Are You Washing Your Hands Often Enough - AND- at the Right Times?


Ever since we were kids, we learned that washing our hands after using the restroom is a MUST, because it is LOADED with nasty "bugs". Mom was RIGHT!

Your mother was right: wash your hands often each day!
Your mother was right: wash your hands often each day!

Studies show that ignoring proper handwashing can put one’s health at risk, and people who don’t wash their hands as they should are more prone to catch infections. The best way to prevent this from happening is to wash your hands regularly and frequently. Away from sinks for the day? Carry a small squeeze bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitizer to keep clean and healthy.

One can certainly understand why we should do this after hitting the head/toilet/loo, but there are other times we should be washing our hands that we may have never thought of. Here are 8 times you should be sure to wash up, 2 that are rather obvious, but also 6 more that you may have never even thought about!


Obviously, wash frequently when someone in your home is ill - - - -
Obviously, wash frequently when someone in your home is ill - - - -

Whether it is your spouse, sibling, or child, being at home with them while they are sick can put your health at risk! Make improved hygiene a must! Wash your hands often, sanitize hard surfaces, and don’t forget to clean the TV remote!


- - - - and of course after visiting your doc - - - - -
- - - - and of course after visiting your doc - - - - -

The doctor’s office is one of those germy places that can put your health at risk! And do you know why? Well, SICK PEOPLE come there, of course. Seriously though, they come in and out all day, and almost all of them used the same pen to sign in! So, when it’s your turn, make sure you wash or sanitize your hands to avoid catching the illnesses of others. Responsible doctors- and many other businesses as well- have started putting hand disinfectant dispensers around their properties. Please use them! Thank you.


- - - but in a bus? Yes- Public transit is home to some nasty germs and bacteria.
- - - but in a bus? Yes- Public transit is home to some nasty germs and bacteria.

Public transit is used by hundreds- if not thousands- of people every day, so you can imagine how important it is to wash your hands after using it. Public transportation is a normal way of life and it’s likely impossible to stop using it, especially if you are living in a big city. Your best option here is to wash up after riding!


The enclosed cabin of an airplane is a breeding tube for disease!
The enclosed cabin of an airplane is a breeding tube for disease!

When you board a plane, you are essentially stuffing yourself with a couple hundred other people AND their germs- into a 100-foot-long cigar tube! You can imagine how many germs and bacteria could be surviving inside this enclosed space- which must recycle its air! Plus, airplanes are rarely fully sanitized, which increases the health risks. To protect yourself from developing health issues, don’t hesitate to wash your hands properly as soon as you reach your destination. And. don't be afraid to carry a mini-spray of Lysol or other disinfectant to zap those nasties on your pull-down tray. You might even strike up a convo when your seat-mate asks to borrow yours. ;- )


Some food stores now offer disinfecting wipes. Be sure to use them!
Some food stores now offer disinfecting wipes. Be sure to use them!

Shopping is one of those necessary tasks of life that you simply cannot escape! While some people enjoy doing it, others find it stressful and exhausting. Both groups, however, typically ignore the fact that shopping can actually make them seriously ill! According to multiple studies, the shopping cart carries more than 138,000 bacteria per square inch. And guess what? That’s not everything as other studies also come to reveal that 50% of shopping carts and baskets carry E.coli, while 72% carry coliform bacteria. (That's the bacteria found in your poop, everyone.) So, you can understand now why washing your hands the moment you leave the store is important! And if your store offers disinfecting wipes, use one to wipe down the cart handle and another fresh one to wipe your hands!


Pleased to meet you - - - AND your germs!
Pleased to meet you - - - AND your germs!

We do it almost every day, and, shaking someone’s hand might seem so harmless. The truth is that it isn't! In fact, shaking hands spreads many germs and viruses, and does it very quickly and efficiently. When you do shake hands with somebody, try to think of all the things they have touched. Now, think of how these germs have now traveled to your hands! Now it's easier to see how this can be a problem, right? Especially easy to transmit are cold and flu viruses. So, don’t forget to wash your hands to remain safe and sound!


Cell phones: second only to purses as the dirtiest personal object one carries!
Cell phones: second only to purses as the dirtiest personal object one carries!

Phones are one of the dirtiest objects that are found to be home for many harmful germs and bacteria. So, whether you are using your own phone extensively, or especially after borrowing someone else's phone, make sure you wash your hands properly.


