Nature Makes Us Happier


Nature Makes Us Happier


I am an artist and every time I feel bad or feel stuck I go to an adventure to the forest or take a walk by the lake. I love to watch the sunset, starry skies or even the rainy clouds. Sometimes I relate rainy days with depressive thoughts, or maybe that is something we are raised up to believe. In reality rainy days can be enjoyed, just think about these points:

The fresh smell of rain...

The soothing sound of rain...

The funny feeling when small raindrops tickle your face...

The bright rainbow after rain has fallen...

The nature gets greener after rain...

They say "some people dance in the rain, others just get wet". I think everyone can learn how to dance in the rain. Even literally.


Do you enjoy going to the woods? To a forest somewhere near? I do this often. Sometimes I hug trees just to feel the connection to nature. Some old trees are actually really nice to hug. A hug is seen good for our health, it releases stress and may even protect you from getting sick. (See here) Hugging a tree is almost like hugging a real person. Try it yourself! Be sure to think about the age of the three, what it might have experienced in the life it has lived and listen to the wind blowing in the prunes. Lean into the tree with all your weight and breath in. And this does not cost you anything!

Nature Makes Us Happier

It has also been proven that hugging trees really has almost the same health benefits, but it also has the plants healthy vibrations. (See here)

In the woods you can find peaceful silence, with a twist of natures sounds. Listen. Take a deep breath, the air is fresh. You can exercise in the forests in many different ways. But the best exercise is actually to walk or run in the forests. There are roots, which make it a challenge that is good for your brain, and a soft ground, which is healthy for your feet.

In the forests you can also find a lot of things. Some find their peace there :D ! But you can for example pick berries and mushrooms there. You can see some amazing and rare wild animals there too.

Nature Makes Us Happier

Have you ever been to a land where nature is untouched? You should!
The nature which is fully natural is the most powerful and makes you wonder about life, I think it has a special affect on us.


My first time to the mountains was actually this year. The experience amazed me. I can not even describe how much it affected me. I was so tired after walking all the day up and down the route, but it brought me so much joy. Huge mountains makes people feel small and unimportant, it is a great place to go for meditation or to get over someone. And climbing on the top of a mountain makes you feel grateful to be alive.

Nature Makes Us Happier


Everyone likes different things and I understand that maybe hiking is not for everyone or maybe someone does not like the peace in the forests, but there are so many ways to enjoy nature that you can really just pick a way you enjoy! Thank you for reading! Hope you got some new information or at least enjoyed it!
Nature Makes Us Happier
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Most Helpful Guy

  • FatherJack
    Excellent take , city dwellers are often totally divorced from nature , as well as glued constantly to various electronic devices. No wonder mental health problems are rife , the " lizard brain " needs nature. We ARE animals , so many people think we are separate , we are not !!
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    • whyisitso

      Yeah! And that is why everyone of us should take care of the nature and respect it.

    • Indeed we should , the oceanic plastic pollution is shocking , that's just one example of human created environmental damage

Most Helpful Girl

    Great take!
    Rainy days are nice for the plants, trees, fishes and the birds/animals. Creeks, rivers, lakes etc. gets replenished.
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  • ThisDudeHere
    Walking around when the sky is completely white puts me at ease. Bonus points if there's snow and a thick fog, then I'm essentially in heaven.
    • whyisitso

      Oh, that's a really peaceful scenery. Usually every sound is so muted that it is almost quiet.

  • StingRayxoxo
    The Texas sky soothes my soul a bit.
    • whyisitso

      That's a beautiful view! A little dramatic, but that makes it even better :)

  • I don't know about you, but all nature does for me is give me bug bites and make me wanna go inside before I die of heat
    ~ Mrs Manson
  • Moroccan_Guy
    nature is the best place to visit when you feel lost
  • Rangers
    Maybe nature can put my heart back together, if not, some guns and Turkey on Thanksgiving will.
    • whyisitso

      It will certainly help you with that. For me nature is a place where my mind meditates and I can process heartbreak.

  • Jackblue
    I prefer the city with its glitter, lights, and countless people each one with a story of their own.
    • whyisitso

      But to your health the nature is actually better, every once in a while.

    • Jackblue

      i visit nature on occasion.

  • IlyaTheImpaler
    yes I will go into woods by myself thanks :)
    • whyisitso

      I think you need a grown up with you, so you won't get lost!
      Nature Makes Us Happier

  • love the teddybear picnic.. thats my happy place
  • WPFS_r6
    Love this myTake, great stuff.
  • TsubasaCorrupted
    Nature is the heart of this world <3 blessed be
  • monkeynutts
    Nature is beautiful, keep hugging those trees.
  • Love it
  • Anon-ymous1
    Yes, girl. Dig it.
  • Good take.
  • NYCQuestions1976
    Nice Take.
  • We're part of nature