Building a good body is different for men and women!


If this is stating the obvious to you, okay.

I want to point out some facts about sex-based aesthetics.

The male equivalent to this:

Hot college age girls.
Hot college age girls.

Is not a super jacked good looking fitness model.


You shouldn’t be. The literal male equivalent of those girls is this guy:

Same body.
Same body.

They literally have the same body type. Same body fat percentage, same muscle mass.

So what’s the point?

That guy and those girls have to put in the same amount of effort to get that body type. In other words, it requires less effort to have a good body according to society if you are female.

I hear some users on this site claim that a hot girl deserves a hot guy because of the amount of effort she puts into being skinny. Buuut, that’s not really how it works, as you can see from the above photographs.

The amount of effort required to fuel this transformation:

Building a good body is different for men and women!

Far exceeds the amount of effort it takes to be a skinny girl.

What most girls don’t understand is that bodyweight is divided into two categories: body fat and muscle mass.

The two categories are completely independent from each other, and muscle mass actually weighs more than body fat per unit volume.

However, due to low testosterone levels women never really build muscle mass when exercising so its easy to believe that maybe they just don’t understand how the two systems interact given they only ever really function within one of the two, typically trying to reduce body fat %.

Thus, it can be easy to believe that your ‘strict diet’ of salads, soy and greek yogurt is difficult enough warrant deserving a man who ‘puts in effort’ to eat an equally ‘healthy’ diet.

Like, okay, but a guy who eats that same diet will look like the dude in the very first photo above, not the second.

To get to the body transformation in the second photo, a guy has to not only get their body fat percentage low, they also need to get their muscle mass up. It’s understandable a lot of girls don’t understand this aspect of fitness for men. But it requires intake of at least 1gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, every single day. And since muscle mass weighs more than fat, the number grows as the man grows his muscles. He must also make sure his calorie intake is a surplus, meaning he needs to eat *more* not less in order to cause the construction of new muscle tissue.

Here’s the problem: how do you eat a calorie surplus *and* reduce body fat at the same time? Welcome to the world of male fitness.

It isn’t the same as female fitness where all you need to do is hop on a treadmill, do some squats, eat some soy and run a calorie deficit. So, just a friendly reminder not to think just cause’ you’re a skinny girl that you automatically deserve a fitness model.

And that’s a whole different ballpark. Fitness model bodies actually can’t be attained without steroids. But again, whole different conversation. Will write that take another time.


Building a good body is different for men and women!
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  • 21browngirl
    I was going to share my pov, here but the ladies have pretty much put everything. Just like girls dont get it what testosterone does to your body, likewise a guy want understand about what estrogen can do.

    You say running on a treadmill is a easy task. Ask that to a woman with heavy bust. Imagine around 3kgs of mass tied to your chest on each side and they bounce, and can be painful.

    Also, it might be easy to be skinny for some girls, but i dont call it a shape. You cannot have flabby biceps. Check out the girls with baby bulge tummy, its more difficult to remove then you think.

    Body chemistry says when you lift weight your muscle tears up, so first your body burns calories in fixing it and second a new set of cells are grown there. But, since girls dont have testosterone, the rate of calorie burn reduces drastically.
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    • HomoFuge

      Your body doesn't burn calories to repair muscles. It's the opposite. Your body actually NEEDS calories to assist muscle repair. It's why you shouldn't do too much cardio when you are trying to build muscle. Cardio will eat through those much needed calories to assist in muscle growth.

    • Phoenix98

      @HomoFuge You consume protein and calories to assist the repair not burn them to assist in muscular repair.

    • Phoenix98

      @HomoFuge Oops sorry I didn't mean to tag you fuge.

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  • emmily2396
    You are wrong because:
    1. You wouldn't get the same body as the first guy even if you tried (unless you have a hormonal issue and you have too much estrogen)
    2. Those girls look good but aren't close to ideal. They wouldn't need more pronounced curves to be close to what most guys would find ideally attractive. And great looking curves require a girl to workout because fat starts to look ugly if there is not enough muscle mass to support it. Girls can't put as much muscle as guys so Even if to you i doesn't look like the girl tried hard that doesn't mean she is not working hard.
    3. If a girl is not born to get great curves when she reaches puberty she doesn't have many options. She either has to get surgery or train really hard just to be close to an ideal.
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    • mayur955

      I agree bug not to the point girls can't put on muscles like guys.
      There r big women than us also.

