Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A side effect of PTSD (some of us were ACTUALLY diagnosed by a psychiatrist) is irritability. I encourage people to educate themselves on it more. No, it isn’t only Veterans who can be diagnosed by a psychiatrist -And we can’t help it.

PTSD is an anxiety oriented disorder in the DSM 5 that stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Symptoms include flashbacks, decreased cognitive abilities, hostility, irritability, mood swings, aggression and startled reflexes.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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  • notatrap
    Yeah I have been diagnosed with a pretty severe case. Thank you for the reminder, I tend to avoid reading up on things I have a hunch about if they have had a negative impact on me or someone I know... but it does help to study up.

    It is treatable, though length of recovery with each person is always different.
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    • It is not curable. And it can’t be recovered from

    • Yamahoo

      I don't know about your specific case but my mother has it and she takes meds that help a lot. Although she has been taking it less lately because she noticed that it's bothering her less.

    • notatrap

      @hsshannah96 I wrote treatable, which it is entirely. It doesn't make it less traumatizing, but getting from point A to B in life is still a necessity.

      @Yamahoo yeah i was never pro medication until about two months ago, though im very open about treatments, especially my own. I am trying a low dose anti depressant for the first time. It was described to me that it will help keep me focused and balanced. It does help me think of horrible things of the past less, and when they arise I am reflecting on them differently too. With less nightmares. So theyre helping as im also changing my perspective about who I was and what happened, but its just as painful, if not more at times and strange moving forward as it was before.. because I'm a shell of someone who wants to be someone completely different than the person who I was for years before. Many times, I was was kind and many other times I fought, neglected friends, lied as a defensive mechanism out of instinct, like I had no control over it.

      So its weird to self analyze this way, and my misconception of psych meds before I started taking them was that meds make people... all similar to each other. Maybe I'm not too far off base because I'm constantly judging my old self, in a way I haven't done before and it just feels like a second puberty. Now it feels like I'm constantly trying to be nice, bubbly, warm, honest. Which is a large part of who I am, no doubt. But its whatever society will reward. Unfortunately, this behavior doesn't garnish any creativity. Its too accepting and has no standards.

      You can probably tell I have thought this over a bit too much...

      Anyway, thanks for the good wishes.

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  • razzmatazz11
    Yes, I believe it. But I don't think people with PTSD should use that as an excuse to be pitches and assholes to everyone. In the same way that men can use their sex drive to justify cheating on their spouse.
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    • Nothing here was an excuse. I’m explaining why when someone deliberately provokes me that they’re asking for shit

      Like you just were

      Now stop with the crap

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  • ZELLxoxo
    What are your methods of dealing with it? Do you see a psychiatrist or take medications?
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    • I see a therapist

      I had one EMDR session with a previous therapist and I had a full panic attack

      So I stopped seeing her

    • I am on paroxetine

  • Agape93
    My girl has it bad, diagnosed as well
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  • Yamahoo
    I ain't sayin' it can be cured, I've talked to my mom about it (btw she has a masters in psychology) and although I didn't fully understand, I did pick up that it can't be cured, but can be managed (treatable). What I am talking about is not whether or not it can be cured, but your seeming stance that nothing can be done and your situation is hopeless. I feal like I'm repeating myself but Ile say it again. Every case is different, but I know that you can at least get better enough that you can manage, eh?
    I also do have my suspicions that, due to your defensive nature to people questioning your illness, that you take advantage of it. Yet again, yes, I could be wrong, but I'm guessing that you are just going to respond in a hostile manor again further proving my point.
    I've seen stuff like this before with myself for example. I have some pretty bad ADHD and when I was much younger I would act like 'woe is me! Whatever will I do?' And not even try to control it at all because it gave me an excuse to not do certain things. I hope your not like that with your PTSD but considering how you have been responding I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that's the case.
    Oh, and by the way, this is an advice forum (not sure what the actual term is) you should expect responses, if you think I'm so uneducated than just ignore it. You have the agency to make the decision to just ignore me. Be careful with what ya take serious on the interwebs or else the trolls are gonna destroy ya!
  • Phoenix98
    We know what it is and that Veterans are not the only people who suffer from it.

    But it was originally called Shell Shock for a reason in that Veterans are the people who most usually suffer from it and in the greatest numbers.

    Doesn't make it any less terrible for anyone who isn't a Veteran to suffer from it if like first first responders, law enforcement or civilians who have suffered legitimately traumatizing experiences.

    While there isn't a 100% guaranteed cure for it, it is treatable and if your lucky you can get rid of it and recover from it altogether through a combination of medication and therapy.
  • Jmmmfi4
    Yeah I know I was diagnosed with a mild case
  • Mrswright077