Top 12 Most Frightening, Unexpected and Awkward "Protagonist in Peril" Scenes

In almost every action, sci fi, horror and mystery movie there is always a part were the protagonist gets captured by the antagonist. Usually the antagonist does something to the protagonist which makes the antagonist seem even more menacing. Here are some of those scenes were the protagonist is in peril.

Top 12 Most Frightening, Unexpected and Awkward "Protagonist in Peril" Scenes

1.) The Punisher (1989)

In this scene Frank castle(played by Dolph Lundgren) is ambushed by a group of masked assailants. After they knock him unconscious, they tie him on a torture rack. The female villain starts to fondle with Frank as he is helpless. Eventually Frank manages to slip out of his restraints and overpower his captors.

2.) Captain America (1990)

In this scene, it's not frightening but Captain America loses a fight to Red Skull. Afterwards Redskull ties Captain America to a rocket in which the axis powers meant to send to the US. Instead captain America manages to shift the rocket towards Antarctica where Captain America is cryogenically frozen for a few decades.

3.) Casino Royale (2006)

In this scene, James Bond ends in a car wreck after he took the bait of a trap. The antagonist's henchmen pull out the unconscious and injured James Bond from the car wreckage and take him to a dark room where they strip him naked and tie him to a chair. The scene turns into a very disturbing scene when the villain starts to torture Bond in a gruesome way. He constantly wacks Bond's manhood with the end of rope. Eventually the villain realizes that Bond's pain tolerance it too high so he attempts to "take away" Bond's manhood. However, before the villain could take away Bond's manhood, he is interrupted by a man who shoots the villain for failing his assignment. Surprisingly this movie is PG-13 even with scene.

4.) Matrix (1999)

One of the weirdest scenes in a movie happened in the Matrix. Around the beginning of the film, the protagonist is captured by 3 men in suits. They take him to a interrogation room, after the protagonist refuses to cooperate, his mouth disappears temporarily as two of those men unbutton his shirt and pin him on a table, they place a bug on his stomach which burrows into his navel.

5.) Skyfall (2012)

In this very awkward Scene, James Bond allows himself to get captured by the main antagonist. The main antagonist starts to fondle with James Bond as he is tied to a chair. The dialogue is kind of funny though.

6.) Farscape tv show

There is one episode, where one of the protagonists named John Crichton is a grabbed from behind and held down as a man places a type of worm that burrows into his navel. It's revealed that the worm has benevolent effects.

Top 12 Most Frightening, Unexpected and Awkward "Protagonist in Peril" Scenes

7.) Switchblade sisters (1975)

The female protagonist is jumped by her companions after they assume she betrayed them. Two women restrain her as the third woman unbuttons her shirt and places a lit cigarette in her navel. I'm not going to link a video of this scene because it briefly(1 second) shows bare breasts. Instead here is a toned down picture of the scene.

Top 12 Most Frightening, Unexpected and Awkward "Protagonist in Peril" Scenes

8.) Extraterrestrial (2014)

In the climax of the movie, the protagonists are abducted by aliens. One those protagonists gets experimented on when they place a "space bug" on his stomach which burrows into his navel. Then they "humiliate" him/probe him before he meets his demise. It's weird how in movies, things are done to a man's navel. That movie scene is too graphic to be shown here.

Top 12 Most Frightening, Unexpected and Awkward "Protagonist in Peril" Scenes

9.) Siren (2016)

In this movie the same succubus from the VHS movie series returns. This time she takes interest in the male protagonist. In one scene, she abducts him and she rapes him as he screams in pain. It's a disturbing scene. For those that don't know what a succubus is, it's a mythical female demon that has sex with men while they are asleep.

Top 12 Most Frightening, Unexpected and Awkward "Protagonist in Peril" Scenes

10.) Scourge (2008)

The female protagonist is pinned down by her lover who is under the control of a parasite, the parasite prepares to burrow into her navel but her lover manages to resist the parasites control before it could enter the female protagonist's body. At the beginning of the movie, the parasite does burrow into one of the female characters though.

Top 12 Most Frightening, Unexpected and Awkward "Protagonist in Peril" Scenes

11.) Goldfinger (1964)

James Bond is captured by Goldfinger who has a laser that would give bond a painful demise but Bond is able to talk his way out of his predicament.

12.) Nazis at the center of the Earth (2012)

Basically the whole movie involves a group of protagonists in peril as most of them are subjected painful experiments performed by the infamous Joseph Mengele.

Top 12 Most Frightening, Unexpected and Awkward "Protagonist in Peril" Scenes

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  • Nvr seen 12 but it looks interesting lol, it's not a movie but the Negan/Glenn scene in the walking dead is a good one

    • Which ones of this list have you seen?

    • I meant 10 not 12 but I seen a little of the matrix and casino royale but out of all the movies I seen and love to watch I haven't really seen any other one

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  • Captain America is my favorite from this list.


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