A Guide for Self Love


I used to be a really shy, awkward kid who first described herself as an ugly and boring person to a psychologist when I was only 9 years old. I've been bullied many times in my life because I was different. I'm still different than the rest but back then I didn't have any social skills to defend myself. I got anorexia when I was 11 and since then I had an obsession with my body for many years. I went through really dark days where nothing was fine to me and I even tried to commit suicide,one time almost succesfuly when I was 14 because I hated myself so much. Besides anorexia I also developed some social traumas due to bullying, so I didn't really have friends to count on. I've struggled so many years of my youth to finally feel good in my own body, with my own unique self. Today I can comfortably say that I'm in love with myself, I love being who I am.

A Guide for Self Love

1- Drama classes

Drama classes helped me express myself better and interact with other people. It also helped me to show my inner self and stop being shy.

2- Sports

Hit the gym, play soccer, tennis, go hiking, running, etc whatever you like. It makes you relieve stress and it also will make you look better and feel better. Don't over though it though, it's not good for you and remember that results are seen after some months.

3- Cats

Even If it sounds crazy to you right now I can prove it's true. You learn a lot about self love from them. Their purring is amazingly comforting too and it even has proven health aid effects.

4- Let go of Fake friends

You need to identify this kind of people who only suck out the good vibes from your life while pretending to like you and be your friend while they talk behind your back, low your self esteem, use you for their own benefit and/or potentiate destructive behaviors of you.

A Guide for Self Love

5- I mastered my abilities

I have always been good playing music, singing, painting and drawing so I practiced them all until I improved my hability in each one of them and that made me love myself more.

6- Stop paying attention to what people say

Whatever bad thing they say about you think they only talk behind your back because you are ahead of them and better than them.

7- Talking to strangers

It was scary for me to get rejected If I did this (at a new school, new party, friends house, etc) but the more I did it the more I relaxed when talking to people and could say what was on my mind freely. Currently I have no problems to talk to just anyone and hold a conversation with them.

A Guide for Self Love

8- Read about the topics you like. Make yourself smarter

I love reading history, the news, articles, classic books, fun novels. It makes me learn more things to talk about and form a stronger opinion about everything so I can win arguments. People love smart people.

9- After the storm comes sunshine

You will find a solution to every problem in your life, you just try to choose the most logical one between the possible solutions. Everytime you feel sad, overwhelmed, angry try these exercises.


10- Meditation

It helped me so much. If you are stressed out stretch before doing it. Sit straight and cross your legs. You should be in a quiet, warm and dark place. Put some proper music (I recommend Yellow Brick Cinema channel on youtube) Light a white candle and close your eyes. Breath in deeply slowly until you can't anymore, hold it for 5 seconds and then slowly breath it out while visualizing a blue light surrounding your body and focusing only in the music. It takes practice to do a succesful meditation so maybe you'll want to start with 7 minutes and then increase the time until you master it. My mind has become a lot more possitive and I've improved my memory and concentration.

11- Dancing

Take dance classes, it doesn't matter If you have never did it, just go to your favorite music's dance style class and enjoy.

to be continued

A Guide for Self Love

A Guide for Self Love
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  • bacca400
    Self love does not mean narcissism, it means a person has to accept themselves, warts and all. Confidence does not come from another person, it is earned by the person who seeks it, typically by going out of their comfort zone and doing something they thought they could not do. There will be no progress made by staying in your comfort zone.

    I was that shy, introverted kid in school too, but I gradually pushed myself out of my comfort zone to do new things, but I also had to change my stinking thinking by accepting my mistakes (and trying to do better later), and by realizing no one else is perfect either. This took years to do. But I did it.

    Part of what happened was I was forced into positions of public speaking starting with a speech class in college that was required for all students. This was really transformative for me as it was the beginning of the rest of my life. Later I did more public speaking at a Fortune 500 internship, and in other situations.

    Don't make excuses, get started today.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I liked it all except meditation. I just can't do it...
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    • morena9

      I couldnt do it either at first, it takes practice. Thats why I recommend starting with 5 minutes and then trying for a longer time

    • not my thing... sorry

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  • Natalie11299
    It’s definitely easier said than done, but a negative attitude will get you nowhere.
  • xristinar28
    I'm happy for you
    I hope that I will love myself and my body someday!
  • LongWhiteBeard
    Or just become a narcissist. Noone can love you more than yourself lol. Like literally no one..
  • Logorithim
    Excellent advice for building self-confidence- Great Take and glad you found what works for you!
  • Kayla45
    Very nice myTake, I think I learned quite a lot! :)
  • Yesnomaybe85
    I enjoyed this, Thanks
    Except for the women sexually harassing the man GIF.
    But I understand that when women sexually harass men it's funny but when men do it's not.
  • Easier said than done. 😔
    • morena9

      Don't limit youself with negativism, life won't change If you don't start now. Think I can do this, life's too short to not try new things, I'm beautiful

    • I have epilepsy that prevents me from going anywhere without someone at least driving me there, which prevents me from getting a job, going to college, and being decently social offline. I’m too shy to sing in the shower, let alone dance, I have no interest in sports, and exercise makes me depressed because I’m terrible at it. I know I’m being too hard on myself, and am trying to get better, but it’s insanely difficult. My depression is mostly from half my motivation to live dying a few years ago after being in love with her sense kindergarten and sooo close to finally being in my first relationship with her.

  • PrincessProtection
    Pretty good myTake
  • RedRobin
    Great take
  • Revolver_
    Thank you for this guide
    • morena9

      You are welcome :) Im glad to help!

  • levantine99
    good one. bravo
  • Andre_it
    Very very good ;)
  • GinaDerren
    Good for you!
  • Ellie-V
  • 2opaz
    I had a self love session about 30 minutes ago
  • TinaSP
  • mike5150
    Nice job a lot of people never get that
  • bubble_tea
    Great advice!
  • Psycho21924
    Nice take
  • cupidkisses
    Thank you!
  • yulbsari
    Excellent take!
  • dandee55
    Nice take. And the gif is funny. :)
  • CT_CD
    Nice myTake
  • GayHowellMeme
    Thank you
  • RalphMcDonald
    Great things shared on how to express own self.
  • cjamazing
    Nice take
  • Nice222
    Yes yes good take.
  • oineeda
    Thank you for these actual physical tips :)
    Good advice for others..
  • snayyes
    Well said
    • guyuser2

      But for some of us it's not easy to love yourself

    • snayyes

      @guyuser2 why not?

    • guyuser2

      Because we have certain issues. Like some of us aren't very tall , we suffer from facial and lot of body hairs..