    • mayur955

      People who work hard get a reward.
      A nice body.

    • emmily2396

      @mayur955 Most big muscular women are full of steroids, so what are you saying?

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Most Helpful Guys

  • Massageman
    "They literally have the same body type. Same body fat percentage, same muscle mass."
    The problem with this is that a "fit" female has a fat range of 21% to 24% be most accounts. A "fit" male has a fat range of 13% to 17%.

    So while it certainly is true that the lighter, more flexible build of a female can't slap on oodles of muscles mass as can a male for various biological reasons, the pix of the females and male given are certainly not representative of equality of body fitness due to the inherent difference in body fat of the sexes.
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  • Anonymous
    Just pointing out, women can also incorporate muscle mass into being sexy. Most don't, but its not like just being skinny os the only option for women.

    My PSA, just because you're a woman doesn't mean you shouldn't focus on building muscle. A muscular body is hella hot, male or female. With muscle, you will look better than the other skinny girls.
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  • CubsterShura
    I see the point ur trying to making, but I don't think that I fully agree. Men's and women's bodies do come up with different outcomes from doing the same kinda workouts. I go to gym for two years and lift weights yet I don't have much significant change. My brother who was skinny and never worked out, went for a few months, lifted less weights than me yet his physique improved more significantly, especially his chest got widened.

    He did less than me yet his results are more noticeable.

    Not dissing your whole myTake, just giving you something to think about. Like I said earlier, I get the point you're trying to make. But I don't think the point is entity fair.

    Also no being physically fit doesn't make anyone entitled to only be with someone with same fitness level as them. I understand wanting a genuinely healthy person but I never thought that going to gym makes me necessarily 'deserving' of a man with a six pack. The guy I asked out very recently is literally a couch potato, I asked him out because I truly liked the simplicity in his personality.
    • Robertcw

      yep. but, the standard for 'hot' is high enough such that your brother would need to work hard to achieve that, where as even if your muscles aren't growing, you're probably already good enough to throw on a revealing outfit and be considered at least somewhat hot.

    • CubsterShura

      I personally think most body types out there are just fine and you don't have to be super ripped to be considered hot or good-looking, or else there wouldn't be such a craze for the dad bod and I clearly remember a question here on gag with images of several body types of men and majority of women chose the average looking guy who didn't have a lot of muscle definition. A lot of guys that I personally know who are reputed as being 'hot' don't have six pack they just have cute faces.

  • KungfuCyborg
    Written by an out of shape guy whos butthurt when hot girls dont date him. You aren't the arbiter of who is on who's "level" either people are attracted to you or they aren't. Im bout to...

    Pull a Mulvaney and...

    Tell ya tooo...Building a good body is different for men and women!Get over it👍
    • Robertcw

      This is a factually untrue opinion. I am not really out of shape,

    • Robertcw

      I wrote this take because I believe the beauty standard for women is easier to achieve with less effort than the standard for men. This has nothing to do with my ability or inability to achieve that standard.

    • KungfuCyborg

      Ssuure whatever. How bout this, live in a womans body for a year then come back and make comments about what is or isn't easy for us to do. You dont know whats easy or hard for other people unless you're inside their heads.

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  • Royalsarcasist
    You’re a guy so it’s harder to explain, but women tend to hold fat more than men (especially around the tummy) because our bodies are built to have a layer protecting the uterus. So getting and staying skinny isn’t as easy as it is for men. But I do agree there is a unrealistic standard for guys as well when it comes to being jacked.
    • Fatshaper

      I actually agree with you. I thought didn't until I took a nutrition course in college but it makes sense. Women naturally have more body fat then men... hence the hips and bosom. It all boils down to diet. A healthy diet and weight training or cardio depending on the physique you want to accomplish. There's not just a single diet that works for everyone. Each diff body type requires diff macro intake and there are deferral diff diets out there that work. The more muscle you have, the faster fat is burned. That's why men can naturally lose fat a lot faster. But that's why weight training is also important. I can go on and on but I think I got my point across😂

  • MzAsh
    Who decides to deserved what? I mean I’ve been thin naturally my whole life even though I have ate to my hearts desire. Didn’t really start working out regularly but that was mostly to keep up my stamina since I started performing fire. So would that mean I only deserve a fat dude who has also not worked out or just another guy with good genes like me?
    • MzAsh

      I meant I didn’t start working out regularly until recently.

    • Robertcw

      No. I’m just making a point here. I basically just saying, don’t get it twisted.

