My Best Advice For Acne


So let`s talk about acne. I personally had pretty bad acne when I was 14-18 and I do still have scars on my face, you don`t see them that much, but I do haha

My Best Advice For Acne

1. Go see a doctor!

I first didn`t knew I had acne and tried to cure my pimples but I just made it worst. So really just go see a Doctor. They know what to do.

I first got a cream and later on I got medication.

I googled what it´s called in English: Accutane.

Here Disclaimer: it`s a really aggressive medicine you take there. It has a lot of serious side effects and you should only take them if the Doctor tells you and if the doctor keeps checking on you. I took them for good 11 months and every month I did get checked out. It`s really important. Also my doctor tried good year long with anything else to get rid of acne, nothing helped, so Accutane was the last option we had.

2. Dealing with Acne

I always hear how everyone is kinda ashamed to have acne and feel bad in their skin.

So I feel like, you have to change your mentality towards having acne.

Since my face was full with acne, literally, I had it over my whole face. I was forced to just accept it.

I walked around with my face to see for everyone. During my bad acne times I didn`t use any makeup. I couldn't change my face. It's my face.

And acne is probably not something you will have forever.

That lead to people talking about my acne, but they talked with me, they asked a lot of questions, why I have it and how to get rid of it. Also I did get to hear this typically “you should wash your face” comments, but then I would just explain them: I do, probably more than you do and then explain to them why I have acne.

So my classmates who bullied me the whole time for nearly everything I did, didn't bullied me for my acne.

I will say they were probably impressed that I had the guts to walk around like that or because they understood after really talking a lot about it, that acne is normal. It happens.

My Best Advice For Acne

3. Less is more

There are tons of products out to “help” you with you acne. Some are really helpful. So experience what is good for you and then settle down for 1-3 products. Don`t use too much and don`t use this product to often. You will just harm your face even more and destroy your skin protection layer.
I will tell you my face routine, but just because it works for me doesn`t mean it will work for you too. You have to figure out what is good for you.

I wash my face in the morning normally, just with water, don`t use soap, it will again destroy your skin protection layer. I use a Facial Toner, I would tell you mine but it`s a German brand, so yeah I don`t think that will help you.

At night, when I did wear makeup. Yes you can use make up, make sure there is not too much oil in it and it should be a good quality foundation. Not something super cheap. When I did wear make-up, just make sure to take it off. Don`t you dare to sleep with makeup on! Anyway after that again wash my face with water and use a facial toner. On Sundays I put on a face mask and after I do a facial steam bath with chamomile.

4. Keep it clean

Don`t touch your face with dirty hands! It will make your acne worse. Also don`t pop your pimples. Let it be, it will be gone in 2-3 days. Don`t use toothpaste on your pimples, it really makes it worse and you will get scars from that and poping pimples.

My Best Advice For Acne

5. Love yourself

Acne is annoying as f*. I know. But dear trust me it will get better with time. Don`t waste your energy on stressing over something where you don`t have that much control over the situation. Put this energy into loving yourself and supporting yourself and working towards your goals.

My Best Advice For Acne
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  • lumos
    Really good advice. I haven't suffered from acne, but from regular pimples that come and go, sometimes more concentrated and due to hormonal changes. What has really helped me is keeping everything around me clean, like in advice number 4. I sometimes get smaller pimples on my forehead in the summer because of the heat (and sweat), and I often have the bad habit of scratching them without thinking about it. I've had to really focus on not doing that anymore, it's best to just leave them alone and let the face cleaning products or medications do their work.
    Changing your sheets and towels at least every other week is also a must, especially if you wear makeup. Even if you're thorough with removing your makeup, you might sometimes miss a spot which rubs off on your sheets or your towels. Not to mention the amount of dead skin cells and dust/dirt that eventually gets on them. It's just better for your skin to be in contact with clean textiles, and that applies to clothes as well.
    Is this still revelant?
    • melanieeeB

