how she's struggled with him and will stop talking now, he freaked out and started texting her, saying sorry and how he was at a friends birthday and didn't check his phone. He obviously lied saying he didn't realise leaving her on read was an issue but then called her to say sorry. She didn't pick up so he continued to say sorry then said he will meet on Sunday (which is today).

I dont understand. He always acts like he doesn't care about her though I have seen him staring at her from across the room and now this. Why would he even bother? Just let her go if she wants to?

Guy friend and girls?
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