It should be understood that transgender people are normal people just like everyone else.

It should be understood that transgender people are normal people just like everyone else.

We’re not out to “trick” men, why would we want to be with someone we have to lie to and would hate us for the truth.

We aren’t going to harm your children. Knowing of our existence isn’t going to confuse your children or make them want to be trans. We don’t even want to be trans.

We aren’t sexual degenerates, growing up I’ve always just wanted to marry and have a family like any other girl.

We never go in the bathroom with the intent to harm women or girls. I shouldn’t have to explain this. On the other hand I have been a victim of rape.

We aren’t all atheists. Jesus is my rock, without him just being transgender would be unbearable.

We don’t always look like men. Just look at me. The ones that look like men are just the ones that you notice.

We aren’t perverts. I transitioned as a child. Children aren’t perverts. I wanted to be a girl way before I ever wanted to have sex.

There are some trans people who give us all a bad name. That is true for any group of people. But I can assure you that whatever misconceptions and negative stereotypes you’ve gained from listening to the types of transgender people who you find on Tumblr or whatever don’t apply to most of us. People can’t tell that I’m transgender and because of that I’m blessed enough to have a pretty normal life.

But regardless of what we look like we’re still just people with feelings and interests like any of you. We have families, feelings, things we love, things we hate, we cry and we laugh we have fun and we get bored just like anyone else.

I honestly don’t care what you think at the end of the day because you’re strangers on the internet, I just ask that you don’t hurt a person simply for being transgender. Thank you for reading.

It should be understood that transgender people are normal people just like everyone else.
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  • JackSmy
    Seriously? I LOVE you, and love your posts, and I don't care that you are trans, except that it matters to you!! Why do you need to post something, like this, like justifying your life, your existence, when you are a normal personal, a REAL person, in every way?
    I HATE, that there are so many IGNORANT, IDIOTS, and MORONS, that can't understand!!
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    • ElizaPam

      Thank you 😊 I just felt the urge to post this because I’ve literally been seeing a new transphobic question every time I get on here lately 😒

    • JackSmy

      I know, and I see all the hate, and the IDIOTS, posting religious SHIT!!
      OMG, how do you deal with it? I am a straight guy, and it really upsets me, bothers me, and the hatred just makes me sick!! I have trans friends going both ways and these D-bags that post this hate don't even know trans people, but they judge!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Cuppo_Mode
    Yeh, they are just gay people who want to take it a step further cmon guys don't be mean, they are innocent.
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    • -Asca-


    • MackToday

      It's not that simple a lot of them aren't homosexual. It's a different birth defect it might be related to proprioceptive sense. Their body feels "wrong" and it nags them to the point of wanting to die. Marxists know this and will target them immediately.

    • Cuppo_Mode

      It's just being gay but they evolve

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  • Daniela1982
    Anyone who has to change their gender to be what they want are not normal in spite of what you hope. Lots of kids want to be a girl or boy other than their birth sex but they grow out of it. Transgenders never grow up.
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    • ElizaPam

      That’s really mean! God made us like this for a special reason and he will tell you so when we go to heaven! 🤗🥰

    • Oh please, if God made you something deal with it like the rest of us have to deal with what life deals us. None of us may like it but we deal with it. Why can't you?

    • ElizaPam

      Missing out on life as a girl made me suicidal until I transitioned.

  • CrypticLOL
    I have no issues with transgenders, I play pool with a girl who was a man up till a few years ago when she finally felt comfortable enough to fully transition and we get along great. I think the issue most people have, at least the reasonable ones, is when you're on a date with someone who you expect to a guy or a girl only to find out later that you were a little bit wrong. Funny story, that's actually how me and my friend met. She was too nervous to tell me until after our first date, but I'm a reasonable guy, and we actually had a lot of fun together. So on our second date when she told me, I just shrugged and invited her to play pool with me. She agreed and in the end we became good friends.

    Unfortunately, not everyone is like me, and in most cases it would not have ended quite as well as that. Trying to force change however, doesn't really work very well. You try to force someone to change their outlook you're only going to give them reason to reinforce their beliefs. I believe more in taking a peaceful and reasonable approach to things. It's going to take longer, heck it might take until the next generation or the one after that, but it's better than trying to force people to accept things and to change their outlook on life. That way only causes people to resist and fight back.

