My experience of having the Pfizer vaccines

My experience of having the Pfizer vaccines

I am writing this in addition to this myTake (thanks for sharing your experience @Alyssa11). I thought it would be a useful to add to this post with another perspective/experience and from someone who’s had two doses of a different vaccine (Pfizer). So let’s get straight into it.

I had my first dose at the beginning of January. This is because I’m a frontline NHS worker.

I was apprehensive about having it done but I am trusting of WHO and the scientists behind the process of making vaccines. The thought of getting COVID seemed much worse than the vaccine to be honest, especially because of my health conditions.

My experience of having the Pfizer vaccines

Vaccination day

The process was simple. I sat in a large sports hall and waited to be approached by an available nurse or healthcare assistant who took me to a little cubicle. They asked some questions regarding any allergies, if I was pregnant and they told me what vaccine I’d be having, if I was comfortable with that and then they gave me some information about potential side effects. The actual vaccine was not super painful and was over very quickly. You’re then told to sit in another chair for 15 minutes to check that you don’t have a severe reaction to the vaccine and of course, the majority of people are perfectly fine afterwards.

For my second dose which happened earlier this month, the process was very similar. It was actually almost painless on the second dose. As I’d already had my first one, they didn’t tell me as much information as the first time because I knew what to expect. They did ask about any side effects I’d had following my first one, but that was about it.

The following day

After my first dose, I felt a bit under the weather the following day. I went for a walk and felt quite tired. I had to cut my walk short due to a headache coming on. I took some painkillers but there was an underlying headache for most of that day and I rested for the remainder of the day.

I woke up with the same sort of headache the day after my second dose. I didn’t feel as poorly as I did after my first, but there was a noticeable feeling of being under the weather again.

After both doses, the arm that was jabbed felt very painful. It felt like it was incredibly bruised, I couldn’t put pressure on it without pain and I couldn’t raise it very high because it felt so heavy and bruised. This eased after the first 48 hours. It was an expected yet unpleasant side effect, but I get the flu jab annually and the experience was not much different to getting the flu jab.

The following weeks

For some weeks after my first one, I felt generally miserable and unwell. My lymph nodes were up and I didn’t feel quite right for weeks afterwards. I had a couple of nights where I lost my appetite and had random nausea following the first dose, and a couple of incidences where I had a brief yet strong sensation of dizziness, similar to the feeling of vertigo. However, it’s important to note that this was during the cold Winter months of January and I think SAD was likely influencing how I felt, as well as the cold weather. I did not experience this extended feeling of feeling unwell after my second dose. The nausea I felt could have been related to something else entirely, we just don’t know for sure.

Shortly after, and rather interestingly, I noticed the skin on my legs became quite itchy. Normally when you scratch an itch, it eases the urge to scratch, but this time, that didn’t happen. Scratching didn’t relieve the itch, even whilst I was scratching it. I scratched the skin so much that I grazed it and was left with some scabs on my shin. I thought it was simply a coincidence until I checked online to find that this is considered an uncommon side effect of the AstraZeneca vaccine, not Pfizer. In fact, the uncommon side effects I experienced all showed for the AstraZeneca vaccine, but there is nothing online to show that the Pfizer vaccine causes similar side effects, that I can find anyway. The itchiness subsided but started again following my second dose, though not as severe, which tells me that this is related to the vaccine.

I reported my symptoms to the Yellow Card Scheme because I could not find any information about uncommon side effects of the Pfizer at the time, and if I did find something, the uncommon side effects did not match what I experienced or they were attributed to a different vaccine.

Present day

All symptoms I experienced following the vaccines have subsided and I am feeling back to normal again.

Over 50s are reporting fewer side effects from the vaccines
Over 50s are reporting fewer side effects from the vaccines

There is some evidence available that people who are 50+ are experiencing fewer symptoms and from my interactions with people in this age group, I have noticed this myself. They often say they had no symptoms at all and felt perfectly fine. So it seems the younger generation are experiencing more side effects and feeling more unwell. Coming from an uneducated view of the immune system and vaccines, I believe this could be due to a much stronger immune response in the younger age group, compared to the elderly group.

