Most Common New Year's Resolution


My goal for 2016 is to get healthier and be able to do laundry on my washboard abs!

As the new year approaches and people start shooting around ideas as to what one of their resolutions for 2016 will be, a common one shared by most is to ‘exercise more’. To work on their health and/or just start looking better.

Most common new year's resolution- 'My goal for 2016 is to get healthier and be able to do laundry on my washboard abs'

I always find it amusing how first week of January, my gym is packed. Every machine is filled basically any hour of the day, a whole new crowd with fellow gym-regulars blending in. The madness generally lasts till no later than January 14th, with a few remaining stragglers sometimes making it to the last week of January. Come February, the gym is generally back to its pre-‘new healthy, happy me’ days.

Why is this phenomenon such a constant thing, on repeat basically year by year? Why is it difficult for so many people to work at least a bit of exercise, nothing too intense, into their schedules on a somewhat regular basis?

Excuses. They come in every form imaginable. Too cold, too rainy. Every day that was decided as the day to head to the gym comes around and ends up being one of those days that were meant to be spent watching Netflix from bed.

Most Common New Year's Resolution

It truly boggles my mind how so many people go to such lengths to avoid what I cannot advocate enough. Working out is like a godsend, in my opinion. Aches and pains keeping you from the gym? Take it easy, but nothing will make your aches and pains worse than a sedentary lifestyle camped in front of the television, granted that you’re dealing with relatively minor discomfort, nothing like a serious issue with your hips, back, etc..

If your aim is to get in better shape; you’ll either get results, or excuses. Choose one.

There are several ways you can work exercise into your daily routine without having to dedicate hours per week. Do you drive to work? Try taking transit for some days of the week which will require you to walk to the bus stop, from the bus stop to work, and just in general be moving more than you would if you were to drive. If you don’t work or go to school too far, cycling is a great alternative as well.

Most Common New Year's Resolution
Start going for walks or a local pilates/yoga place with a friend on a set day of the week. You guys can motivate each other not to slack, plus combine some social time with working out so it’s like two birds with one stone.

Buy a month-pass at your local gym. They’re usually pretty pricy so you can calculate how many times you’d have to gym it to break even by comparing the month-pass price with the drop-in fee. Excuses will be far fewer when you realize that staying in to watch that movie will cost you at least $5 in losses from your month-pass.

Most Common New Year's Resolution

Most Common New Year's Resolution
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  • dartmaul15
    very very true.

    The typical mistake is to start out way too hard, with the "woo, i'm going to change myself by going to the gym 4 days a week, for 2 hours each time, and i'll keep doing it 4eva".

    Generally that just won't work. You don't start a marathon by spinting. You start out slow and gets your body warm (disregarding the fact you'd do that before start), get yourself in the flow, and just keeps on trucking.

    You need to excercise that way. Start out slow, with a pace you can manage! I've heard people say that the first month isn't about the excercise or result, but about getting the habit, get into it, get used to it, break thrugh that hard first month. From there on you can increase the load a little, maybe have 2 days with an hour and a half each instead of 2 days with an hour? And increase the pace. But always make sure it's an intensity you can handle without burning out the pashion and drive.

    That way you don't burn out early and give up.

    Hell, have just one day at the gym, and one day practicing a form of physcially demanding sport. Football, rugby, triatlon, go sycling, swimming, ANYTHING that puts you in activity helps. Even "morning cardio". Get outtadors, and just DO something.

    And come on, deep down we all know going to the gym to jog on a threadmill is boring as hell compared to jogging in the woods.
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    • tony72722

      Worked for me lol. Went from being lazy after high school for a year to training 5 days a week intensley and haven't stopped since. I say go hard or go home.

    • dartmaul15

      @tony72722 yeah, no. It might've worked for you, but among those legit interrested in bettering themselves, going too hard so they burn out is the number one reason for quitting and giving up.

