Wonderful world of art!

I have always loved the sheer power Of art, it can be so breath taking and confusing all at the same time.

Today I went to my local museum (Te Papa in Wellington, New Zealand) to see the "Gallipoli the scale of our war" exhibition. We waited in line for about 20 min and as soon as we walked in our breaths were taken away and our mouths rendered speechless.

wonderful world of art!

This is a sculpter not a person.

Everything was so detailed that you could see the hairs on their arms, sweat on their face, and their pours.

They send shivers up your spine, you feel like you are really there with them. (Although they are 20x your size)

It was just all so amazing and just hits you right in the feels. The amount of detail that has gone into these, even the flies are very well detailed.

This one really got to me, I was nearly in tears just seeing the look on the nurses face then seeing the letters "killed, return to sender". She had found out 4 months after the rest of her family that her brother was killed in the war.

Well done weta workshops you have done an excellent job on creating such a stunning exhibition.


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  • art is truly amazing :) i used to not like it but i really started loving it as i started seeing more of it.


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