      Thank you so much! I totally forgot to mention that you should change you sheets haha it's such a routine for me I totally forgot

    • lumos

      Haha no worries! I figure it’s such a basic thing that most people do so it’s barely worth mentioning ☺️

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  • Crocuta_crocuta
    nice mytake!
    I never went to a doctor for it, because I don't feel the need to, but I also don't wear make up, which means it doesn't clog my pores.
    Do not pop your pimples, although you can expel blackheads (the kind that don't actually pop) but keep your fingernails away from the whiteheads.
    • melanieeeB

      Thank you for reminding me! Totally forgot the don`t pop it part

  • coachTanthony
    I should of went to see a doctor when I was in my teens.. I waited and it was a huge mistake... i have scars on both cheeks. When I went to the doctor he tried everything known to mankind... I was at my wits end and he said we will have to prescribe you Acutane. Acutane is like gasoline for the face... it gets rid of your acne by burning it from the inside out.. or at least that is what I felt like it would do. Before that happened.. he decided to try one more simple antibiotic. .. called KEFLEX.. KEFLEX is an antibiotic mostly used for like strep throat. It has a terrible egg smell odor that comes from the sulfur that it is infused with. I thought there is no way this is going to work. Sure enough it did. With my insurance it was like 10 bucks a bottle too. Cheap. I will get a bad break out every 2 years or so and still to this day will get a urgent care doc to prescribe me 500 mg 2 times a day 30 pills and it's gone. So if you are struggling with your doctor.. maybe suggest trying KEFLEX. it worked for me.
  • lord_chilled
    I dont have acne on my face at all, but i do have it on my upper back since my 20s lol.
    They call it bacne. Im not really bothered by it, since its "behind me, and ots not like people see it. However some girls have pointed it out.

    I think girls care a bit about how a mans back looks 😁
    • melanieeeB

      Yeah well girls see stuff like that more haha I wouldn't point it out tho lol

    • Lop, i dont mind it being pointed out.
      I mean if its bad, maybe i should work on it.
      Currently it doesn't bother me, so i only wash and keep it clean, since medications sometimes have side effects

  • FadedGrenade
    Acne legit can deteriorate your self-esteem. To others, it might seem like a petty little thing that doesn't matter. But when you have acne..
    -You don't want to take pictures without hella filters and facetune
    -You might hate not wearing makeup, even though you know the makeup makes acne worse
    -You hate when people are close to your face. They could see your zits, blackheads, whiteheads, bumps and imperfections at close proximity!! Back away!
    -You hate when someone stares at you for too long. They are probably looking at your zit... because everyone totally cares as much as you do
    -You feel inferior and insecure. Eating chocolate makes you extra guilty.
    -You hate when people touch your face. They'll feel it all, ew!
    -Pools and beaches suck. And showers. They bring out the redness.
    -Anything like exercise also brings out the redness. Gross gross gross. It is the most unexpected, huge insecurity.
    Thank you a lot for this take. I'm sure a lot of people will find it helpful. If your acne is real bad, a dermatologist can prescribe you steroids or meds for acne. Birth control is also sometimes a miracle! Toner is great. But a lot of people with acne have tried EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET and their acne is shit. It just happens. The best thing to do is see a dermatologist : )
  • Light_beam
    Fine being a doctor , i came here really to attack you. I thought you are one of those who would give stupid medical advice while not qualified , But reading your my take? I am really impressed and thankful to you.. You did everything right.. Thanks dear :)
  • meganchennn
    i've never had more than one pimple appear on my face at a time, but i wash my face 2 times a day and put lotion on. I don't wear makeup so that might be part of it. I'm in high school and everyone keeps asking how my skin is so clear but in reality thats just the way it is, i dont use all that junk to "prevent" or "get rid of acne" that doesn't help, i dont wear makeup or face masks and its simple as that, i told that to my friend who had a few pimples and her skin started to clear up.
  • SammyGurl
    Thanks, such a good mytake, thank you for being so transparent. So far I've been blessed with pretty clear skin, only had two or three pimples at any given time. No matter how small, when you obsess over them you see them as large as a goiter hanging off the side of your cheek! While others don't even seem to notice!
    Glad I read this!
  • Goochbreaker
    Edition 2: Dawn of the bacne. Bacne is super deadly... here's what I've learned though.