  • NickiB
    Sorry to disagree but men because of higher testosterone build muscle easier than women and burn fat at a higher pace.

    If a man and woman have similar metabolism the man will have more definition than a woman and will find it easier to burn fat.

    Great example on avg a female can run the 400m 5 seconds slower than a man.

    Even if we train the same as a he man will develop faster and stronger naturally than a female.

    There are always exceptions but very rare.
    Some people build muscle easier than others

    That guy in the first pic doesn’t have a natural propensity toward muscle

    If I didn’t exercise but stayed slim I’d still have more muscle definition than him

    Women store fat even if they are thin they still have to work out in order to not be flabby and it is difficult to stay thin if you tend towards a higher weight

    Eating less than you need is hard it isn’t just sitting around all day. You have to Go through your day work school Etc at a high function level while being at a caloric deficit which can be exhausting and cause anxiety and depression and you still need to work out so that you are not skinny fat bc then you will be weak

    Working out a lot is hard too but at least you can eat a lot so the brain stays happy... most guys can anyhow
    • Robertcw

      It’s possible that I am underestimating the benefits of higher testosterone accelerating fat loss, this making it easier to be skinny if male. But I’m still not completely sure. Bit it’s good that you have muscle definition.

    • VIVANT

      Hmm well muscle does literally burn more than fat per equal weight but I think of course it wil depend on the guy bc some don’t build muscle well.. I’m more referring to the fact guus aren’t really requested to be skinny. So even if they have to work hard to ge muscular, they can do it on the amount of food required to maintain or increase weight.

      For many women, to be thin in An attractive sense, they are going to be on a deficit.

      It isn’t really fast or slow metabolism I’m talking about here - although you are right it makes a difference- I’m really just talking about being Amir to remain or increase weight and be attractive. It’s different than having to limit food. I don’t mean restricting French fries or cookies but even considering a healthy diet, you may still bed to eat less then a maintenance amount.

      I think people maybe think of being able to eat what you want , as having fun with food or it being boring. Whereas a person who’s natural weight that is chubby ish, is going to feel oppressed mentally and physically by remaining on a maintenance duet that Keeps them slim. Ot isn’t just not eating cake. It’s stressful physiologically.

      Of course they don’t HAVE to be slim, but we were talking about attractive norms. So I was just addressing that. The effort it takes to be on a calorie deficit And work out, is not the SAME as getting jacked but it is its OWN kind of arduous task. I wouldn’t compare them but I do know anything in life is harder if your brain is keeping strict accounts of the glucose reserve and is not happy.

      And yeah It was hell growing up tall and muscular with a “petite in every way” guardian, but I’m happy for it now. 😅

  • SomeBlondeChick
    As a woman I'm a natural mesomorph with an endomorph lean. In essence this means I'm naturally muscular but if I laze about I put on weight easily. It just doesn't show as even at my heaviest I've never looked obese. I'll admit I could lose about 30lbs now but beneath the fat is solid muscle (e. g. breaking into a sprinter's dash for 350-400 yards is not even a struggle for me).

    So I gotta disagree with this claim:
    However, due to low testosterone levels women never really build muscle mass when exercising so its easy to believe that maybe they just don’t understand how the two systems interact given they only ever really function within one of the two, typically trying to reduce body fat %

    This may apply to the average woman but there are 'exceptions to the rule' as they say. I have to be careful how I work out at the gym & how much I eat while working out otherwise I put on too much muscle.
    Fact right now I am not doing weights, simply cardio, to avoid getting too 'bulky'. Yet even now I can shoulder & other pressure (e. g. 130+lbs) as much as some guys. I won't say if I can match bench-press with guys cause, to be blunt, a bad shoulder injury means I literally can't bench (my shoulder can give = very dangerous) & yet at the gym in other weights I can surpass some guys with ease.
  • "fitnessmodel bodies can't be attained without steroids". wrong. "fitness model" is quite easily possible without steroids. of course it's still hard work and you have to really calculate your calories and your makro-nutrients while keeping a strict workout regime for at least a year i would say (if you start with a good fitness level to begin with)

    steroids only become necessary, if you really wanna get into body building and compete in the heavy weight area. because before you go there, you still work with completely natural muscle.
    mass that a human can naturally grow. the challenge is just getting down the body fat levels.
    you only need steroids if your body doesn't naturally grow enough muscle. i know not everyone is the same and there will be ectomorph cases where that may be somewhat true but well generally saying you don't need steroids to ge a fitness model.

    also another thing to consider is that the image of a "decently fit and attractive male body" is way more muscular in male heads than in female heads.

    i'd say the bottom right image comes close to that standard... can't tell you if he took steroids or not but he definitely can have that sort of body without it. i know that from personal experience. all i personally ever tried was protein shakes but i don't need them, cause i build muscle mass easily anyway.
  • TonyBologna25
    I’m sorry, but this is all factually incorrect. I was a bodybuilder in college who trained naturally for years, and with steroids for years. My physique naturally was fitness model material. I’ll post pictures if you want to see them.

