Curvy is not a word exclusively for 'bigger' women, it's for CURVY women which can also be skinny women.


I have no issue with women who carry more weight, same with men who carry more. As it's often not life-threatening and isn't in excess but when we are talking health-endangering and such then curvy need to be re-defined to what it used to be. A word for women with a shapely figure not a word for women who overeat to excess.

Examples of small women being curvy:

An Asian (Asians are generally 'smaller') being curvy:

The dress obviously emphasises, but its clear to me she has an hourglass figure even if it is a small one.
The dress obviously emphasises, but it's clear to me she has an hourglass figure even if it is a small one.
Beyonce, another slender woman with curves.
Beyonce, another slender woman with curves.

Also, a point to be noted, curves do not come from eating more, people who like bigger often like to say this. It's down to bone structure, genetics and which workouts you choose. If you choose thigh and butt workouts, with workouts that train your obliques then you can achieve a 'curvy' figure and slim down your waist while making your thighs and bottom bigger.

Now onto the bigger women, that are also curvy but not overweight and what I would say is still the definition of 'curvy'

Curvy is not a word exclusively for bigger women, its for CURVY women which can also be skinny women.
Curvy is not a word exclusively for bigger women, its for CURVY women which can also be skinny women.
Its okay to have extra, these women are still curvy and not because of their extra weight.
It's okay to have extra, these women are still 'curvy' and not because of their extra weight.

Those above are curvy women. Curvy is for CURVES not for women who are extremely overweight and risking their health. Stop twisting words so they fit your false reality.

This is NOT curvy:

I personally dont see a super defined waist or significant
I personally don't see a super defined waist or significant
Curvy is not a word exclusively for bigger women, its for CURVY women which can also be skinny women.

I'm not attacking men who like bigger women, even if you wanted a woman who was 36 stone. For all, I care that is your choice, may I also point out I do not hate people who choose this lifestyle to be overweight nor do I look on in disgust. What I am tired of is words being redefined to fit snowflakes fake realities, often these realities push out the idea of smaller women being able to be curvy and just pushing out smaller women in general. A lot of Asian women are COMPLETELY flat and square but when they get called names no one seems to give a fuck, but when you call a woman who overfeeds herself and is self-inflicting, 'fat' you better run.

Curvy is not a word exclusively for 'bigger' women, it's for CURVY women which can also be skinny women.
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  • Thatsamazing
    "Curvy" has been usurped to mean fat. As such, it's a worthless term now.
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  • GraveDoll
    hats off you did a great job on this one!!
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  • Massageman
    Your pix do a fine job of illustrating your points. Thank you for NOT including a "morbidly obese" gal. (That would be your 36 stone- about 500 pound- individual.)
    When I hear the word "curvy", I AM expecting to see a definite difference in waist/hip sizes, the hourglass! Your "curvy" gals might be a few pounds overweight (according to actuarial statistics), but their shape is still HWP and pleasing.
    • Massageman

      I forgot to mention this little observation in the first picture, woman in red.
      The shadow of the purse's gusset EXACTLY matches the silhouette of the model's right hip! just sayin' - - - - -

  • Phoenix98
    Curvy refers to women with bigger breasts, bigger asses and wider hips which give their bodies a more curvaceous figure. Weight has nothing to do with it.

    Curvy being used to refer to overweight and obese women weight wise is actually a fairly recent phenomenon. And was done mostly so that they wouldn't feel bad about themselves when referring to themselves or being refereed to by others.

    So the examples you showed are actually correct in what curvy is and isn't.
  • DorkVader
    Interesting myTake and you're right to an extent. However, as it's allegedly more desirable to be thin, the hit to a thin person's ego is lesser than that to a fat person's. Y'all get accepted all day long, but you get one insult and you're fried like an egg. Say for instance a woman of any size gets into an argument. The first thing a woman gets called is a fat bitch REGARDLESS of her size. Fat is seen as inherently insulting, so rebranding words to encourage fat people to feel good about themselves is fine. It's why we do it. Thin women are just gonna have to suck it up. Learn to fight back like big girls have.
    • xKaytie

      ' However, as it's allegedly more desirable to be thin, the hit to a thin person's ego is lesser than that to a fat person's.'

