The Big Is Beautiful movement is terrifying!

The Big Is Beautiful movement is terrifying!

Obviously it’s not health to be overweight. Obesity causes so many health problems, and the food that makes you fat destroys your body. People want instant gratification and that’s why we have so many fast food places here in America. Because it’s easy to get and it tastes good. So people get fat. What do they do about it? Well they won’t take time to lose weight because of the whole instant gratification thing. So they come up with excuses as to why it should be accepted. So they can keep destroying themselves and not feel bad about it.

its good for women to have some fat. It’s natural and it looks nice, making curves. But there is a point that you cans be called curvy or plus sized. It’s obese. It’s not good for our countries to be filled with obese people. What if we go to war? Who will fight if nobody can even get off their couch? The invading country with the fit people will come in and get us. And we wouldn’t be able to stop them.

Healthy people know that overweight is not healthy. These girls are saying that they are perfectly healthy and that it is rude of men to not want them. Most people don’t want a partner who can’t get off their couch. And obviously it’s not the best to judge a book by its cover kind of thing, but people aren’t born obese. It’s a lifestyle problem.

Anyway, I’m talking about the people who don’t have health problems that cause them to be overweight.

The Big Is Beautiful movement is terrifying!
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  • Amanda269
    As a obese woman (100 kg & 174 cm) I agree that movement to label obesity as beauty is horrifying, but we are very damaged emotionally and nagging would push us further into the fat abyss. Simply be decent to us and share anything useful. My friend told me about a deal at fitness world, where you can have a reasonable priced subscription, where you can get an item daily from their vending machines. There was a choice protein bar, that I liked a lot and that bar made me come back to train 3x weekly since October. I just trained enough to match it's calorie, but my boyfriend was stunned by my butt and at one point I thought I was pregnant, since my stomach was a lot harder. My diet is still bad, but soon I will start working at this company, that have a lunch deal with tasty and healthy food.
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  • Haraald
    Being obese can be a life choise but also ones parents fault. I can see young 8 year olds being very heavy, so they grow up being that. Inturn giving them more health problems than gaining it after growing complete. That is where i would've drawn the line. It kinda is abuse in some ways.
    Other than that, it is all about preferences. You eather like it heaavy or you don't. Some like muscular people, some people like them lean and 'weak'. So i just pity them for complaining to others.

    Thoug, the society is already not very kind to them. So i do kind of undersand where their sanity in it lies.
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  • dancoop
    I vehemently disagree that the movement is terrifying. Your argument is essentially a straw man based on a misrepresentation of the movement’s core elements. The movement is a counterstroke to the existing cultural, social, and media treatment of women who are not borderline anorexics. Understand the status quo is not merely discriminatory against morbidly obese women, but also millions who would not even qualify as overweight. The status quo has caused millions of eating disorders, many of the quite serious. Moreover, it systematically degrades and devalues people based on their weight. More than 50 years ago, a great man stood on the Lincoln memorial and dreamed of a day when his children could be judged by the content of their character rather than their appearance, a dream which remains unfulfilled where body size is concerned. For most it is not simply a “lifestyle choice”, but even then, we accept all kinds of bad lifestyle choices. Abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana are all bad lifestyle choices which are significantly less stigmatized than weight. As far as health is concerned the emerging research is beginning to topple the establishment narrative that “overweight” is drastically unhealthy. Instead, it now seems that drastic and frequent fluctuation in weight has a more detrimental effect than moderate obesity. As to the defense implications, there are far more serious issues with our national defense strategy than obesity which need to be addressed first. I urge you to reconsider such a sweeping condemnation of a whole movement.
    • Anonymous

      But it’s still not good for you to be overweight. It’s science. This movement is teaching people that it is okay to be obese when it’s not. And I never said that anorexia was any less of a problem than obesity. Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t say based on appearance. He said on the color of their skin so that argument is invalid. Sure all bad lifestyles are bad, but the obesity rates are skyrocketing way more than any other.

