What I learned along the way in my 40 pound weight loss journey (and what I continue to learn)

In this photo I was 175 pounds. Not quite my heaviest but definitely getting there (heaviest was 185)
In this photo I was 175 pounds. Not quite my heaviest but definitely getting there (heaviest was 185)
Recent photo taken, 143 lbs
Recent photo taken, 143 lbs

I have struggled with weight and body issues since I was in the 6th grade. After being on medication for epilepsy, my weight increased almost 40 pounds within the first few months. A combo of meds and eating horrendously had me up at 185 pounds at 5’4. Although I still strive to hit a goal weight of 120, I am a much healthier 143 lbs. If anybody is struggling to lose weight, I absolutely feel you. With all the crazy as diets it’s so hard to know what is right and what is wrong. Although most of these tips won’t be nutrition advice, they are just little tidbits on how to help you (and how they helped ME personally) stay sane:) enjoy!

1. Find a bigger purpose. For me at least, it was not enough to have weight loss be the primary goal. For my weight loss to occur, there had to be a bigger picture outcome. Although it ended up not being able to happen, I was trying to lose weight to join the military to help others (which turned into firefighting due to circumstances). Find YOUR bigger purpose. If it is specifically to see those numbers go down, you will go through unhealthy routes to do so. when you do it for a job, military, spouse, your kids, or anything other than to see the scale lower, you will be more likely to follow through,

2. Learn to love yourself in other ways. This one was HUGE for me. Before I lost weight, I would never wear makeup or cute clothes or anything because I would always think: “well, what’s the point? I’m fat anyways nothing is going to cover that up.” To a certain extent, it’s true. Makeup cannot cover up something you need to change. However, you need to start somewhere. Once you start caring for yourself in one aspect, others will start to follow.

3. Expect slow progress. The damage done to your body was not overnight. Don’t expect it to change overnight.

4. NEVER SETTLE. THIS IS MY BIGGEST THING. Always love yourself, but believe in your heart you can ALWAYS do better. You can always be healthier or get something else accomplished. This should be on every aspect of your life, not just weight loss.

5. Weight lift. Cardio burns calories which is great and gets your heart pumping! Weights are great for sculpting and gets rid of the “skinny fat”. You feel accomplished and strong and empowered. Start off slow and build up. LADIES YOU WILL NOT LOOK MANLY FROM LIFTING!!

6. Focus on improving your entire life, even your daily activities and chores. Do your laundry more often, clean your room, keep your self clean and well kept. A messy mind and a messy room are the devils play grounds.

7. Don’t try quick weight loss schemes. I know I sound hypocritical because I recently made a post about how to lose weight quick, but I unfortunately learned that it just isn’t worth it. If your heating healthy and working out, your only going to improve from where you started and that is what is important. Patience is key (and believe me, I am almost none of it. I am stubborn as a mule and when I want it something I want it YESTERDAY). Trust me, it is worth it.

8. Eat enough calories. Yes, calorie restriction causes weight loss. However, if your trying to get lean and strong, you need enough calories to complete workouts. My advice is to find your TDEE (total daily energy Expenditure is what I BELIEVE it is called). THis shoes how many calories you burn on an average daily. You need to consume less calories than you burn daily, but don’t go so low where you get tired or can’t work out because then your mind (your body adapts quicker than your brain) will tire out quickly and the progress could potentially Be lost.

These tips were useful to me because I could apply them in my everyday life and so can you. For me, weight loss was correlated with learning to like myself and realize that I am worth the small things, like making sure my room is clean and making sure everything is put away. These things don’t seem correlated, but they really are. It creates a ripple effect. I cannot give nutritional advice because I am not a nutritionist and everyone is so different. However if you would like more information on how I personally lost weight and what I am doing, feel free to PM me. I know these tips seem strange and can seem unhelpful, but apply love, patience, and organization in your life and the weight loss will follow❤️❤️

What I learned along the way in my 40 pound weight loss journey (and what I continue to learn)
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  • EmbraceThePain
    Great job, keep up the good work. I’m actually trying to gain some more weight and seeing how I feel once I reach that goal weight. I don’t keep track of my calories, but I get a good bit and assortment of foods. I also workout almost everyday, which includes running and strength and conditioning training. I’m glad that you were able to tell yourself a positive story about what you were dealing and at the same time, take steps to better yourself. A lot of the times, people tell the wrong kinds of stories to themselves whenever they’re in a rough patch, predicament, or bad situation. The story you told yourself about you being overweight allowed you facilitate a path forward towards your goal. If you had told yourself it was hopeless and that became unmotivated to do what you had to do then you might not be where you are at today. The ways in which we look at things can make all the difference in our lives.
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    • I agree with you and thank you for commenting. For awhile it was extremely hard, especially because my condition is forever and could potentially get worse and that was really hard to overcome. However, put your mind in the right place and, like you said, you can accomplish anything. I’ll be looking for your workout posts and hopefully I’ll have something to comment on (like weights:) thank you!!

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  • sejla
    Such a nice post.
  • Elliegirl
    Looking good, girl. Keep it up and congrats on your achievement so far!
  • AtropaBelladonna
    I agree with everything here. I've learned this too over a lot of time and kind of wish I would have seen this post a couple years ago.

    This is off topic, but the guy on the left in the first photo is HOT wtf?
  • LiMBoH
    I can second all of these things, isn't it surprising how much weight loss is actually attained through mental effort?
  • Uncut
    Excellent post. And good for you. Be proud or what you have accomplished.
  • CaptainSmartass
    Nice. You're cute, by the way.

  • Razal
    Keep it up. Great
  • nopedydoo
    how long did it take to lose 40 lb?
    • A long time. Longer than I’d like but still. I lost about 35 pounds in a few months then lost nothing for a year, gained about 11 back, then lost that 11 plus almost another 7 over the course of a few months and now a few months later I’m plateaued

  • Avicenna
    Very inspiring, thanks
  • ChefCurry
    Is that why you have huge boobs