      That is the most bullshit thing to be said on this mytake so far, Thin or fat it does NOT MATTER insulting someone is still insulting, and just because a girls thin does not mean she can take it more or it won't hurt her ego as much as a big woman. That all depends on the persons personality and how strong and confident they are.

      ' rebranding words to encourage fat people to feel good about themselves is fine. '

      That is not fine, when you're so FAT you're unhealthy and we should not be making it 'normal' it's absolutely fine to be overweight but to the point you're risking your health is bullshit and should never be 'fine.' "I'm fine and im fat" Wait until a few years when your joints are giving up, my granddad wasn't even obese just more overweight than usual but he was told to lose weight for his joints.

      It is never fine to rebrand things to sugarcoat SERIOUS issues, like childhood obesity rates are climbing which means these children deal with self hate, discrimination from others and early health issues and low self esteem which shapes who they are when they're older. I'd much rather raise a happy and healthy child, it's almost impossible to be so overweight and happy unless you're so ignorant to all the true facts.

      It's so disrespectful to say thin people can take it on the chin vs fat people can't.

    • DorkVader

      Meanwhile, the world is full of thin people dying from eating disorders and drug addictions no one knows about because nobody be in skinny people's business. You're not gonna argue with me that its healthier to be thin. Healthy is healthy, period.

      You're right, it's shitty to insult anyone of any size, but targeting fat people, who are always already targeted against gains you what? Nothing. If you ACTUALLY CARED about the health or well-being of fat people, you'd post weight-loss tips, not a bitch session of how unfair it is fat people get to be confident while thin people don't have anyone sticking up for them. Fix that.

    • DorkVader

      For accuracy's sake, the term "curvy" is an industry term meaning your hips are wider than your waist. All the women pictured meet this criteria, regardless of how attractive you personally think they are.

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  • Sensmind
    Well said - There is a dangerous precedent be set to excuse unhealthy attitudes, there would be uproar if we were blase about being dangerously underweight Curvy is not a word exclusively for 'bigger' women, it's for CURVY women which can also be skinny women.
  • Reaperbot666
    I believe curvy can be described in one of 3 main ways.

    Slim build curvy.

    Average build curvy.

    Plus size build curvy.

    To where the bust or butt/hips flare outward farther then the belly/stomach.
  • Chloeeemolieee
    When people call me curvy I take it as fat. If we want to change the narrative we need to stop calling overweight woman the same thing. Curvy and overweight are not the same thing.
  • olderbutnotwiser
    Curvy can be applied to any woman or man that has curves... And that includes overweight people.

    Infact an overweight person would be even more curvy than an average person as they would have curves in places that isn't seen on average or skinnier people.

    It's just a word and it doesn't hurt anyone so I'm cool with it.. if these people are overweight I'm sure they already know this regardless of people buttering them up with a cutesy term or straight out falling them overweight.
  • pajamasam
    I do agree that curvy has become a more and more flexible definition. And it is worth defining.

    The girl in the 3red and 4th picture is SMOKING hot I've seen her pic on here before what is her name? If she's in movies or something I'm gonna have to watch it.
  • akihon
    Can't argue your points here, you aren't being abusive nor attacking anybody apart from snowflakes who themselves need a sever reality check so yeah.
  • cute_short_nerd
    I am a short girl and I have a wide structer, not to be confused with being fat because if I turn to the side and you get the side view it makes sense, but me personally I stoped growing two yars ago. My curves are perportional to my weight and height but I weigh more than I look like. Is that bad? I am a rather musculerish girl so I would hope it would have more to do with muscle.
  • berserk945
    I 100% agree, they keep stretching what curvy means so then fat girls feeling don't get hurt. Which then removes the motivation to be healthy.
  • Robertcw
    The difference between these girls is muscle mass and bone frame. That's it.
  • ChronicThinker
    Curvy is a shape, not a size. All a curve is, is a continuously bending line.
  • Smegskull
    Asexual means an organism that can reproduce on it's own.
    Woman means someone born with an XX chromosome...
    Progressive types trying to redefine language to push their ideas through without proper scrutiny isn't new.
  • damsel_blueday
    This is curvy to me... i dnt know about you... by the way thats an indian actress i u hve to knowCurvy is not a word exclusively for 'bigger' women, it's for CURVY women which can also be skinny women.
    • xKaytie

      She is beautiful but I don’t see a significant curvy figure like small waist and hip ratio etc.

