Disgusted with myself.

Disgusted with myself.

I've always had anxiety problems. Any time I was around people and anything negative happened, I'd feel it. Even over the tiniest of things like a simple disagreement. Physical symptoms like upset stomach that caused diarrhea. Luckily that doesn't happen anymore, but I still shake. Like visible tremors. It takes a little more to cause anxiety now, but it's still too easy. In the moment, I can't help it. Afterward, I think "Why the hell did I care? I probably won't even ever see that person again." I'm disgusted by this weakness. It's not ok. I should be better than this.

Disgusted with myself.
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  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Only meditation can help this been there I am so much better now, you need to learn let go off things that doesn't benfit you in anyways be brave and speak directly if you don't like something be Blunt don't care for those who don't like you, you are the Man you can do anything face the shit and win over it
  • rafee_positive
    Lots of ways to handle this.. go to gym, exercise.. read good books.. stay busy by doing what u like.. or else get appointment frm psychologists and have at least 3 sessions to discuss..
  • OddBeMe
    First, therapy helped me through this along with mild dosages of ant-depressants. Second, there’s a trigger to every surge of fear or hatred with yourself. I would call it a phobia. When you discover what they are, treat them like phobias and minimize.
  • ConfinedSoul
    I am afflicted with anxiety as well, so I know how you feel. Instead of thinking you're weak or should do better or whatever, look up ways to reduce anxiety and start doing them. I personally quit caffeine for over 2 months now and I feel a lot different, I used to have more than 4 cups of coffee daily and anxiety would drive me crazy, it was so bad that I decided to quit caffeine despite my love for coffee, and the symptoms are much lighter now. Also sleep and diet has a great effect on anxiety, give it a try and see what happens.
  • Umar_nightmare
    Its fine, don't worry. I do feel this way too. Past trauma does this sometimes.

    But being sensitive is good, i can feel when things are going wrong and dont let that happen. My conflict avoidance has led to me being the pacifier for disagreements between other people too. I thought i was weak too. and yes it hurts more too.

    But this allows me to connect with people and help those who needed me, it helped me as a result too. Love yourself. And own this. Its better to be sensitive than an unempathetic asshole.
  • QueenOfBaku
    With what kind of people do you feel more comfortable?
    • Anonymous

      I feel comfortable around friends and family, like anyone else. But even then, the occasional argument or disconnect is inevitable, and like with anyone else, it causes anxiety.

  • MeatPuppet
    Been there. Antidepressants help tremendously for anxiety, I find.
    • So does magnesium, which they would have given you first if they could patent it and make money... it also helps with anywhere from 300-700 other function in the entire body, boosts the immune system, and brings better health, and removes heavy meals from the body.

      "Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer, which immensely helps with anxiety. It's a nervous system relaxant and mineral that assists with fear, irritability, and restlessness. We hold on to so much tension within our muscles, and this is a super-healthy and easy way to create calmness."


    • I have to admit, I've never tried magnesium supplements. I do Vitamin D during the Fall and Winter seasons, but not magnesium. I'll consider getting my hands on some.

    • Magnesium is likely to contraindicate or clash with antidepressant medication, as well as BP, and many others because it does the same job naturally. The spray on the skin is the best way to supplement (it stings if you're very deficient). If you take vitamin D, you should also be taking vitamin K2.

      It's strange you were given antidepressant without any discussion about your magnesium levels. Magnesium is not easy to test for though.

  • msc545
    It sounds, based on your description alone, that you have an anxiety disorder or perhaps an affective disorder with a combination of both anxiety and depression. These problems are VERY common and are nothing to be ashamed of. They can be treated with psychotherapy, medication, or optimally a combination of both. Please seek professional help (a Psychologist or Psychiatrist) soon, as these problems tend to get worse over time. With proper treatment, you will start to feel better almost immediately!

    (This is not medical advice and should not be construed as such).
  • Regmorus
    Meditation, Meditation, MEDITATION
  • cicchis0
    So... what is the question?
    • Anonymous

      I posted to mytake instead of questions because there wasn't a question. Just my thoughts.

    • cicchis0

      Oh, okay. Sorry, I didn't realise. Also sorry to see you feeling this way. It's good that your gut is no longer acting up and it seems that you are on the way to managing your anxiety because you have already figured out how to put things in perspective after the fact, you just need to work on getting into that frame of mind in the moment. Maybe when you notice your tremors or any other signs, that could be a trigger to try to focus on breathing exercises or something else that helps calm you down and then think about the fact that you will look back on this moment later and realise that it wasn't such a big deal. Here's a book that might help you - it's about recognising and managing negative thought patterns and was written by a clinical psychologist: documentcloud.adobe.com/.../track

  • ItsTheNephilim
    You're not alone, buddy.
  • Anonymous
    You're not alone. I have severe social anxiety, agoraphobia and a form of ocd. I'm gonna visit a therapist soon. Cause all these stuff have affected me and my life really bad and I can't move on if I don't talk to someone and get professionally diagnosed. I can't even get out of my house. I feel disgusted with myself too, cause it's really painful admitting to yourself all these fears when you wanna be someone entirely different from who you are now.