Covid mutation scares people

Covid mutation scares people

People are really concerned because they hear about the uk and south African variants.

The vaccines Should still work!! This is the important thing. Look like most people are gonna take the vaccine and that would pretty much eradicate the virus because they don't spread it.

I personally haven't got vaccinated yet, I'm waiting my turn. Hopefully it'll be soon.

All viruses mutate, meaning they acquire changes in their genome.

Mutations usually don't change the viruses "machinery " much so it doesn't really matter that much

There was a British mutation too

If a virus is inside a host for a prolonged period it can mutate more. The more people infected and the longer they are sick, the more the mutation.

Even the little spikes on the virus are the same. Scientists are currently working on a way to teach our immune system to recognize the spikes itself, so we will be immune to all Corona viruses in the future.

Personally I can't wait to see the conspiracy theories that will come out in the months leading up to this.

Covid mutation scares people
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  • genericname85
    flu diseases like influenza and corona regularly mutate, making vaccines for those diseases utterly pointless for herd immunity and only serve as emergency medication for particularly vulnerable people... well known fact in 2019 and earlier. breaking news in 2020/21.
    • also those disease transition back and forth between humans to wild animals, making efforts to vaccine only humans extra pointless.

  • Anonymous
    Eh, just another way to scare folks and make them take this so-called "vaccine".
    • dawsonnata

      Hush... don't tell the sheeple that it's actually a microchip from illuminati 63 degree Mason bosses. The lizard people will be mad at you. People are supposed to believe the virus is real remember? Just become you saw the secret on YouTube.

    • Anonymous

      Snake people? wtf lmao.

      At this point, I think it's more common sense than "conspiracy theories"

    • dawsonnata

      Exactly, but don't tell people, or the plan won't work, and illuminati will fail agenda 2020. It's bad enough that people post the secrets to YouTube and get 67 billion views. Soon it will be impossible for the freemasons to fly around the flat earth in the pyramids.