Being transgender isn’t a choice and it isn’t something we have to repent for. It’s just a neurological variation.


Being transgender isn’t a choice and it isn’t something we have to repent for. It’s just a neurological variation.

The world health organization (WHO) recently removed transsexuality or transgenderism from its list of mental illnesses. Being transsexual or transgender is no longer considered to be a mental illness.

We live in 2019, yet there is still far too much transphobia in the world. Trans people in the usa are still treated like sexual deviants both by governmental instances and by cisgender citizens. Being transgender is not a trend or a hype. Being transgender is a medical condition, just like diabetis is a medical condition. A person’s body produces the wrong ratios of sex hormones in the case of a trans person. In the case of diabetis a person’s body produces the wrong ratios of insulin. Being a diabetic is not considered a mental illness, so why would you consider being transgender or transsexual a mental illness? It’s just a condition in which a person’s body doesn’t produce the right amount of certain sex hormones, how is that different from other chemical imbalances? If you are in favor of considering trans people mentally ill, would you also consider people with a vitamin deficiency mentally ill for producing too little of a certain chemical compound in their bodies?

You see how irrational it is to consider trans people mentally ill?

There is still far too much transphobia in the world and its based on irrational assumptions about trans people and our minds and bodies.

The only study that we have about suicide rates in the trans population dates from 16 years back and was conducted between 1970 and 2003. There are no recent studies that have reassessed the suicide rates in the trans community. While the circumstances have significantly changed in the 16 years since the Swedish study got published. Surgical techniques have improved, acceptance has improved after Caitlyn Jenner came out and made trans people more visible and better understood. The WHO no longer considers trans people mentally ill, the miss universe Canada pageant, owned by Donald Trump, no longer disqualifies trans women from competing as a beauty competitor after Jenna Talackova and her women’s rights advocate Gloria Alred made international headlines in 2012. Lots of factors are no longer applicable since 2003. Yet, no new studies are conducted to reasses the quality of life of trans individuals nowadays.

Bigots are still basing themselves on outdated studies.

Another argument that some love to make is <<giving kids hormones>>. Kids are not given hormones. Kids are at best given puberty blockers with reversible effects. Kids are not given sex hormones before the age of 16. Irreversible surgeries do not take place before the age of 18 has been reached.

To debunk yet another argument, the argument that hormones given to trans people cause cancer and side-effects: back in the day we used Ethinylestradiol. Nowadays we use bio-identical Estradiol to treat trans women. Meanwhile cisgender women still swallow birth control pills that contain Ethinylestradiol, which is far more harmful to the liver than Estradiol. Cisgender women who swallow birth control that contains Ethinylestradiol, are 33 times more at risk of developing a blood clot than trans women who swallow a moderate dose of bio-identical Estradiol daily. There goes your cancer argument. With the suppression of testosterone, the occurence of prostate cancer and testicular cancer in trans women decrease significantly. The rate of breast cancer remains near that of a natal male who does not take estrogen. Hormones do not carry serious health risks in trans women. The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages.

Surgical techniques have become better and better too. Neovaginas nowadays don’t look like what they looked 20 years ago. Neovaginas nowadays can manage to keep their own PH balance stable and with newer techniques like the peritoneal pull through, self-lubrication is possible. Orgasmic functions usually are preserved because the nerves of the penile glans are refashioned into a clitoris. Gynecologists sometimes do not notice the difference between neovaginas and cisgender vaginas until closer examination with a speculum reveals the absence of ruggae.

Post-transition quality of life increases significantly in trans people.

Trans people are individuals worthy of love and respect. They could be your neighbours, your teachers, your doctors or your lovers without you knowing it. Many trans women successfully build up new lives post-transition and remain stealth ( keeping their previous lives a secret ).

It doesn’t cost you anything to be supportive of trans people. We are not abnormal. We are a naturally occuring variation of neurological structures. Trans women have brain structures that are more closely aligned to cisgender women’s brain structures. Trans men have brain structures that are more closely aligned to cisgender men’s brain structures. We are already the sex we identify as, on a neurological level, before we even popped our first hormone pill or had our first surgery. Read doctor Swaab’s work.

A marriage between a trans woman and a cis man is recognised as a heterosexual marriage in the vast majority of the world. Even Iran recognises the transition of trans people.

