Is he mad at me because of my age?



There's a guy I've been talking to IRL for a month now. We didn't exchange numbers or anything. He seemed frankly smitten but still shy. He was asking me about my relationship status and I asked him his.

We're both single.

There was a whole bunch of flirting but I freeze up when guys show overt interest because I've been duped so many times in the past.

We have a language barrier and I *think* he may have asked me to have breakfast with him and I didn't understand.

I asked him about himself and what he wants in life and he said he's simple. He wants a wife, a house and car and to do some travelling.

Then he said out of the blue "I'm 20 almost 21... how old are you?"

I'm 20 years older than him but I don't look anywhere near that. I still look 25-30

I didn't want to say my age. He guessed a bit and we joked about it.

I asked him why he wanted to know mine so bad and he just got a bit sad and said nevermind.

I saw him two days later and he seemed surprised to see me which was odd.

He also was on the phone and not really paying me much attention which was pretty out of character.

He was calculating something and my birth year was the number. I pointed to it and said that's your answer.

He looked at me like I was full of it.

Now he stopped smiling at me completely and is short with me. Like he's pissed at me. I didn't lie to him.

Is he just disgusted with me? I don't mind if he isn't interested but why so cold?

Is he mad at me because of my age?
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I just remembered that he actually LIED about his age and initially said he was 23. Then he ra do fessed up and said he was 20 and tried to deny he said he was 23. I guess I'm not the only one insecure about their age!
Is he mad at me because of my age?
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