Why is my boyfriend hiding?


Why would a guy never give a straight reply to if he's seeing someone or dating someone to 1 specific girl?

My new boyfriend (he was my ex boyfriends close friends and I met him through my ex) is unwilling to tell this one girl he wanted to hook up with (but she didn't hook up with him) that he is with me. She has asked him several times but he never gives a straightforward response and always evades it by telling her how he doesn't discuss his private life. However, he did mention this to his colleagues that he was seeing someone but will never tell her. She also offered to stop talking to him multiple times if he's not single but he does not agree to it.

She has feelings for him and he knows that. However, each time she tries to end their connection, he gets all worked up and refuses to stop talking. He even told her I will talk when I want, I want to say hi and chit chat even though she is unwilling as she is suspicious about us.

She asked him yet again yesterday and I overheard their conversation but he refused to tell her, got angry at the people who told her to stop talking to him as he's not single and said he will chit chat with her. He has also kept her number saved.

Why is he hiding this from her?

Why is my boyfriend hiding?
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