Who would think that germs are "on the menu" at even the cleanest restaurants?

"Give me a burger, fries, and a large order of e.coli!" Well, that's what we might as well order since restaurant menus are loaded with germs. Menus are rarely- if EVER- sanitized, and what’s even worse is that they are touched by SO. MANY. PEOPLE. during the day! While you cannot rely on the restaurant to prevent you from getting sick, you can very simply protect yourself by bringing a small bottle of sanitizer or by making a quick potty break to wash up BEFORE you start to eat! Now: Mangia, mangia!

Are You Washing Your Hands Often Enough - AND- at the Right Times?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Factshurt90
    I wash my hands before leaving any public place.
    I also have sanitizing wipes in the car. I’m not psycho about germs as i need to to build immunity. I’m not reckless either.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • HaveNoName
    In addition to that, two of the most notorious germ carriers: Fuel / gas pumps and currency notes and coins.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Thanks for reading. You are right! I make sure I hit the Purell dispenser every time I leave the bank!

    • Thank you sir for the MHO. Let's continue to keep an eye on those co-workers who do not easy their hands and make sure we avoid shaking their hands and we avoid sharing anything physical with them that can be avoided.

      Also keep close to some similarly conscious female coworkers to keep you informed which of the women do not wash their hands. (And I've seen often, the most pleasant looking women turn out to be the worst).

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  • NineBreaker
    I wash my hands so often, I can't even count how many times, because:
    1. I'm a dentist
    2. I took a medical microbiology course

    Necrotizing faciitis? No, thank you!
    Note that I've asked that you not Google that, you probably will.
    Let me give you a hint of what it is associated with: flesh-eating bacteria. 'nough said.
    • Thanks for reading and the input.

    • Thank you. I like this take.
      I gotta tell ya; you take one medical microbiology course, and it messes you up for life.

  • englisc
    Yeah, I wash them when I think I need to. I do think a lot of people become overly paranoid and obsessive about it though. Apparently this over-cleanliness is what has caused a rise in a lot of allergies, because those peoples immune systems go haywire as they percieve something completely harmless to be harmful.
    • The automatic use of antibiotics when dealing with viruses hasn't helped either.

  • yucel_eden
    I’m afraid I disagree.

    There are bacteria on your hands, and they fight off the bacteria that are foreign and dangerous. Though you should wash your hands after the toilet, but after shaking hands and touching another phone?

    Get a life!

    Frequent washing kills the useful bacteria and makes you more vulnerable to illnesses.
    • The majority of our useful bacteria are in our gut, not on our hands. Thanks for reading.

    • crazy8000


      We have a few thousands of different bakeries on our skin. different conditions in different areas. they protects us from harmful bacteria's germs sponges amounts other thing's, it even helps to keep the skin moist and soft.

      You need to update yourself about those things do I see.

    • crazy8000

      "Concentrations" not "conditions"

  • RalphMcDonald40
    Yes, washing hands is good for health. You should wash them after every activity like going to the bathroom, before eating, etc. Keep in mind Wash hands vigorously with water and soap for a minute and after rinsing them. This helps to reduce a load of bacteria on the skin without spending more amount of time. And be careful while using soap and scrubbing your fingers.
  • Twat_Twig
    Doesn't exposing yourself to some germs boost your immune system though?
    • In a way, yes. Once you have been exposed to a particular cold virus strain, your body will develop some degree of resistance to that one strain ONLY. But, there are SO many strains of cold virus that some ones to which you have NOT been exposed will likely make you sick the next time around. This is why flu vaccines are of variable value. Drug makers take a guess as to what strains of the flu will be around in a particular year. Sometimes they guess right, but many times they don't. (Warning! Yuck alert ahead! ) There has even been scattered studies in Canada, France, the US and Austria wherein it is hypothesized that eating one's own boogers from their nose helps increase a person's immunities, but the theory has only anecdotal support and has not been proven. In the meantime, the most prudent things to do are to keep hands from your nose and eyes, and to wash your hands often.