I want to end by saying that, despite the side effects I had, I am still glad and grateful that I got the vaccine. Currently (as of 19th March 2021) there is promising evidence showing how the vaccines are helping us fight back against the virus. Deaths and hospital stays have begun to decrease where I live. I am happy to have done my bit and have become a part of overcoming this pandemic, whilst protecting myself from serious illness.

I hope this article was informative and useful in some way. Have a great day!

#COVID19 #Vaccines

My experience of having the Pfizer vaccines
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  • Anon1996thesecond
    I also had the pfizer vaccine, my mother had the other vaccine. My mother felt sick for a few days but I just had a sore arm.
    I am sorry you had a bad time and glad that you are protected and feeling better now.
    As for the others in the comments I would not worry about longterm effects, I do not think that in this day qnd age they would widely distribute a potentially dangerous vaccine to anyone.
    I had mine 2-3 weeks qgo and feel not different, the only change has been a surprise pregnancy for me and my now-fiancée of 7 years.
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  • Kas19
    I would like to get my vaccine soon. When did your symptoms first appear and how long did they last? I'd like to schedule it between work so I'm not feeling shitty while I'm working.

    I'm glad you got your vaccine! So glad you're doing better! I've met several who have already gotten it and they're doing great.
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    • Anonymous

      Apart from the sore arm the evening of, the next day was when I got a headache and felt generally tired. I agree that you should aim to have it when you're not in work the next day, to allow yourself to recover. :) I'm sure you'll be fine!

    • Kas19

      Thank you! :)

    • Didn't you read the article, Kas? It gives a detailed description of the symptoms and timeframe of the Pfizer vaccine.

Most Helpful Guys

  • joshctlee
    I know someone who was who was pregnant and was about 3 months away from giving birth. After she received the COVID vaccine the baby stopped moving, then turns out she gave birth to a still born. Baby didn’t make it.

    If you’re pregnant 🤰 be careful with the vaccine I advise waiting until after the the baby is born to get it
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  • zeitgeist057
    first shot I had a sore arm, more sore than usual with other vaccines or shots. Second shot I made a big point to massage it and do pushups and move the blood through it a lot more. No sore arm and no bad effects from the 2nd shot, like if I had taken nothing at all.
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    • Anonymous

      Good thinking. I've heard that using the muscle, keeping it warm and moving after any vaccine shot can really lessen the pain!

    • worked for me. It's also worked in the past with other shots, so I try to remember to do it every time. Just sometimes I forget.

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  • ObscuredBeyond
    Consider yourself fortunate. Moderna, aka, IG Farben, the company that invented gassing Jews, is already working on an "even stronger" experimental biological agent! One that contains antifreeze in it, that would go straight into your veins! The rest of the witch's brew is so experimental, they are storing samples in temperatures as low as -70 C!

    Bear in mind, p. e. g. is the same antifreeze chemical assassins use when they poison your cola. You taste nothing , but die very painfully.

    The freaks behind it were also behind that puppet Greta. "Harmony" "needs" to be "restored" to Gaia. As the stones in Georgia state, these cultists believe that will only happen when under 500 million of us are left alive. Therefore, this "weaker" wave of experimental biological agents is all propaganda, to sway the entire world into conformity to the New Age equivalent of a Jim Jones-style suicide cult.

    When a minister in the south did the logical thing - taking highly diluted chloride dioxide and then stuffing his face with blueberries a few hours later... the FDA kidnapped his sons as a form of intimidation. He distributed none of the ClO2 to anyone in his congregation. He merely stated that he tried the method himself. And his sons were kidnapped. Held for well past a month in jail without even a formal charge , in total disregard for habeas corpus laws! Because they are the m*f*ing FDA, and are "too big to jail."

