4 letters, 3 words..

Are you ok?
Are you ok?

EDITORS NOTE: I dont feel these symptoms. Bringing some sort of awareness.

Conversation starter. You sense something with someone, you can sense something is off. Are you ok?

Most people hide behind a screen, keep up a false face, problems maybe going on. Problems at work, worker harassment, employee harassment, boss harassment. Can also be not making enough money to pay bills, getting into debt.

Can also be in a college student who is struggling with debt, can be an outcast in their classes, having problems with the coursework and the professors who won't see whats going on. Maybe even bullying by other people in class or possibly the professors

Or, can be a problem in high school. Taunted on your looks, how you dress, your eye glasses, skin color, wardrobe, smile. Social media bullying.

Can even go right to your home. Your kids are suffering, your spouse is against you..

are you really ok?
are you really ok?


Why is depression in men commonly not recognized?
we hide it. We dont show it. We dont want help, we dont expect help.

Why is depression in men so hard to accept?


- How do we treat it:

- Community mental health centers
- Employee assistance programs
- Family doctors
- Family service/social agencies
- Health maintenance organizations
- Hospital psychiatry departments and outpatient clinics
- Local medical or psychiatric societies
- Mental health specialists such as psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, or mental health counselors
- Private clinics and facilities
- State hospital outpatient clinics
- University or medical school affiliated programs

There is help....
There is help....

Are you ok??????

4 letters, 3 words..
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Most Helpful Guy

  • ATuairiscean
    Great take - Especially about men - Awareness about mental health has changed so much in my lifetime and unfortunately male mental health awareness is 10/20 years behind through nobodys fault just a mixture of naivety and head in the sand meant the problem went unnoticed. I don't how it started but this stat started to crop up in Ireland maybe about 20 years ago and it got some coverage "The leading cause of death among young men under 35 in Ireland was suicide" this then branched out into the other areas of male mental health and raised awareness. It was now okay for a man to say "No things are not going well" - You can never have too much awareness but I feel that most people are aware of what support is out there and the judgey attitude has somewhat has disappeared. I had some issues and was pleasantly surprised to get 100% total support from everybody, some even going way beyond what was expected (Bosses)
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Most Helpful Girls

  • TheHillsRAlive
    Thank you for this. We love our men and need them to know it's okay to get help and they will still be seen as strong reliable people.
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  • Engageme
    Depression is very under treated because of the stigma. I love that you are bringing awareness to it. Bravo.
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  • StingRayxoxo
    Not okay. And it is less commonly recognized in men. I think it has a lot to do with the expectation that men should hide their emotions or their masculinity is questioned. In reality, mental health isn’t related to masculinity at all. It’s very unfortunate.
  • Kairu
    Nope.. Not okay. Been depressed for 5 years. To scared to seek help, to afraid they lock me up as I feel like I'm crazy.
    • you need to talk to someone?

    • Kairu

      I honestly don't know, I've been living my life excepting this horror. And tend to be happy aslong as I can follow my dream.

  • ROCKS128
    No i m not.
    Many guys in this site i know arenot!
  • sugarchateau
    Are you okay?
  • Good take.