There is no need to be transphobic. Transphobia is based on irrational assumptions that have long been debunked.

In London scientists will soon start working on research to implant uteri ( wombs ) in trans women. Trans women will one day be able to carry our own babies and produce female amounts of estrogen without exogenous addition.

Trans women are for the vast majority of our phenotype and genotype women after we transitioned.

For the people who love to brag about the fact that our chromosomes don’t change. The Y chromosome contains a lot of genes that are unuseful. Our chromosomes carry 20 000 genes and our hormones can switch those genes on or off. When our hormonal balance is altered, these genes are turned on or off. So when a trans woman starts estrogen replacement therapy, a lot of her male genes on the Y chromosome are switched off and a lot of female genes on the X chromosome are switched on.

Biology is fascinating, isn’t it?

For those people who love to say that biology doesn’t care about our feelings, I have one thing to say: appearently it does :-)

Being transgender isn’t a choice and it isn’t something we have to repent for. It’s just a neurological variation.
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  • Intheshadowsilie
    Listen love I wouldn’t bother with these people I have tried on many occasions too help educate others on this matter and had too seek out therapy as a result, it is taxing, slow, draining and downright unfair treatment. I learned that most people have what is called "a fixed mindset" that is a clinical term for they won’t listen to facts and would rather force feed themselves pure crap because it makes them feel better infact I found out am really good at psychology however the DSM (diagnostics statistical manual for mental health and classification) does not find trangenderism a mental health condition for theses reasons
    1. Transgenderism shows no psychotic symptoms or depressive symptoms

    2. Transgender people can continue to function and are not hindered the way a psychotic disorder or depressive disorder

    Am not from the USA but had many Americans and their opinions on me, don’t get me wrong here in the UK people still be nasty and jobs are harder to find than the a cis person. Don’t let yourself get wind up that is what they want don’t let them effect your mental health. Stay strong and keep smiling, if you ever need a chat I leave the door open ^^.
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    • You are right. These Americans are intolerant religious bigots who only want to believe what they want to see.

    • I assume it is because they like black and white and hate the world for how it actually works like my darling mum once said Americans are cis white men that think they can tell everyone how to run everyone’s lives. Then you have psychology expiation on society they propose that society is control over the masses and anyone outside of that is considered a deviant. I just assume it is because all Trump upheaval makes it okay to abuse anyone who doesn’t think like him and call it science when science is on our side and has proven time and time again that transgenderism is very real. I once read a study on trans woman’s brains where it was proven that our brains are structurally female and have many female characteristics. Seeing yourself as female is in-acute and as you already said it isn’t a choice.

    • In what ways am I similar to a cis male after almost 4 years without testosterone ( Thanks Cyproterone ) and with female levels of estrogen in my system? These people literally don’t understand anything you try to explain them. I get hit on by these transphobic types in my day to day life because they don’t recognise the people they hate on. They try to make our lives miserable by being vocal against our existence but when not told about our past they are over us like flies over a piece of fruit cake. That’s how hypocritical they are.

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  • Anonymous
    Well just a few points where you missed some message.

    WHO is first and foremost a political
    Body that manages health issues

    Gender dysphoria is recognized as a condition that can be either mental or physical in nature and by the way there is a near unity correlation between gender dysphoria and transgenderism.

    There is in fact strong evidence that transgenderism runs in social pods. Having one transgender person in a social group makes it 3-4 times more likely that others will struggle with gender identity which suggests that there is a strong component of socialization in the choice of gender. Yeah you read that right. Choice.

    None of this is transphobic it’s all current research aimed at better understanding the natural law behind transgenderism so that the condition of trans people can be improved.
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  • esotericstory
    There is no real way for transgenders to debunk that the vast majority of transgenders do not stay transgender for their entire lives. Most only do it in their youth. There are various anatomical differences that are maintained in their bodies from real women and that is for example that elbows in women are round, but in men they are square. Secondly, the male a female tailbone. Female butt cheeks are much more pronounces because their tailbone is not visible when on all fours. The male tailbone is very exposed when on all fours. It requires only a little bit attention to detect this when a transgender psychopath tries to trick men to have sex with them.
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    • Secondly, all hormones that are foreign to the body will be broken down by the liver to some degree. This increases the risk of liver cancer. The body treats foreign hormones as poison. If you use patches or pills the liver will have to work very hard, if you take injections, very much less so. Thirdly many transgenders are addicted to surgeries and some of them get so many of them their body is no longer true to life.

