Becomming physically attractive is expensive as f@ck, for men.


Exactly how it sounds.

We all know what's hot. For guys, it's all about fitness. Always has been, too. Here's the problem -- very few guys are very fit. Why the f*ck is that? If everyone just got fit, wouldn't the world just be a better place? That's the point of this take.

So this is Conner Murphy:

Becomming physically attractive is expensive as f@ck, for men.

He's known as a fitness model and he has his own youtube channel and clothing line.

But how much $$$ does it cost to transform yourself into that?

Turns out, quite a lot.

In lifting, diet is most important. Without food, torn muscles don't grow back. They atrophy.

I talleyed up how much of my grant money I was spending on food while in school and this is what I figured out:

I ate two-three pounds of meat every day: chicken or turkey.

Plus randoms like smoothies, cereal and rice and vegitables. The negligables are cheap. Say, $40 every two weeks or $80 a month.

But the protein, that shit is expensive at around $8 a pound, we're talking $16 - $32 PER DAY or roughly $700+ per month.

So, how much $$$ does it cost to look like a fitness model? The answer is it's basically a second rent payment.

If you are a student, this is okay. No bills to worry about. No car insurance. No phone bill (probably). No utilities. No worry about anything but tuition and rent. You can spend those extra dollars from the fed's on pounds of 93% ground turkey to get jacked. Or a starbucks, or a damn smoothie if you want. I had an extra $2,000 left over every month and was living on around $40,000/year -- not too bad.

But, leave school, get a job, take on financial responsibility and suddenly that extra $850 a month (or whatever) needs to get repurposed to gas up the car, fix the flat tire, put down the security deposit, pay the phone and internet bills, pay the water, gas and electric bills, buy work clothes, and fuck if you're lucky buy a girl a drink at the bar.

This is for real. All the 16-22 year olds out there, get ready, because this crap is going to hit you like a ton of bricks when you leave school. Not currently dating anyone in college? Get off your ass and find someone in a class or club and do it now. Get rejected a shit ton because after school, well, good luck. Once you finish school you'll have so much shit to deal with forget about casually picking up someone in the beach 'whenever.' It's pretty fucked.

It's also annoying as shit that getting healthy is expensive. It isn't bad enough to simply be poor and healthy. No, poor people also get priced out of health. Shit food is cheap. Healthy food is $$$$. That's fucked up.

Anyway, that's my rant for now. Oh. And don't study liberal arts in college -- it's a really stupid thing to do. Be an engineer. Learn math. Go to med school. Profit. No fucking joke, at all.

Becomming physically attractive is expensive as f@ck, for men.
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  • elissa23Trans
    It’s expensive for women too. Breast implants, butt implants, rhinoplasties, lip fillers, new wardrobes, new make-up,...
    Is this still revelant?
    • none of that is necessary for a woman to be attractive, and (in my opinion) actually makes them less attractive. for women it is just running and not eating all the time.

    • joyboy12

      Women have it easier. If you have no ass just workout ur legs. Thats ridiculously easy lmfao. While a guy gotta do that and work on the whole upper body. Yeah ight

    • joyboy12

      U can't be attractive with a nice body unless your face is average

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  • Kurαȷ
    If you weigh like 450 pounds, your numbers would make sense.
    If you do not weigh that much, you have probably fallen victim to dumb exaggerations of broscience.

    0.72g of protein/pound is about the maximum ever proven to benefit muscle building by a clinical study.
    Which, for a bloke weighing 200 pounds, represents measly 144 grams of protein a day.
    That's two regular portions of meat, a cup of milk and two scoops of cheap whey a day, none of this "3 pounds of lean meat" nonsense.

  • dpg91
    Can’t get my head around your protein calculations, I don’t think those numbers stack up. I spend about £30 a month on my whey protein supplement. Gym membership costs me £24 a month. Add a bit extra on the budget for good wholesome food and it still comes to well under £100 (~$125) extra per month I’m spending compared to the average ‘non-fitness’ person. I consider that great value, personally.
    • Most don't need that much protein, but the industries and the supplement sellers don't want them to know that. Protein requirements are exaggerated and people fall for it time and time again.

  • mateynine
    Before someone says "IT'S EXPENSIVE FOR WOMEN TOO!!"
    Uh, no it isn't. Literally just don't be fat. That means eating less food, and you'll save money by buying less food. Easy.
    • Robertcw

      I think that's right on the mark to be honest. But it isn't the case for people who go to extremes. They need more food to perfect their bodies too, but if they 80/20 it I do believe it's cheaper and easier for women.

    • Buying healthy food is actually more expensive than buying food that has a high fat and carb content

    • mateynine

      @Ecologygirl76 You can still be skinny while eating unhealthy food.

  • HereIbe
    Wow, you're a moron. $8 a pound for protein? Boy! YOU ARE SO STUPID THAT YOU MUST USE SUPPLEMENTS! I can get good, healthy protein for less than $0.75 per pound. Even when it's meat, I can get it at $0.85 per pound.

    You're just an idiot, that's all I have to say.
    • Robertcw

      Don't know where you find $0.75/lb. But I did find chicken breasts for $1.99/lb at walmart.

    • HereIbe

      Breasts? Well, aren't YOU the little prissy priss priss girl? As for $0.75/lb, animal tissue isn't the only source of good protein.

  • Thatsamazing
    Mmm... no, it's not that expensive, and even if it was, you're still making yourself healthy and caring after your health. You know what's way, WAY more expensive than that? Uh, getting unhealthy and fat and paying for hospital bills related to obesity. That's what.
    • Robertcw

      Fair. But I'm thinking more about skinny guys.

    • Robertcw

      Skinny guys trying to bulk up and get shredded, actually.

      Fat people are probably smarter by buying more calories per dollar (but lower quality foods). But it's all a result of our fucked up economic system where healthy goods that are cheaper and simpler to produce cost more than expensive to make processed foods. That needs to change.

      Pretty soon, along with healthcare, incomes and all that healthy food will be the next political agenda. I'm sure of it.

    • Thatsamazing

      Um... "smarter?" They're fat and don't care about their health, dude-- how in the hell would that make them smarter.

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  • lucazafer
    Well said, but that's for girls aswell, 2kg of protein powder is £50 like wtf
  • DDpsy
    You are way off with pretty much everything.
    1. There is a large range attractive bodies between quite well built and fitness model or bodybuilder. You don't need to be anywhere near there.

    2. The 3 pounds of lean meat is not necessary unless you realy want to be a competitive BB and even if it did you could do it with less money than that if you know how to shop and take advantage of buying in bulk and specials. That is if you don't also fall for the scam of fancy organic bullshit. I think a clean well planed diet is way less expensive than a random fast food, restaurant , takeout diet. Chicken breast, eye of round , turkey is not that expensive compared to some other food.

    3. Whey is pretty cheap again if you know how to buy it. The only other supplement that is maybe worth it is creatine which is dirt cheap.
  • standardguy
    Okay muscles of this volume are difficult. But smaller muscles are easier to get and if you stay slim they look great too
    • I don't see the point in muscles that size if building them takes over your whole life. I saw a documentary about this guy that was a bodybuilder. He just spent all day eating and planning meals.

  • SamBrazil
    Nice body, is very good, very hot

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