How to cope with Anxiety


So the recent events have been extremely stressful and tense regardless, I guess, of where you stand personally. All of this stresses me out, and by all of this, I mean the election. So here are a few ways to cope with the anxiety that may help you feel a little better for the next few days or in general if you suffer from anxiety.

I prefer white wine, but I wont judge. her
I prefer white wine, but I won't judge. her
  • Know when to unplug: I know information is powerful, and it's important to stay in the loop, so you know what's going on, but it can be emotionally exhausting. So an easy way to deal with it is to turn it off. T.vs, phones, and try reading a book or taking a nap, listening to a podcast, aren't political. Even start watching holiday movies to cheer you up.
  • Try a new hobby: Personally, I like to paint when I feel anxious it helps calm my nerves, and I have something cool and new to decorate my room with when I'm done, if you aren't much for crafts, you could try baking something, cooking, yoga, meditation, gardening etc. All of these practices have been proven to help calm people's nerves.
  • Exercise: I'm not a gym freak, but I can't lie that exercise does keep you busy, and when you go through the cool-down period of your workout (which is when you take a little break), you tend to feel better about yourself and more in control of your own life.
  • Focus on things that are important to you besides the stressor: As much as the media will make it out to seem, the election isn't the only thing going on in the world right now. It's a major event, but events in your life matter too and if you're feeling stressed or anxious about this election or just in general.
  • It's important to calm yourself down and two, think about other things, like your job or family, your new favourite tv show that just released a new season, that movie you want to watch, your pet, your partner and much more. It's important not to forget that you as a personal matter and you should take time to enjoy what you like to do during these times if you are really stressed.
  • Eat something: Food does things that I honestly can never understand, but I've noticed that enjoy a good meal in general, as the ability to improve a person's mood. So, order that takeout, you really like grab some wine and ice cream cook that fancy meal you love so much. Enjoy something that will help you feel better and take you busy for a while too.
  • Other suggestions would be; take a nap, sitting in your backyard and enjoying nature, and listening to classical music becuase it's been proved to calm anxiety and panic attacks. Start thinking about Christmas shopping if you celebrate,
  • I would say go on a walk as well, but with the threats of violence against more or less anyone and the fact that I have no idea if people in countries besides America will also take up on that act of violence, it's safe to say maybe stay inside.

And before anyone drops their political views under here like;

"Oh, it's the leftist mofo who has something to worry about."


"It's the dumbass trumpards who are stressed."

It's just medical advice. Stress is known to cause the body's immune system to weaken, and with people still out and about, essential workers still on the front line to try and help fix covid as soon as possible, stressing yourself out could put you in a bad position. Regardless of political views, human life is human life, and I dont think people should forget that.

How to cope with Anxiety
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  • The_unknown_memer
    All of it are well made points but for me I really can't deal with anxiety unless the problem is solved
    Is this still revelant?
    I've started doing these things.
    Is this still revelant?
    • :D well I'm glad it's important for self care

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  • aww I'm glad u are getting better coping wit it.
    And yeaj it has been stressful
    • Thank you :D It has been but I do my best I hope people realize that there gonna be massive uproar no matter the results so it's better we all just be nice to each other and hope for the best

  • chrispy_008
    Thank you for these I will try some as I myself suffer with anxiety
    • You're welcome :D I have a mental illness myself and these times for everyone I think are scary but I study mental health so I thought I would share my favourite tips and tricks

    • Yeah I have suffered for years and have recently started on CBD oil which helps and means I'm not smoking weed as much but any tips are always handy to help me

    • Well I'm happy you feel better :D

  • Nicely said hon :) ❤️
  • liangziqi
    Whether it is anxiety or stress, it is due to the limitation of our own ability. We can imagine that many things are actually in the controllable range, and we can solve them well at the beginning, but they are ignored, and we know that they cannot develop. When dealing with it, there was nothing to do. But I believe that as long as a person has the ability, nothing can overwhelm him, adjust his mentality appropriately and maintain a normal heart. Face everything bravely, so you can eliminate many difficulties. personal opinion.
  • bklynbadboy1
    I love you mytake its spot on
  • Flakey-Flake
    Nice 👌