Are men just as emotional as women?

Okay so y’all might disagree with me but I think men are just as emotional as women, just in a different way.
A lot of men have have a lot of built up anger. Anger is an emotion too, therefore someone who is angry still counts as an emotional person.

I’ve seen so many men get angry and end up throwing and breaking things (and I’m guilty of doing things like that as well) . Even over the smallest shit like losing a video game or their favorite football team losing. I know a dude who broke his glass table because he got into an argument with his girlfriend. I remember he tried telling me “oh this is 100% normal. Every man does that” like nah baby you just need therapy, come on now 😭

Doing something like breaking a tv over a sports team losing is an overemotional response.

Are men just as emotional as women?
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