Does this guy like me?

So there’s this guy that i like so like any normal girl, i added him on snap and followed him on tiktok. he added me back almost immediately but didn’t follow. he said hi and stuff. but, the other day he asked me “who’s the girl who sits next to you in second period?” and i told him what classes we had together before and none of them were second period. i asked him “whaaa” and he said “nvm, wrong person” so i left it at that but then later he said “do you have the notes for history?” and i remembered one of my friends has second period with him which happens to be history so i asked her what the notes were and she said they didn’t have any. so i told him i did have any notes and he left me on open. the same day i went to a football game and i walked past his friends and him and i heard one say “go talk to her bro she’s right there” and nothing happened after that. BUT the next day he sent me a chat saying “ur so pretty” and i said thanks. he asked me what i was doing and how i was and i told him i bought a dress for hoco and he asked if he could see it. i said yeah and sent him a snap and he saved it in chat and said “i think it looks good” (🤭) i said thanks and he left me on opened for a day. he still hasn’t texted me yet. this all happened yesterday. i also was talking to my friend after school and he was STARING. and sometimes i catch his friends staring at me. he also followed me back on tiktok and liked all of my vids. Do you guys know what this means? i’m getting hot and cold signals 😭

8 mo
my guys i just noticed it says i said “i did have any notes” i meant didn’t 😭
Does this guy like me?
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