Conquering Physical Insecurities


Some of you might laugh but yes, I am 16 and I struggle with my body image. No, I'm not overweight, underweight, or chubby but normal. Just an average athletic teenage girl who struggles with how she views herself. You might think of this as a joke but it's true. Yes have your fun and laugh at how a 16-year-old teenager knows nothing about the world but just sit tight and read my story. You might just enjoy it.

Conquering Physical Insecurities

To be honest, my negative perspective about myself did not result from the images that the media portrays but from the unwanted observations which my father threw at me. He told me I needed to lose weight, even though I was average weight for my age. He said that I needed to exercise more, even though I played soccer and ran 4 to 6 days a week. He told me that I was eating too much, but only because I used food as a comfort and retreat from his accusatory opinions. I began to despise my body: my thick, muscular thighs and heavy-set chest were now unwanted growths that made me too big and bulky, or so I thought.

Conquering Physical Insecurities

Today, people will tell me that I'm "thicc" and they wish they were like me, but little do they know how long it took me to finally come to fruition with how I look.

I used to be jealous of all the thin, pretty girls who ruled the school and who would have all the boys throwing themselves at their feet. I wanted to look, act and be them. I wanted to feel accepted and admired because I had always felt that boys looked at me in disgust, whispering and laughing about how I looked. These insecurities eventually got worse with my injury.

Conquering Physical Insecurities

The spring before high school, I fractured my ankle and could not do anything. Since I was accustomed to playing soccer multiple days a week, I was not used to the sudden drop in activity, leaving my uncontrolled eating habits to continue. Over 3 months with no running, I gained more fat and lost most of my muscle. When I began running again, I felt the eyes and judgment of everyone around me as I faced the road to recovery. It did not help when people who I had not seen in at least 4 months would comment on how much I've grown and how big I've gotten— and not in a good way. This caused me to feel more self-consciousness about the way I looked. It made me feel lost and ashamed in my skin that never should have belonged to me.

To combat my fears, I continued to exercise daily and looked at each challenge with the notion that it will help me slim down once and for all. Even though it has never felt instantaneous, I have reached a point where I can compare how I was 2 years ago and now and feel so much better. I feel more light, more free, and even more confident in every step I take. I used to be jealous of others but now I feel honored to be the way I am.

Recently, a question was asked, "How do I deal with my physical insecurities?" It has taken me a long time and a lot of realization for me to cope with how I was made and how I look. Above I mentioned that I relied on exercise; however, I also accomplished this with the work of limiting my food intake. I followed the Keto diet for a few months to stop my cravings of carbs and sugar(which did help) but now I make sure that I am eating less and more balanced. Another way I conquered my insecurities mentally and emotionally was through changing my mindset. What has helped me in the past was focusing on what I can do to achieve what I want to look like. Once I established the steps to success, I would ask myself how I can change my perspective and habits so I can continue on this path.

Every question that comes on G@G mentioning "thicc girls" makes me feel so much better in my skin because it makes me realize that people are in awe of how I look, not disgusted, so why should I judge myself? I need to stand tall and not feel afraid to show off a little bit.

Conquering Physical Insecurities

Today, I put on a tighter dress thinking it was going to be way too small but instead I was amazed at how well it hugged my curves and made me stand out like never before. It has taken me a great deal of time and appreciation but I am finally thankful for my body; this hourglass shape was specially made to suit me.

Even though I may still struggle with how I view myself, I continue to progress and feel so much more confident in how I look and treat myself. Thank you for reading and thank you G@G community for inspiring me to embrace every curve.

Conquering Physical Insecurities
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  • igiem
    I can definitely sort of relate. My sister has just gotten out of the hospital because she thought she was to overweight and started starving herself. Personally, I find it saddening to watch a family member go through that sort of thing. I do not know why your father would be such a 💩 about how you look.

    There is nothing wrong with how you look and it is important to recognize that. Just show yourself some love and realize that when people are saying bad things, they are probably just jealous or downright stupid. Just be you and celebrate that 🥳😄
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Athena098
    I say do stuff build up your confidence though lot time lack starts in the home i believe.
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  • wynn-ing
    I'm happy that you're embracing yourself now! I'm glad it didn't take longer. I'm still working on it haha
    But your dad has a very flawed perception of what healthy looks like. A couple of other people had pointed this out and you seem to be defending him more than critically analysing that he literally threw the never ending boomerang of your physical insecurities.
    I guess that doesn't matter anymore though because you're unstoppable. But just to say.
  • Thequiet21man
    Sometimes people call me fat and ugly but honestly I don't give a shit what they think. I am kinda insecure about my body but, I am slowly forgetting about it because I accept how I look. that's just how I am. Haters can either except it or fuck off. There are assholes who will say rude things to make you feel horrible about your appearance. I'm proud of how I look. if I were you I wouldn't care what people think.
  • Dav1ss
    I'd say your really brave for putting yourself out there like this like I know I wouldn't your a great person and it happens like people often feel insecure and you don't need to be any different
  • Gedaria
    Your story is very much like mine was at the same age. I had the added problem of being the wrong gender.
    But fitting in I tried it never seem to work with the guys felt more at home with the girls, not sexually, I could communicate better with them.
    My reply when someone looks down on your body. Just reply this is my new look not sure I like , what do you think..
  • Guest25
    Perfection is irrelevant. Each and every human being is not perfect. We all have flaws. If your dad wants perfection, he is kind of messed up. There are better ways to try and tell someone you love you are concerned about their looks or health.
    • sparke328

      I think he is/was trying to give unsolicited advice to me. He's really not good at encouraging people either. Yeah he needs help. he wants everything a particular way which is pretty annoying. Otherwise he's a great dad.

  • Luiiiiiii
    An insecurity is basically when you compare one part of your body to someone else's. But maybe they're insecure a bit another part of their body that they have "worse" than you. So no need to be insecure
  • Manuel2
    Sadly this is common amongst the young.
    I have dealt with the aftermath many times
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good take
  • newblinds
    Your dad sounds kinda messed up
    • sparke328

      no he's not really. He wants everything be pristine and perfect and doesn't know how communicate properly. He cares but he wants everything a certain way. He is an interesting fellow lol

    • newblinds

      Ok I understand he wants everything perfect and pristine, it sounds difficult for you because you mentioned that your negative perception of your body came from him.

      Since you say you like it when people say they like thicc girls, I will say that I like thicc girls.

      Your picture on the profile doesn't look overly thicc, since I checked to see what you were describing from your post.

    • sparke328

      umm lol that's a photo I took of my friends sorry; it's not me

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  • AntiHunger
    I’m Taking notes 🤓 📝
  • Anonymous
    I'm not insecure cause my boobs are big