    Hormonal changes will make it flare up like crazy. I stopped drinking beer and my testosterone shot up like a rocket, so did my acne. If that's the price I gotta pay for this shredded body though, so be it, but it would be nice if it would go away... drinking lot's of water keep them from getting too out of control other than that I don't know, chemicals can do more harm than good sometimes
  • JDavid25
    Good take, you gon become editor in no time really.. I never dealt with bad acne... I mean yeah I had a few bumps and pimples on my face, but I could always get rid of it if I just wash my face regularly, and drink water.. But even then I'm glad that time is over cause pimples were annoyin..
  • nyatona
    sometimes dairy products cause acne too , l stopped taking dairy products and my acne is completely gone , except for a few that come every month during my periods
  • Pinay_ako
    I am 35 and waiting for this humongous zit about to come out of the shadows. My dad advised me not to ever touch it coz the more I touch it the warmth of dirty hands will make it worse lol. My dad has really nice skin at 72. I am so jealous. I have been sticking to my routine of washing my face twice a day with Clinique Acne Solutions cleanser and clarifying lotion. In the AM, I put OleHenriksen truth serum right after toning for some vitamin C. It does make a big difference. It's suppose to lighten dark spots and I see it. I also put eye cream and sheer moisturizer from OleHenriksen all over my face. But before that, I put a tiny drop on my big problem zit spot with The Original Salicylic Acid. I exfoliate once a week with Tarte Frixxtion Stick with a scrubbie and rinse. Then I put a mask (cucumber/aloe) over and finish it off with a nose strip for my blackheads. I keep doing this and man, I love how my skin feels. Love your skin. Drink lots of H2O.
  • J4Zzi3
    use honey for face mask
    wash you face 5x a day
    stop touching your face

    well still have them coming out from time to time though even now :(
    • rsstanford

      Washing your face 5 Times a day will remove the natural oils. which will cause acne or flaking.

    • J4Zzi3

      @rsstanford seriously? wow i never know that. ty for the info

    • rsstanford

      Yea you really just need to wash it twice a day. Make sure you moisturize and exfoliate your face twice a week.

  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing this MyTake with us very well written.
  • scooogy
    I have to agree with the "less is more" thing, because sometimes the acne disappeared all by itself.
  • Subflics
    Seeing a doctor is such a waste of time, money, and effort. Go to your local Walmart, get a small-ish bottle of Neutrogena (nothing fancy just with oil eliminating properties). When you shower, use a clean wash cloth to remove that very top layer of skin on the affected area (this is called exfoliating). Then rub in the face wash pretty good to the affected area ONLY. Then rinse your face off and keep your face in the water for a bit. When you get out, splash your face with some cold water to help shrink some of the pores down. When you dry your face, pat it down with your tower don't drag it across your face.
    • melanieeeB

      Nope not at all. If you use the wrong product, it will get worse. Not every product works the same with everyone.

    • Subflics

      the product i'm talking about just removes oil, it doesn't add anything to your skin..

  • awanti95
    Nice information for it
  • Nice222
    Thank you for sharing.
  • Anonymous
    apple cider vinegar. rose oil helps fade scars
  • Anonymous
    Great mytake!
  • Anonymous
    Always struggle with that one!
    Girls can use makeup and we don't. We have to walk around like that and no girl talks to u.
    Whatever. thanks for the tips
    • happyhippo

      No one stops you from using make up. I actually have guy friends that use make up to hide their flaws

  • Anonymous