    • She is curvy.. maybe that pic doesn't do justice... u can check her out... she is parineeti chopra

    • Plus everyones defination about curvy is different

  • DWornock
    That is true. Curvy should mean an hourglass figure but the meaning has be perverted to mean fat.
  • lovedejj_xo
    I am curvy I’m not big so yes I agree tired of it literally being for pretty much bbw
  • Bikerboy123456
    I think girls with small breasts are the cutest and the sexiest
    • I love a girl who's has sweet small breasts and a slim form.. having a girl with false enlargement is not sexy or attractive. being natural and small is very sensual and a true is true beauty

  • dmgstarfleet
    This is a dating site thing. You are absolutely correct that curvy is not supposed to be a euphemism for fat. However, heavy women usurped the term because it sounds better than "a few extra pounds" or "overweight". It is as deceptive as when they post old photographs when they were younger and not "curvy" (fat). (Another dead giveaway is head shots only-they are hiding something). These techniques are not effective as the truth comes out when you meet up for the first time. So, yeah, fat girls stole the term. "Hourglass" might be a better term now to describe a girl with a curvy body (not fat).
    CURVY... common term that... FAT CHICKS... Wanna make themselves feel good
  • bebecitaaa
    FINALLY SOMEONE SAID IT! Its gotten to the point that clothe shopping is deceptive. Its hard to find clothes (jeans mostly) that are for actually curvy girls like myself because if it fits my waist it too small for my hips, butt, and legs. if it fits all of that then my waist will be too big and my pants are gonna fall off. If i wear a belt its usually uncomfortable and the waist line bunches up.

    Aside from that, any time I describe myself as curvy people look at me and say "what are you talking about, you're skinny." and I know I am AT MY WAIST because I take care of myself. you're right its a huge lie that people have told themselves and other for the sake of saving people feelings.
  • Kinogo
    I don't know I think of curvy as a person who has a lot of shape? even when tehy're skinny?
    Thicc for people who are voluptuous.
  • jasminekasking
    People need to stop calling fat people thick or ''curvy''.
  • MM442
    You are exactly right curvy women are thin & narrow in the waist. Not overweight women.
  • Dchrls78104
    So what do you expect when you turn on the light and everyone else in the room wants to sleep?
  • Zoi02
    Don’t forget airplane I’m a skinny girl been stuck in middle of two overweight people.
  • open4funn
    I personally think that a curvy woman is extremely attractive.
  • Dinoproso
    I agree all tho i think its a bit offensive to call women curvy
  • DeeDeeDeVour

    I agree.

  • ItsTheNephilim
    Finally! Well done!
  • Browneye57
  • iFarted
    Curvy is ) . (
    Not ( . )

  • Shamalien
    somebody had to say it
    • Anyone with eyes and a brain says it all the time.

    • Shamalien

      @Thatsamazing lol no man we think it all the time but we don’t say it.

    • I suppose. Maybe we should.

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  • MackToday
    When I hear "curvy" I know they mean lard ass.
  • AshleyMariaWinter
    I totally agree!
  • mrkdvsn
    Totally agree with your definition of "curvy"
  • CT_CD
    I agree
  • manmeat
    there all sexy but Beyonce is not curvy
  • thanks for clearing it out
  • msc545
    Curvy = fat on dating sites.
  • OfDeath
    Agree to agree
  • Xtownsen
    I agree with everything you said
  • Gedaria
    True. But we all know what it means...
  • Gregory_flint
    Not my proudest wank
  • BasicBad
    Lizzo is a hambeast
  • SecretGardenBlood65
    Good mytake.
  • Anonymous
    Curvy when men use it means a female with hip bones a small waist and bigger chest area (so the hour glass) but the term has been hijacked by the "obesity is sexy" movement to refer to fat women. Which is about as close to "curvy" as chunky spoiled milk is to cream.
  • Anonymous
    Can you show us your curves?
  • Anonymous
    Kelly Brook is a GREAT example of properly curvy!