    • Only need to wash your hands twice a day and l am still alive

    • Twat_Twig

      Well to be honest I don't wash my hands all the time (except when I use the restroom or I get gross stuff on my hands) And I hardly ever get sick. I may get sick 2 or 3 times a year but with mild ailments. The last time I went to the doctor with an illness was the last time I had a urinary tract infection which was nearly a year ago. And that's just cause I needed antibiotics lol

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  • lovedejj_xo
    Yes I work with clients in a hospital so always. I also keep hand sanitizer clipped on my pants or badge. I have a weak immune system so I still get sick easily anyways which sucks.
  • NearlyNapping
    I'm an outdoors type. I cook over a campfire. If my food drops on the ground, I pick it up and eat it. I wash my pans and dishes in the stream, and scour them with mud (mud and sand are really good for scouring) I hang my ass over a fallen log, or lean against a tree to take a shit. Then wipe my ass with leaves. Awww, now that's the good life.
    • And few people know that a newspaper is one of the most sterile things around in an emergency, too.

  • WhoDatGuy
    I don't believe in over washing. Or using chemicals excessively. And I never get ill. You weaken your immune system by over sterilisation
    • Thanks for the input.

    • WhoDatGuy

      I knew this ocd girl. Would wash hands every time she touched anything. Her hands were cracked and gross and she was ill constantly

  • Some people use public toilets and don't wash their hands afterwards. I think doors shouldn't open unless you wash your hands. It is really gross and it makes pointless for other people to wash theirs as they have to touch the handle. Doors should be automatic and those who didn't wash their hands shouldn't be allowed to leave
  • CheerfulButterfly
    Am I the only one that does this: I turn the tap on and wash my hands before closing the tap, I pour hot water over it then switch it off?

    I pretty much do all those things, I wash my hands regularly. 🙂
    • Good job! Thanks for reading.

    • No you're not the only one who does that. In public bathrooms, I will always use a paper towel to turn the tap off and open the door. If there's no paper towel, I will wash the tap off with soap and water and then use hand sanitizer for good measure

      I've seen too many people in public bathrooms turn on the faucet with a dirty hand, not lather with soap but only pump it into their palm and rinse it off, and turn it off with that still dirty hand. What's the point if pretending to wash your hands? Either wash them properly or don't so it at all

    • @Idonthaveausername Thanks for your input and for reading.

  • Iron_Man
    I'm a germaphobe I believe. I wash my hands constantly especially when I eat and I at least wash them for 45 seconds according to the news you need to put a certain amount of time in washing them for the hands to really get clean
    • When out of the house, I will typically wash twice. And if available, add a squirt of disinfectant.

    • Iron_Man

      That's cool man

  • Gazzoo
    After pooping, right? That’s what we’re talking about here, right? 😉
  • bamesjond0069
    I wash my hands before I pee at a public bathroom. I dont want germs on my cock. I rarely do after because i dont touch anything in there after washing ie use my foot to open door.
  • humanearth
    I dont wash my hands only time I do if I wipe my ass and get shit on them
  • Thotkiana
    People still wash their hands in 2019? Couldn’t be me!😬
  • Muzm10
    well not that much often but i wash my hands after using the bathroom or before and after meals
  • pizzalovershouse
    what about after touching babies or before love making an after love making
    • Makes sense to me. Thanks for reading.

  • Fattyvapes16
    It actually depends on the soap you use. It can damage your hands.
    • Castile or glycerin-based are typically easiest on sensitive skin.

  • Marti434
    wow its really amazing where all these germs can come from. I always carry a hand sanitiser on me
  • Like when I wake up, when I come back home, after eating
  • Sha84
    I wash my everything often
    • I hope your "everything" appreciates your help!

    Do you have OCD
  • John_Doesnt
    I don't wash my hands at all.
  • 9teen
    I wash my hands way too often.
    • After washing, pat almost all the way dry. Add a few drops of anhydrous glycerine and rub into your damp hands. Let hands dry- it will take about a minute or so. Add a couple more drops of water, rub, let dry again. Your hands will thank you. And, thanks for reading.

  • jacquesvol
    Many times a day
  • Lance1965
    I wash my hands 20 or more times a day.
  • IkilledCupid_
    I need to start washing my hands more
  • Good take
  • sp33d
    I wash my hands after toilet or before cooking.
  • GayHowellMeme
  • Anonymous
    Yes I do after I cum
    • Thank you for that! Thanks for reading.

  • Anonymous
    I was my hands, each time I return home and whenever I use the bathroom
    I also have antiseptic wipes with me for emergencies
    I believe that's sufficient
  • Anonymous
    I would also like to add after using an ATM machine.
    • Thanks for that info. You're right- so many hands touch that thing each day!

    • dipta

      And touching money itself.