    I’ve worked with dietitians, endocrinologist, and have a couple of personally training certifications with NASM being one of them. You have no idea what you’re talking about.
    • I reread the take and I don’t disagree with everything you’re saying. Truthfully I read more of the comments disagreeing with you and their points. I think what you’re forgetting is that when you build muscle mass, your body naturally leans out. If I eat a caloric surplus and workout very intensely, then my body will still lean out as muscle burns more calories and even burns calories when you’re resting. On top of this, your free and total testosterone levels will raise while estradiol lowers which contributes to a lower amount of body fat as well as a harder and fuller look. So in a sense, most men don’t really need to manage weight loss and building muscle any differently. Its sort of an all in one package for your average man. If you’re competing, that’s a different story.

      Also, women who go on crash diets often look malnourished. Their bodies don’t look that great. They’d look much better if they lifted and ate a good amount of calories.

  • VeggiePizzaDude
    I hear ya man, I had the same problems when creating my own body. Too bad I didn't read your post before I started making my body, or else I would have chosen a female instead of male one. I thought a male would be easier because there's more material to work with in and around the crypts; however, I quickly ran into problems.
    The Dead Sea Scrolls I bought off Amazon say to start with the heart--well finding a decent heart once those thieves at the morgue get at the good ones is like pulling teeth (haha). Anyway, I solved that little setback by seeing three pig hearts together, but it tends to explode every now and again. I would just change my designs to a more compact and efficient female form but I've already done all the bone setting. Oh well, thanks for the advice, hopefully I'll get my body on some chores once I figure out how to untie these tangled up nerve bundles I got for free. I'll use your guide if I ever get around to making a female body.
    • Robertcw

      'The dead sea scrolls I bought off Amazon...' 💀.

  • Felinegirl
    Actually, it takes a different amount of effort for men than for women to get a certain body type. Testosterone and estrogen play a large role in muscle mass. When a man and a women work out the same amount, he will get way more buff than she does.
    • Felinegirl

      Oh and hopping on a treadmill and running a calorie deficit is a recipe for failure. That's how to get skinnyfat/fat, sad, tired girls with bad posture. To get into shape (like the gray haired girl in your example), we need weight training and healthy food too.

      Not to mention that eating less than your appetite is extremely difficult. Eating more is too, but the good thing about strength training is it boosts your appetite.

      Furthermore, you do NOT need 1g of protein per pound to gain muscle. That amount is actually damaging to your kidneys, it's better to stay closer to 0.6 grams per pound.

      Finally, I think it's stupid to argue about who 'deserves' what kind of partner. You think you deserve a model? Good luck getting one. If they're out of your league, you simply won't succeed.
      If you think someone else doesn't deserve a hot guy, that's fine, but it's not your problem. You don't have to date them if you don't want to. Anyone else can do whatever they want. End of story.

  • eviegurl
    O and the two guys in thoes pics are different people the mussel structure is different so are the nipples no amount of work turned the left into the right and honestly I don't think women have it so easy in the sex market they have it giving almost any avarage girl can walk up to almost any single man and most not single man and say you wanna fk let's go and over 90 percent will say ok so it's kinda your fault if you think girls have it easy maybe if guys weren't so frickin easy things wouldn't be like that
    • Robertcw

      They’re the same guy. Just a before and after.

      You’d be surprised how much training can affect a male body. Take Dwight Howard for example. Here he is before an after training for the NBA: Building a good body is different for men and women.

      But about men being too easy, yeah I agree. Women gain power n the market by being selective, and because women cooperate this works. Some men are selective, but the ones who aren’t ruin everything for everyone else. These guys would have to be forcibly restrained or something to get them to stop.

    • devilman666

      @eviegurl are you slut shaming men? That is ofensive af!