      And just like me, you're stull quite young. You don't have 8 hours of work, 3 kids you need to drive o different activities in the evening, you don't have a huge ass house and a wife/husband that needs attention too... you get my point. quite simply it won't work for everyone, because of time limitations.

Most Helpful Girl

  • BelleGirl21
    You hit some really key points. I think the most important thing I have discovered is that you have to find the thing you love to do. For me it's weight lifting. If you hate running for example, don't force yourself to do it! Try cycling or swimming or tennis etc. Just keep DOING something until you find something that challenges you and makes you happy. Then it becomes easy to fit it in your life.
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  • ShepherdOfFire99
    Your bitterness makes me laugh.
    I agree though. I've been working out for a long time now and don't prior just don't stick.
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  • martyfellow
    People need to reward themselves for sticking to an exercise regimen. I'd suggest giving yourself some expensive gift, or taking a long delayed trip, if you can maintain X times a week going to the gym for Y months...
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  • golani
    i've been working out hard and dieting pretty much every day for the past 8 years, so staying fit and healthy is just a routine for me by now. not counting calories/carbs/protein/fats is just weird to me..

    my new years resolution is actually to get my life together. im 22 and i'm all over the place. i just need to have a productive year overall. in 2013 there was more bad than good, in 2014 there was more bad than good, and 2015 just was a blur and was a total standstill. 2016 is my year!
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  • Scrambledagain
    Gym is easy. Dieting is the hardest. Even though for me it means shit in attraction. My resolution is to be more bad boy than nice guy. Changing personality is far more difficult than gym.
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    • Why the hell would you want that haha

    • @ShepherdOfFire99 Because look at my profile: Gym is sorted for me. Im actually doing a plan where I gain 4kg and get ripped. I have more muscles than I need. But, I am a nice, easy going guy, with a very good sense of humour, which means women don't get attracted to me that easily. So this year, I am going to work on being a lot less "nice guy" and be more bad boy. But changing your personality is FAR more harder than gym. One has to go to the very core of their unconscious and disassemble what they have been taught by parents, teachers, preachers etc. And in terms of women, I need to practice, so this year I am consciously looking for only friends with benefits.

    • The only thing I find unattractive about anything you said is that you're so insecure you want to change your personality.

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  • Nice_Guy_Last
    That "Morning Cardio" picture made me laugh. It's so true. I have honestly lost 20 lbs since I started dating my then girlfriend now fiance, and by no means am I living a healthier lifestyle anywhere outside of the bed lol.
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  • ichot
    I laugh at people who complain about having too many people at the gyms... I've always exercised outdoors and not a single person to wait behind in a line.
  • gapminder
    Totally true, consistency is the key. If you truly want to transform yourself it is a slow and steady process. No short cut short for hard work, the best gift you can give to yourself is a healthy and fit body.
  • 26ukdude
    I have given up smoking and drinking since November. Saving a load of money, about £300 ($450) a month. I'd like to lose 20lbs so I guess thats my goal for the year
  • meatballs21
    Morning Cardio WOOOOO

    Ahem. The stupidity of pushing a New Year as an excuse for change that you for whatever reason didn't want for the last 11 months? That's why. If you are tired of being out of shape or overweight, you don't wait until January 1st. I joined my gym in October (last year) because I knew that with winter approaching I couldn't exercise outdoors for much longer.

    There's also the fact that people expect results overnight, or don't know what they're doing, or don't get into the habit.
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  • Octavius
    These next couple of weeks at the gym are gonna suck...
  • kingoficeolation
    Exercise feels bad. I've made such a resolution before because I know I should, but I don't want to.
  • 2228515
    I remember, you you are that slutty weeaboo who post half naked pics then wrote a meme telling guys not to ask for nudes. lmao
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  • Anonymous
    ugh ur such a cookie cutter bish
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    • Anonymous

      @Wacka16 why's ur face so bloated? u look like an African bullfrog lol

  • Anonymous
    Is this about resolutions or about fuming and getting healthy?
    It's a really good mytake!!! :) :)
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