    • dancoop

      “It’s science” is not an argument and not a justification. Science is not an “unbiased open method of inquiry” that produces truth. It is a sometimes useful but flawed process which is ultimately dependent on individuals, institutions, and social positioning. It is subject to societal, political, and economic pressures which affect its conclusions and direction. Science has a long history of mistakes and worse which is always covered up by the delightful no true Scotsman of “but those where pseudo-sciences”. There are powerful vested interests in obesity being a “crisis”, including hundreds of billions of dollars in the weight loss and fashion industries. It is not good for you to be overweight, just like it is not good to smoke, drink, or do a long list of things which do not strictly serve to extend lifespan. But enjoyment of life itself is a value which must be balanced with the pursuit of health, Vivamus, Moriendum Est. The movement is teaching people that being obese is not something which deserves ridicule and social ostracism, not that it is perfectly healthy. I am fully aware of the context and exact wording of Dr. King’s speech, which is why I did not use quotations for that portion of my original comment. The argument is not invalid, it is an argument of analogy and irony. The fundamental meaning of his speech closely parallels the big is beautiful movement, the central theme of both is that our physical bodies ought not determine our worth as individuals. You ought to check the actual statistics, obesity rates have begun to stabilize, while consumption of nicotine products along with the opioid crisis have actually been the fastest growing issues in public health.

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  • Spiritwander
    So... what if I told you those fat people are dying so you can live?
    (Would that change any of your responses?)
    • Anonymous

      I don’t understand

    • Spiritwander

      Well, tbh, it's one of those 🤫 topics, and I'm not sure how much liberty I have in explaining it. Long story short; people live, people die. Period.
      In the human and animal worlds this is simply a matter of fact.

      "Civilization" (and to some extent its sub-arena "Society") is *routinely* engaged in a process of attempting to determine *who* lives and who dies... (and in all honesty, it isn't a pleasant process, and it *never* "goes according to plan"...)

      *THAT* being said, understanding the LOGIC of the process is essential.
      For instance, if "death" is an "absolute value", if you were to want to work with it mathematically (and there are several intelligences who do), you have to have some way of working with variable value fields based on subjective valuation diaspora.

      So, for instance, if the problem is "people are literally dying off from stupidity", the solution is to "get them new brains"...
      (And that's about the limit that I can safely divulge - if you're a critical thinker, I'm sure you'll get the Soylent Green parable on your own.)

      Suffice to say, those "obese" people that you're referring to are tackling a two-fold "mission"; in addition to all of the burdens everyone tends in this life, chubby folk are essentially helping "pick up the slack" - FIGURATIVELY (because they can't help *literally*).

      Now, there are several reasons for this, but "solar health" is actually a correlation here. In some ways, everyone is a kind of "dip stick" for the sun's "oil pan"; our bodies can only "go to hell" if we let them. It's a complicated thing to explain why, but basically, the fat people are pushing on the boundary of "how close to Hell can we get, if we let it all just fall all over"; so, for every fat person out there, not only are they supplying the *vital* health metrics on how to *avoid* obesity, but they're also taking up two seats on the bus to good health in the long run... Because most of them know how sad it is to sit alone.

    • douchebag27

      This dude on some schizophrenia shit

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  • WickedWill
    It's because I love food so much that I can't be compelled to waste one of the few meals I have left in my life on a place like macdonalds or the like. If I die at 67 I'm only looking at maybe a little over 32000 meals left in me. Not worth it.
  • Smiley_face101
    There is a huge diffrance between a few extra pounds and obese.
    No one premotes being obese but some people will always be abit bigger and thats okay (lost 40lbs, works out 4-5 times a week)
  • Voruund
    I used to be over 300lbs, now I'm a lean 220. Fat is fat no matter how you look at it. I know it's hard to put the work in but forcing other people to call being fat as beautiful is completely asinine.
    • But there is a diffrance between a few extra pounds and obese, I lost 40lbs by now. I will never be thin or slim and I accept that but I do not accept that you have to be skinny to be healthy

    • Voruund

      Never said you need to be skinny. But there is a line.