  • abc3643
    Very good.

    These may help:

    Homosexuality and Chimerism, Rethinking Our DNA

    Many transgender and gay people are dual sex chimeras
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    • Not going to bother reading somethinking you post.

    • Something*

    • abc3643

      That's a real shame because what I posted supports everything you said.

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  • GiveMeAllTheCookies
    Mental illness is also a medical condition.
    This post is very rude towards people with mental illnesses because it tries so so hard to declassify transgenderism as mental illness. Why? Are mentally ill people less worthy? Don't they deserve help and treatment just like people who suffer from physical illness?

    And transgenderism is a mental illness, no matter what you or even WHO say. Just like someone else already noticed, WHO is also a political organisation. It's under the influence of today's political current which is very sensitive towards anyone being offended and what people are "feeling" and especially those from LGBT+ community.

    Why is it so important to trans people to actually surgically change their private parts, if being male or female is just in your head, and you are already the right sex in your head? Gender/sex differentiation is only a recent trend too. The truth is, your body dictates the sex you are. Most people's minds usually match with their body. In transgenderism, it's mind that doesn't match the body and not the other way around and that is why it's a mental disorder. Your body is producing just the right amount of hormones - for the sex you are born as. It's your *mind* that disagrees with it.

    On to that Y chromosomes argument - yes, you do still have Y chromosome no matter if some genes are switched on and off. But you will always have to take those hormones if you want to have some genes swithched off, but in the end it's still going to be Y chromosome. I have myopia and wear glasses and contacts and with them I see just right, but it doesn't change the fact that my myopia is still there you know?

    Personally I don't mistreat transgender people in any other way but saying trans women and men are not real women and men, and not wanting to date trans man. And I have every right to do so. It's 21st century and people have changed from having real men and real women to having real men & real women and trans men & trans women. It's you who has to accept who you are, not me.
  • the_face_of_god
    A young 23 year old kid radicalized by Tumblr, and the misguided pro-trans left. It is a mental illness, and society is not only enabling but actively encouraging your condition as healthy and normal.
    The science is quite clear on this, but the information is suppressed by the intolerant trans community. I wish I could help you but I can't
    The information is out there.
    The heritage Foundation has an excellent set of videos on the harmful effects of trangenderism on YouTube.

    I hope you get the help you need before it's too late.
    • Calling a 23 year old a kid? Hello, I have a law degree, sweetheart.

    • The only thing harmful about being Trans is the Right-wing religious prosecution of of anything that goes against your beliefs.

      My mama told me when I was young
      We are all born superstars
      She rolled my hair and put my lipstick on
      In the glass of her boudoir
      "There's nothing wrong with loving who you are"
      She said, "'Cause he made you perfect, babe"
      "So hold your head up girl and you'll go far,
      Listen to me when I say"
      I'm beautiful in my way
      'Cause God makes no mistakes
      I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way...
      No matter gay, straight, or bi
      Lesbian, transgendered life
      I'm on the right track baby
      I was born to survive
      No matter black, white or beige
      Chola or orient made
      I'm on the right track baby
      I was born to be brave
      I'm beautiful in my way
      'Cause God makes no mistakes
      I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way...

    • zagor

      @NightFlirt I hate to break this to you, but most of the people committing violence against the trans community are not religious nuts, even if those leading organized opposition to its recognition are. The prejudice against it goes way beyond the religious community.

  • No_Archons
    WHO is not to be trusted, gender dysphoria is a mental illness, and the more society enables these delusions, the further from reality we drift.

    You are a man. A boy. Male. Deal with it.
    • The facts are against you under the DMS it isn’t considered too be a mental health condition and has been proven too be vey real, believing in your myths and legends of gender is frankly wrong she is a woman, female, girl deal with it.

    • @Intheshadowsilie If by 'the facts' you mean 'bullshit propaganda institutions hell bent on destroying humanity' then yeah, I suppose the facts are against me!