    • October808

      Says the girl who claims 90% of men will say yes. Hardly, otherwise STDs would be even more widespread.

  • PinkMichae
    I'm not sure skinny women or any women think they deserve a fitness model. But some women could be attracted to one. And if he's receptive by being attracted to her because he's not hung up on her not having to put in the same effort then what's wrong with her going for it?

    Should she decline his advances because some think she's not worthy of him?

    Should women just not try to go after what they are attracted too whether it's a nerd or body builder.

    I've seen plenty of body builders with women who are overweight obviously because not every one person likes the same thing or is attracted to the same thing.

    So I wouldn't limit myself because some believe I don't deserve a man with a rockin bod.
    • Robertcw

      Don’t disagree. But I’m loving the responses to this take.

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    That's an enlightening clarification you provided. Many people can learn from & appreciate this.
  • Wolframium
    Yes, it is obvious to me. And it should be to anyone.
    Even if you forget about societal norms and shit, the biology is different.
    Equality should be in face of law
  • devilman666
    Those two girls look much more toned than the guy. Even if body fat percentage is around the same, I think those girls do more exercise because their stomachs look more toned.
  • Phoenix98
    Your right on some stuff and wrong on others.

    The biggest factors though when building your ideal body is genetics, body makeup and metabolism. Those 3 things will pretty much determine what you can and can't do in regards to aesthetics, what looks good and what does not look good and how much muscle you'll be able to build without looking odd.
  • DylanJJ
    Yooo that shits so true and I can say for a fact its hard af to attain and keep a six pack, I had one for a few months but it was really only to try and impress girls while I was canoeing during but I kinda gave up on maintaining it cuz its so much extra work and I had 2 eat so healthy and expensive but idek how much harder or easier it is for a girl 2 maintain that stuff
  • producer
    With this mytake, can you tell me the female equivalence of my body?

    People would say I look good buff, but I wanna know how I'd look as a female, currently right now, body wise
  • happyhedgehog
    It actually is very difficult for a lot of girls to maintain such a slim figure. Just because a guy can by being lazy doesn't mean a girl can, we have different bodies. Women naturally carry more fat; men naturally carry more muscle. Have you ever wondered why some guys can eat so much and still stay skinny? It's NOT the same for most girls. Most of us cannot do that without also working out a crazy amount. I work out over six hours a week by dancing, but I don't gain muscle. I still look soft. I've also struggled with eating disorders for years and never looked stick thin. So how can you sit there and point a finger at girls telling them they have it easy when you don't know what it's like to be a girl?
    • It's also not just 'being skinny.' Girls want to lose fat with also carrying fat in places like butt and boobs. Imagine how hard that is, it's impossible.

    • Optymistyk

      First off, dancing is not working out and it will never build you any muscle. Have you ever seen a muscular guy who takes dancing classes instead of lifting? No. To get that muscular body you have to constantly lift crushing weights. Like 220 pounds chest press I currently do

      Secondly you can't just decide where you loose fat and where you don't. You burn fat equally from all body parts. The girls with nice butts go to the gym and squat like guys do. With heavy weights.

      Thirdly yes, women naturally carry more fat... In comparison to muscle! You literalry have it just as easy to stay skinny as guys, you just won't have as much muscle unless you workout more. Sorry but there's 0 excuses to be fat

      The fact that you can mostly get away with being obese and weak as a woman goes to show how easy it is for women in the sex market

    • Dancing is working out. I have seen men get muscular from it and also women, just not as muscular as men. you don't have to bench press to gain muscle.
      And that was my point, you don't choose where your fat goes unless you get surgery. If you have to do squats to get a nice but then how is that not working out just like men? It's just as hard if not harder for a woman to maintain a nice body.
      Girls are also just weaker naturally, we can't help that unless we work out an insane amount. Which is ridiculous to expect from women because we look better slim and we'd have to work out more anyway to look like a man.
      Also we weren't really talking about obesity or the sex market, I don't know where you got that from.