  • Ellie-V
    I’ve really only seen a few people claim that being overweight is healthy, certainly not the majority. But again, this is just what I’ve seen. I don’t think that is the overall message of the big is beautiful movement.

    Me personally, I’m not going to be an asshole and insult someone just because they don’t look like me—healthy.

    I let grown ass adults make their own decisions. Until I see them discouraging children to never be active or never care about their health, I am going to mind my own business.

    Frankly, some people who are “big” look sexy as hell. Doesn’t apply to everyone of course but there is some truth in “big is beautiful” slogan.
  • name_is_eric
    Fat women are repulsive. It's like a suicide cult, the acceptance movement.
  • ChronicThinker
    Sure, it's not healthy to be overweight, but being skinny isn't inherently superior health-wise either.

    I have know as a former eating disorder sufferer that lots of "ideal" women who were actually extremely sick and effectively destroying themselves with strict diets they deemed healthy (such as three Brazil nuts as a meal, for example) and followed vigorous exercise regimes.

    My point is, we need to stop focusing TOO MUCH on appearance. Yes, I disagree with 400 lb women who insist they are perfectly healthy, but I'm not going to say every bigger girl has every single health problem that comes with obesity, because I'm not that person's doctor.

    So, yes, I agree that radical body acceptance is bad, but focusing on physical appearance as the only means of determining health is also shitty.
  • JohnAlaska43
    Yes agreed and its scary how they want to get bigger. Heart attacks is a huge factor. Shaning people on being healthy is even worse.
  • bel_x
    well, i did have health problems that made me overweight (i’ve started receiving treatment and lost 80 pounds! :) ). i know you said besides that but i think it’s important to say that people who are not able to handle their weight because of health problems should be embraced and accepted :) most of them try so hard to lost weight and just can’t. but also we can’t forget mental illness. besides a binging disorder, disorders such as depression, anxiety, bpd etc can cause people to turn to food as a natural defense mechanism. and it’s very hard for those people to lose weight in the after math because of the mental stress they’re already under. but i do agree that people who just like to eat and have control over their weight shouldn’t be celebrated for being obese. of course body positivity is important. but if you’re overweight to the point where it’s unhealthy- that draws the line.
    • bel_x

      i should also add that i am currently studying psychology and psychoanalysis as a career. so if anyone doesn’t know, food is a natural defense mechanism wired in our brains. hence why when people are sad they usually turn to ice cream and cookie dough. it’s not just a movie cliche. it’s science!

  • Cuppo_Mode
    Erm, ok, now if you excuse me, I'll be going to the gym, *walks to the "gym" with Ronald McDonald*
  • SassyAzz05
    The movement is encouraging people to think health problems is okay but you don’t have to lose weight if you don’t want to
  • Fuentes
    Obese women are disgusting
    • Rustro

      Lol you here as well retard

    • Fuentes

      @Rustro it's not nice to call yourself a retard bro, it's like you don't understand English

    • Anonymous

      Look you don’t have to be so mean. You are acting like a four year old.

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  • nerms123
    Mmmmm fries...🍟🍟🍟
  • Cybernizer
    Diabetes is not beautiful at all.
    • And also stupidity and ignorance.
      Not all overweight people have diabetes

    • Cybernizer

      All overweight people are at higher risk for many diseases. It takes a serious toll on out country's medical expenses. That tax money could be used elsewhere.

    • There is a diffrance between a few extra pounds and that overweight, smokers are also a heavier toll but thats okay, isn't it?

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  • DollySummers
    No that movement is nasty
  • NerdInDenial
    Don't hate on those who just want to live to eat.
  • Thatsamazing
  • Almakhdoom
  • Anonymous
    I feel like I'ma be obese later on Kos rn I'm skinny & I eat a lot.
  • Anonymous