St. John's Wort gives a better high than Weed


So this is unexpected.

St. John's Wort is a plant named after the Catholic Saint John and was used in ancient Greece in the first century AD. (citation)

St. John's Wort
St. John's Wort

'Wort' is just an old English word for 'plant' and so we have 'St. John's Plant.'

Sound familiar?



The active ingredient in Weed is an organic chemical THC -- or Tetrahydrolcannibal. Tetra -- three, hydro, hydrogen based, cannibal -- caniboid (also the reason weed is sometimes referred to as 'cannabis').

THC works by blocking suppressing the central nervous system (yikes!). The 'high' a result of this action.

Now, I have smoked weed. I wasn't impressed.

So I found something better that's also available over the counter in most pharmacy and drug stores all over the word. St. John's Wort.

St. John's Wort gives a better high than Weed

Yep. That's the bottle.

This herb works by blocking Serotonin uptake, thereby boosting free unconverted serotonin in the body. It also increases capillary blood flow as well as block a couple enzymes. But it doesn't block 5-HT receptors like Prescription Pharmaceutical SSRI's. It works by raising the body's calcium and sodium levels naturally to achieve homeostasis -- and that's what makes this high so sweet.

The consequence is better blood flow to nooks and cranies of the body (including extremities and deep areas in the brain -- boosting nutrients in those locations), as well as reduced cortisol levels, increased norepinephrine levels, and a regulation and stabilization of dopamine levels (preventing mood swings).

Where as prescription drugs decrease 5-ht sensitivity over time, SJW actually increases 5-ht sensitivity over time.

In doing this, this plant can reverse the biological process of stress -- reversing the bio-markers of stress, making it a treatment option for cushing's disease. It also can be used for burning belly fat on men in order to reveal their abs and eliminate their muffin-tops. Chronic stress prevents a 6'pack from ever being visible due to cortisol fueled belly fat just under the bellybutton, and on the sides of the obliques.

(Arguably, this is the reason abs are sexy -- washbord abs signal low cortisol levels.)

Therefore, it directly reverses the effects of adrenal fatigue -- so for all you chronic orgasmers and chronic ejaculators out there, this plant can work on reversing the negative effects of compulsory ejaculation (when paired with a b-complex vitamin it gets crazy).

Furthermore, higher serotonin is the biomarker of high social status. People with low stress and high cash flow have this 'high' 24/7. It's part of the reason that often highly successful people are also physically attractive. High sustained and balanced serotonin, low stable regulated dopamine, low cortisol and high norepinephrine lead to healthy looking faces and bodies. And improve sexual function long term by preventing adrenal burn out.

Oh, and it's also an anti-inflammatory. In fact, it contains versions of the active ingredients in Aspirin naturally.

But it's not recommended for children under the age of 18, or for pregnant women or women who plan on becoming pregnant.


It feels amazing, and better than smoking weed. You feel like you're softly floating on cloud nine for hours after taking it. Indeed, one dosage is designed to last 8-24 hours. But be careful, you can overdose. The bottle instructs we take one pill three times per day -- fine by me. Too high of serotonin levels has similar effects on the heart as a cocaine, caffeine or meth overdose. But taken at recommended dosage, you feel better and actually become healthier and that's not something most people can say after a high.

So in my opinion, step aside weed there's a new plant in town


St. John's Wort gives a better high than Weed
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  • ObscuredBeyond
    Interesting. I was put on Zoloft early last year, though I'm off it now. Never would've guessed St. John's Wort would be such an effective anti-anxiety. Zoloft may have fixed the heart rhythm irregularities, but it felt like being slowly lifted out of Hell on one of those old-time elevators, except the elevator moved like molasses. And hearing the shrieking demons below yelling: "GET BACK HERE!"

