A more mature Take on men's fitness.


When I was younger I used to be into this sort of look:

A more mature Take on mens fitness.

I especially liked it when my shoulders started making my head look smaller.

But nowadays, after working at an Amazon warehouse, I realize that body isn't practical or sustainable for a working joe.

Nowadays I'm much more impressed by this sort of body (on the right):

A more mature Take on mens fitness.

Because it's all in proportion (which is easy to mess up if you don't know what you're doing, so I know he knows what he's doing) and it's a lot more sustainable because there is less muscle mass in favor of proportionality. It's also a lot more practical to maintain, and it can be achieved through a combination of bodyweight exercises and heavy weights.

So yeah, I guess that's just my more mature outlook on male fitness nowadays.

I'm not actually sure the bigger guy really even looks more aesthetic than the smaller proportional guy really. Either that or I'm just getting old. 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

A more mature Take on men's fitness.
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  • rayjinazn
    So back in my days in the Army, I was the talk of the town for good and for bad. Bad because I'm Asian. Standing 5'5. I didn't take any special powders or protein. All food and water. I guess I was like the guy in the photo on the right more or less. A little meatier. Or comparable to Tony Jaa. My black friend called me meat head I guess I could bust more reps than he did. smaller than the average soldier at 5'8. But anywho, i hadn't got my citizenship at the time. I was a refugee running from annihilation or genocide so my green card stated im a permanent resident alien. I recall an African guy in my company being a refugee also but he came to the states probably almost at the end of the 90s and his stated green card or permanent resident. So long story short. 6'0 almost dolph lundgren from Tennessee thought it was funny to call me alien here and there. I'm like. Ya whatever. If I respond to his stupidity with aggression more problems will stir. Anywho my white buddy who was like gump couldn't stand it any longer so he got in mr
    Lundgrens face making scene. wasn't a good day for mr. Lundgren too so somewhere along the lines he said I'm too wuss I let stick like Gump speak for me. I didn't have much to say other than responding, "no. I speak for myself. But were all brothers in arm so I dont see the reason to keep up with ur charade when one of these days I might just think twice before saving ur ass at the sandbox if something were to happen given your height and you do things head first (pun intended cuz he got caught with another female soldier doing the nasty). And so like I mentioned, doing things head first, came at me bent over with a tackle. However with my size I was more agile. Gripped his arm before he could touch me and swung pretty hard making it on top of his back and did the notorious rear naked choke on him. I wasn't trying to kill or hurt him. Just enough pressure with my thumb pressed on a pressure point near his collar bone. wasn't long before he tapped. Couldnt tell if he was hot, angry or embarrassed. Or normal cuz once in a while his face would turn red. But looked at me with determined respect I guess cuz he had his hand out for a handshake. Lol. Spared him the embarrassment so I bluffed to the rest of the crowd "good sparring with you." I'm sure he didn't mean it but sometimes we get carried away when we're having too much fun. Lol. That's the good part of me being the talk of the town. Morale of the story, size big or small, it doesn't matter. All depends on how you use it and if you can perform. Reason I'm saying is because even though I may have been able to put him to sleep easily, there was a half korean guy slightly taller than me who's body wasn't as refined as mine, anyways, korean got them popeye arms that could probably crush testes with his fingers cuz he knocked me flat with a few swings of his hammer strength punches.
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  • Dongtai
    Why knock one way or the other? To each their own. Whatever works for you, works for you. It’s not necessarily more mature. It’s just what works for you.

    I don’t think there’s any shame or immaturity in a guy wanting to be lean or buff. I’m pushing for more bulk. Right now I’m like what you said was the more mature outlook. But for me, I’m not satisfied and I want to push myself to my ideal look.

    There’s no shame in having a goal or vision. It’s all about how you go about it and how it fits with your lifestyle.
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    • Robertcw

      I agree with you, but it all depends on how active your job is and whether or not you can afford to eat whatever you want.

      If you have a very active job and you're strapped for cash that's a bad combo because ultimately you'll be fighting off losing weight more than anything trying to stretch calories.

    • Robertcw

      Less active jobs that pay more are ideal. Then you have complete control over your body.

      In that circumstance, yeah do whatever you want. But that's not the reality of the working class.

    • Dongtai

      I work five-six days a week, go to school for days a week. I gym 4-5 times a week and my calorie intake is 3300+ a day.

      It really just depends on your schedule and what you’re willing to sacrifice I regards to time. I go to the gym either after work or after school depending on the day.

      I work nights during the week and go to school during the day. I’m usually at the gym between 8-9. An hour a day is all you really need. On the weekends it’s easier because i get nights off so I make it before 7.

      But also my gym is open 24/5. So if need be. I’ll end up going later and just sleep a couple of hours less. There’s no one way method. Where there’s a will there’s a way.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • HayleyMarie
    I don’t like too much muscle on men. Like to each their own, it takes a lot of work to build that much muscle so good on them.
    For me, some muscle is good. But when the shoulder muscles are so large that it looks like a smaller man coming out of the body of a larger man, not as attractive in my opinion.
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    • rayjinazn

      Lol... that's why you tell your man to dont skip leg day by going with him. Take turns on the leg machine and let him watch u work ur sexy legs to give him some motivation to work on his leg muscles, and then some. Lol.

  • DizzyDesii
    I get it. I like this for a guy since he has no abs and nice chest/arms that are toned but dont bulge... and i want the girls body for myself someday cause its toned but not abby/masculineA more mature Take on men's fitness.A more mature Take on men's fitness.
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    • Twenty2

      Is that guy perfect for you?

    • DizzyDesii

      @Twenty2 like 9.5/10 because his neck thingies on the side are a bit too big

    • rayjinazn

      Going a bit off topic here, but guys with broad shoulder like that are guys who can man handle you with his arm and fuck your brains out without any kind of support behind you. Had a buddy who's body wasn't dreamy compared to Capt america or thor. But them shoulders gave him ridiculous back strength to hold his girl up. Lol. I didn't see them fuck but going to the baggage area and being a tennis/ track girl that could out do you in a football tackle thatll make u shit your pants, jumped up to him and he just held he like a statue. But yea, I'm sure if men like him wanted to, they could perform better standing up giving 2 if not 3 orgasms. Lol

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  • Tru-陳
    I agree. I can also safely say the majority of women would prefer the smaller toned guy over the very muscular one.
  • Screenwriter
    The bigger guy looks like he's going for an "Arnold" trophy. That's not a natural look, or, as you say, a practically maintained look.
  • Somethingwittty
    I prefer to just stay in healthy and keep my abs. I would be sad if I lost those.
    • Robertcw

      And bulking up often results in loss of abs due to calorie surplus.

    • Yep. Why I watch what I eat and make sure to not lose my physique.

  • englisc
    Very true. The fitness industry is based on lies by fake nattys mainly.
  • NerdInDenial
    Either way, it's very impressive how some people are that disciplined to keep in shape.
  • AntiHunger
    The proportioned body does look better on guys most of the time
  • kim45456
    To much muscular looks to me not natural and not healthy
  • October808
    Stage right or stage left?
  • jwsstein
  • ImpatiensSultani
    Good mytake