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  • Wowgirl30q
    I'm in the gym 15 hours a week and am built athletic. In MMA being the only girl I have to be strong like a guy. I'm built better muscular then most guys so I disagree
  • roflgun
    Girls need to build muscle too. It’s not just about starving yourself skinny anymore - they have to have curves, a butt etc. All of that takes effort.
  • EleanorRigby
    Men naturally have more muscle than women and they build up muscle easier due to testosterone.
    Not to even mention individual differences among people.
  • tiajoka
    I don't mind skinny with chubs guys. Honestly I wish my boyfriend would gain some weight, he's all muscle and skin and way too small because of it. I'd rather a guy with a little fat then anything else.
  • AynonOMouse
    Building and maintaining muscle mass takes MUCH more work than just being slim. It is a biological fact.
  • cavmanier
    Those girls also have to be born with certain frames. Not all girls will look like them naturally.
  • Babygirl_S
    The only effort required to get a hot girl is to have a nice job, treat her right and be healthy. Just because women like abs and muscles on guys doesn't mean we reject slightly chubby or skinny guys. It is very different in case of men though. I have seen girls getting rejected for their appearance ALONE while looking for a potential husband. In case of women, we don't reject guys because they don't have a body like a model. So even if it's harder for guys to get that body, it is not absolutely necessary for them to do that (unlike girls). We all know guys put a woman's appearance above all her other qualities and everything is a total waste if you don't look like an actress or model 💁🏻‍♀️
  • leahzrc
    I'm pretty muscular if I were a guy I'd have hella guns
  • HomoFuge
    Those girls in that picture do not actually have the much desired female body that men and women want. In today's world, women want the big butt/curvaceous bodies. Those girls are just sticks tbh and many men/women do not find that attractive.

    It is true that women have a lower testosterone level to men so they will never be able to gain as much muscle as men naturally. However, it is an exaggeration to say that women 'never really build muscle mass' when exercising. A consistent and efficient strength training program will cause everyone to gain some level of muscle mass.
    • Robertcw

      Fuck 'today's world.' I like skinny girls and athletic girls. I am not a fan of the Kim Kardashian look. Her implants look so stupid.

  • Daniel3035
    When you want to build muscle mass you need to break muscle down so when you do that the calorie surplus isn't really because those extra calories are put into reparing muscle over adding it to fat.
  • archiz
    Assuming what the other sexe goes through and rating it is called hypocrisy.
    I am sry do you get your period? Do you get pregnant? Do you find it harder to build muscle mass due to lack of estrogen? I don't think so...
    And for your records skinny fat only lools good when you are a teen. It all gets flabby as you get older and you need to train.
    Moreover, your definition of aesthetic and what is assumed as hot differs from a person to another. Not everyone considers skinny fat as ideal. Also not every skinny fat girl believes she deserves a body builder or even want one.
    I hate when people generalize, and in your case it showcases your own insecurity and bitterness. Sry to be harsh but you asked for it.
    • archiz

      Lack of testosterone ****

  • John_Doesnt
    I say screw it all to my own fitness. I'd rather pay the money for plastic surgery to have lipo suction and fake muscle implants.
    • Robertcw

      wtf man. no. Exercise is good for your health first and foremost.

    • John_Doesnt

      I couldn't give a crap about my health. I just wanna look good.

    • Robertcw

      Sorry man but that's the dumbest fucking thing I've heard. Health and good looks are the same thing.

      Maxing out health is a way to look good regardless of race or characteristics you were born with. I don't mean pass your ordinary physical exam healthy, I mean max out your health by training and eating like a professional athlete.

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  • Creepazoid
    Dude. I hope that photo didn't belong to another gag members. Messed up if it is and you didn't get permission for such use of photo
    • Robertcw

      I suppose that’s true. I did use a photo from an anon question. I have no idea who it is but I thought it was perfect for this take.

    • October808

      Anon postings are fair game. A lot of them are catfish anyway.

