Girls, why do you try so hard to look good?

why do some(most) of you girls try so dam hard to look nice?

when I see a girl that looks good because of the way she's dressed, I'm attracted to her, but I'd never date her.

the way I see it, some girls dress nice to overcompensate, the way guys with penis insecurities do with sports cars.

i wouldn't want to date someone who cares about their appearance so much, they seem shallow and insecure.

the kind of girls I like are the ones that usually DON'T wear make up or dress up. because those are the girls I see as most beautiful, inside ant out.

and I seriously think most girls don't even dress up to attract men, but to impress other girls. one time I asked my ex about this and she said "its like a secret competition to see who's prettier" and I was like, I f***in knew it!

cause I mean, what guy is into fashion the way that you girls are?

no guy is going to date you for your fancy purse, or for your designer boots, sweater or hat or whatever-the-f***, so why?

ALSO, a Q for you guys, are you attracted to these girls that try so hard to look good?
I just like being able to like what I see in the mirror
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+1 y
i'm not reading the answers anymore. stop answering.
Girls, why do you try so hard to look good?
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