Do I have a chance? Capricorn men (in late 20's)?

so dated a cap man for the last 1.5 years and he broke up with me suddenly a month ago after telling me only an hour before that he loved me and didn't want to break up with me during a discussion we had that then turned into a mini argument. (we never argued until that point). he was still telling me he loved me after we broke up but communication has since become sparse in the last couple of weeks. he thinks were not 100% compatible but I know he is scared of the commitment and offering me what he thinks I need long term. now would a stubborn cap man realize and admit his mistake and try to make amends eventually or stick to his decision? he has tried moving on already and told me that he isn't ready for that yet. do I have a chance?


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  • First off, basing relationships off of astrology is fun but that's all that it is. It doesn't tell you for sure how people are or what's going to happen in the relationship or how they think.

    Going off of your situation, if its meant to be then it will happen. But right now if he isn't ready then its not fair to you to stick around and wait. I suggest you try to get your mind off of him. Go out, stay busy, have fun, meet new people. Going out on a date with someone new can do absolutely no harm to you and I think it would be good for you. If its meant to be and he wants to be with you then it will happen when its suppose to happen. But waiting around and pushing it when he isn't ready isn't a good idea.


    • youve obviously never read one if you don't realize how closely they reflect a persons general traits. of all the people I know they all mirror their star signs to a point of freaky-ness. I don't live by it but I know he's stubborn, scared of settling for the wrong person, dominating in the relationship, career orientated, etc etc etc. I wanted another cap's point of view or someone whose dated one who can actually give constructive insight into their way of thinking.

    • ... I've lost all faith in humanity. You've just described 80% of the male population, babe.

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