Boredom is death: Tricks to make it through lockdown

Boredom is death: Tricks to make it through lockdown

Yes your locked down. I'm here to tell you that it's not the end if the world. There are some tricks to fighting boredom. These come from people who were in long term solitary confinement, military handbooks on being a POW and other first hand accounts if people who have been severely limited in outside stimulation.

First let me tell you that boredom is a choice. We choose to be bored, it doesn't happen to us. And it's a trap, one that is easy to fall into.

So how do you beat it? You schedule, and stick to it. Schedule time for everything that you want to do. Stick to thirds, 8 hours sleep, 8 hours physical and 8 hours mental/spiritual.

Physical time includes eating, working out, doing physical hobbies, cleaning, etc.

Mental time includes reading, screen time, thinking, planning, passive hobbies and especially learning. The brain is a muscle and must be challenged. I don't care if your calculating pi to the 1,000th decimal, or if your doing crossword puzzles. Challenge yourself.

And lastly be accountable to yourself. Come out of this a better person then you started. This is still your time, and treat it as such.

If you focus on what you can't do, you miss what you can.

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Boredom is death: Tricks to make it through lockdown
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    I understood the trick.