There Are Dingbats Galore Out There, More than You Probably Think

There are dingbats galore out there, more than you probably think.

A few nights ago, at 7:44, I was at my gym training a few mostly middle aged women, new to working out.

Right in the middle of the class, in walks a maybe 30 year old woman pushing s stroller. This is incongruous in the gym, but I was busy and didn't pay attention at first. Out of the corner of my eye I thought she was wearing tights, and maybe was late for the class.

But when I pulled focus, I realized she had only an open blouse and a very smal thong as her workout outfit...

She was not bad looking, actually, but I noticed her stroller had no baby in it, but a pile of books and groceries. She had dilated pupils and immediately began firing questions, such as 'Can I have the lavatory key?', and 'What are you making these women do?.

I was worried about what she might have hidden in the stroller, so I didn't just toss her out right away. There was something frightening about her speech patterns; she lacked any inflection, as if she were reading from a telepropter.

I told her, 'We're in the middle of a class here, you have to leave now.' She fired back, 'Who are you to tell e what to do?.

I flexed my arms and walked up to her, nearly but not quite touching her, and said, "I'm the owner of this gym and I'm going to take that stroller and break it into pieces, and you too if you don't leave immediately.'

I was close enough at that point that she couldn't have reached into the gear on the stroller without my pulling her elbow out of its socket, and she understood that.

She huffed and Humphrey and backed away, with me following her step by step,, staying within striking distance, until she was out the door, which I slammed as hard as I could.

The mental hospitals aren't sufficient to hold all these outpatients, unfortunately. The next morning I checked the video we have in the gym (to ensure we aren't accused of sexual harassment, mostly) and that's how I know she came in at 7:44. I figured she was the type who'd report me to the police for threatening her, and would likely accuse me of hitting her, so I delivered the tape to the local police and filed a complaint for trespassing, just in self defense, though I didn't know her name.

Naturally the women in the class all whined about how I was too rough with her, but only after she had left. Naturally, none of them stepped forward to deal with her. They were nearly all in decent shape and could have handled her and her stroller one-on-one, let alone all five of them together,but they all cowered behind the sled until she had gone.

You know, when things get dangerous, it's men's work still in the US.

And things are dangerous. Aside from racist dingbats shooting police, and the blowback from the Iraq-Syria-Afghanistan colonial war that is the root of all the ISIS attacks ,there are so many miscellaneous outpatients like her, and most of them are dangerous to some degree.

There Are Dingbats Galore Out There, More than You Probably Think
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    ISIS is only on the map because we have a government playing both sides, rather than staying true to one worthy agenda.

    You cannot disarm Peter to arm Paul, and then act surprised when Peter and Paul are somehow both armed again!

    But that is exactly what our foreign policy has amounted to, except with barbarians that have lusted after the dream of killing us simply for not being them, since before we were even born, rather than with apostles that would use those guns virtuously.

    And in the end, it is Eutyphro who is left disarmed and clueless - while Greece burns!

    As for the loony tune in your building: those women, indeed, were behaving cowardly. Not one of them wanted to risk putting themselves in harm's way. So they instead left the dirty work to a man - whom they then hypocritically denounced, over his method being harsher than their (lack of a) method!

    She definitely seems to have O. D. D. Otherwise, she'd know better than to try that crap. If told there was a class going on somewhere, I'd be startled, confused, and then promptly leave. I wouldn't need to be escorted out.
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    that's very strange
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    • You don't say


      whether it's a man or a woman i think they should be taken to people that will help them. like a rehab or something.

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  • genuinlysensitive
    I don't know about mentally ill, but she did sound homeless and high on something. I guarantee if it was a man, all the women would have said you didn't do enough, and they felt "unsafe" or "violated", lol. Gotta love the new age of "gender equality".
    • Well, most likely both, mentally ill and homeless. But I've never seen such a good looking homeless woman! She showed off in ther thong. Nor do they usually use a baby carriage, to an efficient way to carry things.. but who the heck knows?

    • the carriage is like her shopping cart, the dilated pupils indicates some kind of drugs, as her monotone speech as well. Asking for the lavatory key when they first walk in is also classic homeless move.

  • corboral
    i don't see how or why this bothers you. do you control all those who into "your" gym?
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    • DAng right I do! Dangerous to everyone in there training.

  • stillagoodgirl
    Lol was it necessary to threaten to break her though, she just wanted to use the restroom at 7:44
    • She asked a lot of other questions about what we were doing; I couldn't take ther risk of what she'd do withthe key and what she'd do in the restroom.

    • Lol she could have been a new customer!

  • John_Doesnt
    All I could think about while reading your post was that statue of a man with a tiny wheeny.
    • The law would have been all over me if Ihad touched her...

  • Phoenix98
    I agree.