    The same alphabet soup mob also assassinated Celeste Solum's husband after she quit FEMA, for seeing this same shit promoted in their literature - going all the way back to Bush! And they put out a hit contract on her!

    We're basically living in a hybrid of The Winter Soldier and X-Men: The Last Stand! Literal Nazis are trying to force "the cure" on us, that will ultimately kill a lot of us. And they have been hiding in our bureaucracy the entire time as sleeper agents! In the beginning , it will be voluntary. In time, "the cure" will be weaponized. And this is after neverending V for Vendetta - style lockdowns! Hollywood is disintegrating , because there are no more stories to tell. Who needs movies to imagine? We're in one now!
  • lol20075
    I'm not eligible for a vaccine but would like to get one when it's available. None of my family members want to get it because of the unpredictability of the side effects. Even though I had a strain of covid before it became globally recognized the newer strains are more lethal and highly contagious. I'm a little wary of the possibility of me having side effects, but it might as well be a risk worth taking.
  • Leavesbound
    I scheduled an appointment the moment I became eligible to get it. there was a far greater chance of dying without the vaccine than having any kind of significant side affects with it so doing the math made the choice easy. Side affects consisted of a day of tenderness at the vaccination site that felt like a mild bruise. Second shot I felt a little run down for a day or two.
  • sawno
    Given your RNA in some cells (or if your unlucky way more of them) is now officially modified to contain viral code let me know how that goes when corona comes in your area. If your unlucky its organ failure because your antibodies then detect it in all your cells. Otherwise if your lucky it either fails and you get sick anyway, or it actually does the job. Its to early to tell which scenario will happen but with previous mRNA covid vaccines it was the organ failure one.
  • hinamoto
    My dad got the Pfizer vaccine and I wanted to share his experience on here!

    He got both doses and unlike most people it did not make him sick or hurt in the area of vaccination. At first we thought the reaction will come later on, but no complications so far. Normally people have at least had pain in the arm and a small fever after vaccination, but he did not experience any negative reaction. If anyone had a similar experience then lemme know 🙏
  • AlphaGhost
    Pfizer vaccine is actually worse than AstraZenca but US companies lobbies hospitals and other establishments to make sure... legit side-effects are not disclosed. That's one of the reasons even with current freak-show AstraZenca is selling out but Pfizer is lagging behind in market share.
  • FictionalCharacter
    Thanks. Your article is informative and useful in some way, for me not to get the vaccine.

    There has been a lot of stories of negative side effects from it. Your story made the the list as well, thanks.
    • Stephen_77

      @FatherJack Then let them have it. They will learn the hard way. We are now being told that even with a vaccine we will still have to socially distance and wear face masks etc. Go figure.

  • Somoneelse
    I'm not gonna take it. I think its already against Human Rights they force you to take the vaccin. With all their bullshit like a corona-passport (proof of being vaccinated so you are allowed travel) and propaganda.
  • Daviddd5412
    Ah that's interesting. For me I didn't experience any symptoms afterwards, besides my arm being slightly sore the next day.
  • _Just_A_girl_
    My experience of having the Pfizer vaccines...
    • Anonymous

      It's a good idea to actually visit the website these randomly generated graphics quote as 'evidence'. It does not explicitly say this on the stated website. It actually shows very different percentages of deaths, with up to 18.8% of cases resulting in death for the over 65s. These percentages for all ages would be considerably higher if there were no lockdowns put in place and the virus was let loose to do its thing. You forget that there is a considerably number of people who have survived COVID but have been left with permanent organ damage, long COVID, some have even lost limbs and others are alive but they're essentially brain dead on life support.
      Please learn scientific literacy and critical thinking skills. That way you would know that sharing images like this is almost comical when you actually interpret the data.

  • SirJohn42
    I dont trust any of them.
    The didn't do clinocsl trials long enough. The rushing of any shot or vacs to me is not cool.
    Side effects are horrible. People getty bels palsey and headaches is just not acceptable.
    • The Government website says trials expected to finish in 2023...