      If you mean real things, like say, the dichotomy of gender observable in every mammal, the key differentiator being the different genitalia, and the FACT that it takes one of each to make a baby, you know, 3RD GRADE LEVEL SHIT THAT IS FUCKING OBVIOUS TO ANYONE WITH HALF A BRAIN

      then sorry, the facts do not appear to be with you at all.

    • By the facts I mean the fact that science has proven transgenderism to measurable by scientific means for example trans woman have female brains the result in a female personality by facts I mean the fact that during a pregnancy the female genes and males (that means the father and mother) have faulty DNA which makes a baby get born with alittle too much testosterone that results in a trans baby, by the facts I mean literally mean the evidence that is stacked against you TOO ANYONE WITH HAVE A BRAIN that transgenderism isn’t a mental health condition, by facts I mean that science has proven that a trans woman’s very body has too much oestrogen and results in their body trying too compensate by producing more
      You know the facts you gladly ignore and continue with your delusional beliefs. Which is actual science 101 shit! 😂😂

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  • AuroraRoseat
    I am sad that this must even be written. Needless to say, you are right. Hopefully your post will educate the ignorant. What should be paid attention to is the fact that quality of life INCREASES after post-transition because the psyche matches the physical form. This curbs possible depression and suicides for people who did not choose to be who they were.

    I completely agree with you.
  • Grobmate
    I don't care. If you don't have to repent why have you written a giant wall of text to say so? Where does this drive for virtual signaling originate from?

    DSM 5 still has Gender Dysphoria listed.

    Please please please, if you are trans, nobody hates you or wants you to stop being trans. Just don't expect everyone else to adjust their reality because it may offend your sensibilities in yours. You be you, and I'll be me. I promise, I don't care.

  • Anjali090
    Nope! They’re mentally ill and need treatment. It’s not normal to be that way. It’s not a choice no one chooses to be Bipolar but bipolar is a mental illness.
  • Taylor_C
    It´s still to be considered a mental disorder, kind of like dysmorphia. The WHO is politically biased and not really run by scientifically solid evidence.
  • Wowgirl30q
    Its a mental disorder or it wouldn't be in my DSM which is a book of mental disorders from the APA. I wish you the best and hope you seek help.
    • The USA version is behind and out dated by the one that is used in the UK, ICD is used here awhile they DSM 5 is used for reach purposes. Not too mention that the worlds health Association with the USA has announced it isn’t a mental health condition I suggest you get up to date you look soo stiupd by I guess that is why cis females lack logical thinking p. May I suggest you seek out professional advice and an education in the DSM 5, ICD 10. 😂😂😂

    • @Intheshadowsilie blah blah blah it's a mental disorder here

    • Bla bla bla Your so delusional it kinda funny 😂.

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  • White-American89
    Agreed. Good my take. Hopefully one day we screen such birth defects in the womb and correct or abort in the womb thus an end to transgenderism.
  • JackSmy
    @elissa23Trans I am completely with you on all of that, and I know many trans people, going both ways, and totally normal, totally great, amazing, wonderful NORMAL people!!
    Nobody wants to read a novel, here, so maybe, if I can be so bold, post the MAJOR points, and post a link to the novel, rather than put the whole 'novel' here, in a post!!
    It's about making your point, and acceptance, and understanding, right? Love you, just as you are, and you are just fine, and totally normal, just a little 'long-winded' in this post, and losing, maybe, a lot of supporters, with the length!!
    Do you understand what I mean? TOTALLY with you, but just trying to help you make your point, clearer, more directly, maybe? :) :)
  • AngelLily
    It's a mental illness like anorexia are schizophrenia.
  • WHO removing it from the list of illnesses due to modern trends does not objective truth make my dear. Neither does referring to the timeline. The current year has zero to do with the facts. And the studies aren't outdated. It is still officially referred to as gender dysphoria by the serious scientific academia. We have our biologically given sexes, and psychological variations does not constitute some kind of biological wrong-packaging.
    All arguments in favor of transgenderism are merely emotion-driven.
  • MackToday
    Same old arguments I've seen a thousand times. If you think you're body is the wrong sex, you're nuts. Because something is physically wrong with your brain rather than solely mentally wrong , guess what, you're still fucking nuts. Because the "world health organization" throws you a bone today does not mean their Muslim pets won't throw you off a building tomorrow. You mutilating your body and injecting chemicals into it that do not belong there is not a valid treatment when it's your head that should be concentrated on.
  • Kas19
    Careful, you're gonna have a bunch of angry people with only high school degrees down your throat.
  • DWD94
    "So when a trans woman starts estrogen replacement therapy, a lot of her male genes on the Y chromosome are switched off and a lot of female genes on the X chromosome are switched on."