  • Games_
    Is this honestly the male equivalent? Maybe you should make some sort of mytake with images of some sort
  • Zap69777
    Men and Women want to look good. It's not just for the women, men like to go to the gym and stay fit.
  • Syrian_survivor
    You can burn weight while also building muscle, and the results are much more worth it, don't make this too hard.
  • askm4anything
    Yes but what were uh ou eating till your hearts desire. I'm naturally athletically build with if I had to guess less than 5% body fat. I dont work out. i should and I am starting tonight b4 midnight
  • lucas262
    Truth be told I will be skinnier i don't feel the need to get super pumped and have a 6 pack etc etc im too lazy for that I just want to be healthy.
  • October808
    So NO hot girl deserves a hot bodied guy because Hot guys are way out of their league? Heh.
  • kim45456
    I thought men dont like women with many muscles. And a man with same fat percentage like a woman is overweight. Women have higher fat percentage than men and because of Testosteron they have it easier to build muscles. Your question is kinda irritating. I mean would you find a girl attractive with same amount of bodyhair as man? And how many guys with six backs, you know? Women dont reject you because of that, otherwise you would not be born hahaBuilding a good body is different for men and women!Building a good body is different for men and women!
  • glutendan
    Women dont care about fairness anyway. I've heard obese women say they deserve a ripped guy.
  • MrBulldops
    I think most of the women responding are bringing up false equivalencies. There are girls who look like the skinny girls that just occur naturally. There is no guy who's just going to be ripped without having been in the gym. All the male models and super hero actors, women don't realize that looking like that is very hard. For example, guys like Chris Hemsworth when he's Thor, or Channing Tatum in magic mike, that looks is pretty much impossible to maintain consistently where you have skinny girls walking around with minimal effort. I'll attach a picture of Hugh Jackman as wolverine. What women don't realize is to get that vascular look that they love so much, he had to be dehydrated for 1 1/2 days. You die from dehydration after 3 days so he was literally half way to death for this photo. Building a good body is different for men and women!
  • markkick
    I'm at 12% body fat at age 57, it's harder as you age but can be done
  • wesdev
    Makes sense..
  • Sunshine_1985
    It’s all a matter of perspective and opinion
  • themaker39
    gh15 is that you?
  • blondfrog
    True life is not fair.
  • shannoncoco
    Wait… who said those girls were hot or skinny?
  • 92762
    Not even in the same ballpark
  • Anonymous
    @Robertcw - Fitness model bodies actually can’t be attained without steroids < Learn something about physical fitness as this is *so* wrong it's not even funny.

    Steroids merely accelerates the process of gaining muscle. It's all in all a cheap quick fix for lazy people that don't want to put in the hard work & don't care of the health risks.

    Farmers or construction workers, as example, can be extremely physically strong due to hard labour jobs but they don't have to or need to touch steroids to get that way. My uncle hasn't gone to a gym in 40 years but as a kid he had very demanding jobs - he used to smash rocks (not pebbles, granite & other rocks) with a steel rod laying fence - never touched steroids yet at 68 he can still pick up & body slam a 6'0" over 220lb purse snatcher like *you* would pick up a sack of potatoes.

    When I was in the military I went to the gym 3 hours a day 4 days a week doing everything from cardio to weights & didn't stop except washrooms & water. The average gym goer goes a meager 1 hour & typically does one or two things in comparison. There's a reason why even today, a decade after the last time I went to the gym, I can still do 350 lb leg presses for 30 reps and I never used or even considered steroids. The reason is sheer packed on muscle from months - no years - of working out (calf muscles alone are like rocks).

    So no one doesn't need steroids. Like said - cheap fix for lazy people.
    • Robertcw

      I don't think that is right at all. Every person has a natural limit. The limit determines maximum muscle size and definition and is determined by genetics.

      The limit is a testosterone limit. We all have a testosterone budget which governs muscle size for natty fitness enthusiasts who do not take steroids.

      Steroids are artificial testosterone supplements which increase testosterone levels beyond a person's natural limit, thereby allowing a person to grow muscles larger than they previously could. In theory, as long as someone continues taking steroids there is no limit because they can continue raising and raising levels. But this can be dangerous.

      Many body builders have died from over using steroids because their muscles have ruptured or their hearts' fail.

    • “ Steroids merely accelerates the process of gaining muscle. It's all in all a cheap quick fix for lazy people that don't want to put in the hard work & don't care of the health risks. ”

      Steroids push your genetic ceiling of what’s possible to a higher level. I trained naturally for 5 years, and I couldn’t reach any higher level of body mass no matter how hard I trained or how much I ate. I was training 3-4 hours a day and ate perfectly and still didn’t grow past a certain point. I looked amazing naturally, but the world of bodybuilding pushes you further. I got on my first cycle of steroids, and trained/ ate the same amount. I gained 23 lbs of muscle in 12 weeks. My natural body couldn’t respond to my training anymore. Steroids allowed my body to respond to my training without reaching a genetic cap. Steroids also do a lot more than that even. There are so many different types that you could look into. I could get into the endocrinology behind it, but I rather just explain my point using me as an example. Training as much as I did and still pulling the grades in college, I was no wear near lazy. Just a different perspective that you could look it from.

    • Anonymous

      @TonyBologna25 Natural mesomorphs don't need steroids. Like said, cheap fix for lazy people. Five years of training is nothing kiddo.

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