    Yeah, Zoloft is not something I'd recommend just anyone get involved with. Bear in mind, that was my reaction, on the lowest commercial dose. I really don't wanna know what a higher dose would've done to me.
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  • Anonymous
    "You feel like you're softly floating on cloud nine for hours after taking it."

    Um, no. I can't believe GAG actually allowed this nonsense to be posted as a MyTake.
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    • Robertcw

      lol man.

    • Anonymous

      You're clearly under the influence of something but it's not SJW.

    • Robertcw

      Sorry to say that's all I take. Believe it or not.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • GhettoGirl
    You must've been hired as a salesman for the product. Congratulations on your employment, but this is a sad approach to getting a leap on sales. Trying to make extra cash for the holidays? Good luck with the Wort.
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    • Robertcw

      lol wtf. I am not a salesperson.

    • Shamalien

      this ain't some newfangled bullshit product lol it's been used for centuries

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  • SpearsAndStones
    Weed and St. John's Wort give very different highs. I've never noticed any "high" from taking St. John's Wort. It's more therapeutic. I've never noticed a "drugged effect". It's very good though, and I would recommend it to anyone who is depressed or overly taxed.

    But when you need to numb yourself and just not feel ANYTHING for a few hours, St. John's Wort doesn't compare to weed.
  • Guffrus
    Cool story, sadly i dont take medical advise from people who wear baseball caps.

    Its logical fallacy i know, but I am only human.
  • CasaNorba
    I remember I used to take this stuff in capsule form back in high school when my anxiety and depression was at its worst, but it never got me high. Now I feel like smoking it one of these days. pretty sure I won't get in trouble since its not illegal
  • Shamalien
    That's not at all how THC works you absolute twat, that's exactly how it DOESN'T WORK. THC is more complex than something like alcohol, which does simply suppress the central nervous system. I'm not sure I should believe anything you say after this gross oversight.

    Sounds interesting though and I've been thinking of trying this for a while, might look into it
  • Vallius86
    I totally forgot about that stuff. I used to use it some days it made me feel good some days it would make me feel bad and some days it felt like they had no effect at all.
  • Stingray444
    Seems like the "good" stuff just turned to "great stuff" 😂Nice 👍👍
    BULL CRAP!! Then u smoke shit weed if so! TRY SMOKING SOME
    "SILVER HAZE" & GET BACK TO ME as you'll find this statement NULL & VOID
  • Cybernizer
    I think I will stick to making cheap booze.. Does the job and costs almost nothing.
  • Holy_Ghost_Fire
    I guess the government might look into banning Saint Johns Wart now.
  • RetroEric
    Lol have you tried dabs/vape carts though? You'd get fried af off 2 hits lmao
  • ashleejg10
    And with the states legalizing the the other stuff hows Christmas mistletoe effect humans sexually?
  • Tera_baap_bc
    Can't sumthing in a bottle
    Plant may be medicinally helpful but that thing in. the bottle not
  • theFantasticJayy
    Nice. Thanks for telling me for... Research purposes...
  • SydneySentinel
    Thanks for sharing
  • D_Bone_Steak
    Take my money!

    I want to get high too!
  • Bananaman177
    Dude, are you TRYING to get it made illegal?

  • bigcuband
    How can you smoke a pill? @Robertcw
    • Robertcw

      You don't smoke it. You drink it with water...

    • bigcuband

      Explain more about the dosages

    • Robertcw

      Well, I just do trial and error. The bottle says three a day with a meal, but I find once a day in the morning or at night works better.

      I suspect this is because less frequent doses allow the body to gradually respond and sustain chemical changes long term, so you feel the effect constantly.

      It really shredded my stomach fat, which was really cool. Also gives a calm relaxed feeling, and reverses signs if elevated cortisol such as facial water retention.

  • Lizzy3469
    Thank u i will try
  • loverboy404
    wow thank you
  • ProvaAyoub
    a cup of coffee
  • Anonymous
    it was banned by big pharma
  • Anonymous
    Very interesting. It is a great plant