    You have to keep undergoing estrogen replacement therapy though for those female genes on the X chromosome to be on. If you stopped estrogen replacement therapy, the chromosomes will be switched off.

    Same would be if you were to get TRT. If a biological woman transitioning to a male receives testosterone replacement therapy but then stops receiving it, those genes will be turned off.

    I mean, if you wanna do it, go for it. I don't care as long as you pay for it yourself.
  • Good take.
  • Anonymous
    Devil's advocate, here we go.

    "would you also consider people with a vitamin deficiency mentally ill"
    If is caused a chemical imbalance in their brain then yes I think we can call it a mental illness.
    What about people who believe a part of their body isn't theirs and has it removed? They're just born into the wrong body right? Just like trans-people. Not a mental illness, surely.

    "Being transgender is not a trend or a hype."
    Except is cases where it is. Sure there are transgender people, but there's *also* freakish hype about it.

    "There are no recent studies that have reassessed the suicide rates in the trans community."
    50.8% among FTM and 29.9% among MTF. (Toomey et al, 2018.)
    From other studies from 2003 to present it seems like the number hangs around that 40% mark.

    "puberty blockers with reversible effects."
    You can't reverse time and go through puberty properly.

    "There goes your cancer argument."
    Except that cancer rates are still significantly higher among trans people.
    There have been a number of sources writing about breast cancer in trans-people at the very least. The rates are higher, but researches are wishy washy about it, often saying eh these are rare occurrences, we need more data, etc. At most (or should that be least?) this is "inconclusive," the cancer argument is not gone.
    BMJ 2019;365:l1652

    "Post-transition quality of life increases significantly in trans people."
    Does it though? As far as we can tell, that doesn't seem to be the case. Most people who don't undergo transitioning (75-90%) apparently turn out fine and move on as if it was a phase. Again, we can't say that for sure. Only that it's inconclusive.

    "It doesn’t cost you anything to be supportive of trans people."
    Except taxpayer funded medical expenses and the well-being of the citizens who undergo life-altering procedures that too often seem to be pointless or even harmful -- especially when it comes to youth.

    "We are not abnormal."
    Obviously you're. The issue is that you're insecurity about that. Most people have some abnormality about them but we don't deny them respect. This abnormality in particular is more extreme and isn't to be taken lightly when people want to transform their bodies in lasting and potentially harmful ways.

    "We are already the sex we identify as, on a neurological level, before we even popped our first hormone pill or had our first surgery."
    You make it sound an awful lot like a congenital disease or defect. But instead of accepting that and living with it like everyone else and their problems, you're going about it as if there's nothing going on at all. There is an issue and yes it's abnormal, lets just deal with it sensibly.

    "Even Iran recognizes the transition of trans people. "
    Iran has a different conceptualization of these things. It's not comparable and doesn't reflect the issues. I could just as easily say: Yes, that's how fucked up Iran is.

    "Trans women will one day be able to carry our own babies and produce female amounts of estrogen without exogenous addition."
    And until it's all ironed out lets not encourage people to make their situation worse rather than better.

    "Transphobia is based on irrational assumptions that have long been debunked."
    Yet the fears and concerns that are very much worthy of consideration still get people called transphobes and attacked by progressive hate mobs.

    "Trans women are for the vast majority of our phenotype and genotype women after we transitioned."
    Okay, cool. Doesn't mean you didn't transition. Doesn't mean everything was just dandy from start to finish. That whole "we took hormones to alter our genotype" thing, that's a big part of the issue. And also, okay, but that doesn't stipulate if we care about your phenotype or genotype. It's not just a matter of declaring "we're women now, because biology" and have everyone buy it.

    Stop trying to shoehorn yourself into acceptance and just deal with the issues appropriately.