    I do hope that one day we can all just get along and respect each other, regardless of each others beliefs or personal feelings on certain topics, because both sides are honestly just as bad as each other right now, but it's going to take time.
  • mattdzz
    It should be understood that if you have a mental issue that drastically raises your risk of suicide (with or without surgery/ hormones), and causes you to feel you have the incorrect genitalia, that you're not normal.
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  • Ámayas_20
    I feel awful for 'trans' people, these people suffer from a serious mental disorder and have been lead to believe the way to fix it is through self mutilation and fucking up their system with hormones that don't belong to them. We of course should treat these people well but we should be looking for ways to actually help them.
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  • AllThatSweetJazz
    Trans people can be chill. But there’s definitely a problem at the moment where there’s a “trans ideology”, it’s toxic progressive BS where everything needs to be weird or abnormal in someway and it does fuck up kids. Everything you listed are real problems in some way.
    • ElizaPam

      I hate those people but they’re not every trans person

    • No, but it's important we don't give in to those that are like that.

  • bolverk
    I understand where your coming from, I have friends who are transgender and the wish that people like Jessica Yaniv (we do not really think it is Transgendered but is using the label as a cover) and others would just shut the hell up as they showing the Transgendered in a less than favourable light and let my friends live their lives in peace.
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  • Mr-Neo-Wizard
    Transgender isn't the normal. If it was there would be billions of transgender people.
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  • Kenwoodman
    I have no problem in those people existing. Leaving their lives, minding their business, like every one else. But I hate this 'Celebrate duversity' bs. With it being pushed from every corner I am starting to come into disliking gay and trans as it starts to feel like they are trying to tell that they are better then me.
  • lunaheart
    Very well written. I wish more people will listen to and be open to the truth you are writing.
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  • nathansom13
    Being trans is not a choice it is a state of mind it is a state of affection or love or preference. This is something that is understood but not appreciated by many people. Thank you for posting this So Others May finally realize that it is okay.
  • Aiko_E_Lara
    Normal you say? What if i told you nobody is born a transgender. Nobody is originally a transgender
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    • -Asca-

      I'm pretty sure people are born as transgenders. I mean if not, then what else?

    • @-Asca- Are you forgetting the word "gendered" exist?

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  • Rocky_Jocky57
    Yaaaaa, Jessica Yaniv is a perfect example of a normal trans right?
  • El_Heffe
    A well written post that should, that is I'd they read it. It should turn some dolts in here around.
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  • GamerGirlPeeDrinker
    Sure but we get tricked anyway I liked someone who was tg then I found out after 2 YEARS of liking them because no one cared to tell me
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  • MackToday
    You're not normal, normal people don't have a nagging delusion plaguing them all their life to the point of being suicidal. I wager you've even tried suicide before. Now your in worse shape because you've got a bunch of murderers telling you how "normal" you are. These fuckers are communists and have already begun to throw you under the bus for the Muslims who will happily kill you first chance they get. If it were not for these people you might have had some actual mental help, a drug or other therapy to at least make it easier and allow you to live a half way normal life.
  • clonesclone
    Just so you all know, responding to this fellow at all is playing into his fetish. Drawing any sort of attention to their fetish is part of the thrill for these people.
  • NorthwestRider
    Lol good luck being a trans woman and a conservative

    Conservatives hate you, they want to kill you or throw you in prison
  • GhostMochi
    They're not special. All they do is dress up and try to "become" the opposite gender for whatever reason or stupid excuse. Then they think they can brainwash society into thinking they're some different gender when there's only two. I'm so tired of this stupid gender debate. For the last time, there are only two fucking genders. Those genders are male and female. Transgender isn't a real gender, gender fluid is not a real gender, agender is not a real gender, and all the rest of those stupid ass made up genders are not real. Get real.
    • ElizaPam

      Lol my gender is female not transgender and we do more than dress up we change our bodies

  • Juxtapose
    Trans people (mtf) are hot but yeah, they're not here to hurt anyone so why should anyone care?
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  • Rissyanne
    They aren’t normal they are mentally disturbed
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