    • sawno

      People who give you downvotes need to read better, the pfizer site itself still shows important trials currently recruiting people.

    • SirJohn42

      lol people need to do research. I get they are afraid but I dont trust the who, cdc, fauci, berx or any company making vaccines. They dont have our best interests. Anything out of bidens mouth will go in one ear and out the other.
      Im not anrlto vaxer but do not trust vaccines thst are pushed to fast.

  • Gedaria
    I had my jab in February it was Astro.
    The day after felt like a mild hang over. That was it.
    But according to the TV news the side affects are worst than the Astro one.
    Better than getting the covid..
  • stardust2021
    Thank you for sharing your experience. I am not yet eligible but I’m looking forward to when I can get it.
  • Dargil
    I have a mostly bullet proof immune system. The flu is sniffles for me.
    Three months ago, I developed URI/head cold/sinus infection. It lasted 4 plus weeks and I took short snoozes throughout the days when I could. From talking with others, I had the Wuhan Flu. I never had a fever, though.
  • Static_In_The_Attic
    As for me I had my first Pfizer vaccine the other day & it was a walk in the park or a slice of pie as I say. I was in, got my first shot, had to wait 15 minutes afterwards & than I was out the door & on my way home. For the first 24 hours my left arm where I had the injection was bothersome & about an hour after getting the vaccine I had a unusual taste in my mouth & I was a little tired as well. Word to the wise drink water leading up to the shot & drink it after to keep your body hydrated. As for me I’m ready for my next shot.
  • lofii
    Never getting the vaccine

    Stop forcing me. My body, my choice
    • Anonymous

      I'm not forcing anyone, just sharing an experience.

  • Stephen_77
    We don't know the long term effects. The side effects of vaccines can take months or even a few years to come out.
    • Anonymous

      If that's the case, there's millions of us who will be affected.

    • Stephen_77

      Yes, exactly

  • Minerate
    Thanks for your story. I'm personally holding out for the J&J vaccine for a few reasons. Hopefully it'll be more widely available soon, but would consider Pfizer as a distant second choice if unavailable. (Not even going to consider Moderna)
  • Jamie05rhs
    Do you think that it's possible that they told you it was Pfizer when it was not?
    • Anonymous

      No not at all, why would they?

    • Jamie05rhs

      Because the AstraZeneca vaccine has been having problems. So if they told people it was AstraZeneca, they might not take it. And that would greatly slow down the progress of getting everyone vaccinated.

    • Anonymous

      I was vaccinated before those claims really came out or presented a concern. The Pfizer was the only one readily available at the time and it was decided that that would be used on healthcare workers, whilst the others that could be stored in a fridge like the flu vaccine could be done in GP surgeries for patients. They asked if I was okay with having the Pfizer one too, so I trust they told me which one they used.

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  • bulletbob555
    I am glad I got my first and looking forward to getting my second. Can't wait till I I hit immunity and can start getting back out there
    • Radio4men

      You’ll be dead within 3 months to a year from the day you take your c0bid vaccine. Or one day you’re walking you’ll fall and bye bye. If you wanted to know you research it clear you don’t so good luck and I’m sorry for your upcoming death.

  • blondfrog
    There have been extremely few people who have died from it and those are usually people who are really old. A lot of healthcare professionals have taken it now showing its safeness and paved the way. People get way too paranoid over it its kinda sad but at the same time I can see where they are coming from.
    • Stephen_77

      Are you aware that the real side effects can take months or a few years to come out? It could be a cancerous tumor or an autoimmune disease. Let's see how many sick people there are in the next year or two.

    • blondfrog

      @Stephen_77 Same thing with asbestos. That can take about 20 years. Just kidding I" know what your saying. That's a good point. However we don't know half of the chemicals that they put in our foods and drinks and still eat them.

  • Avicenna
    I've had both Pfizer shots. No side effects after the first one and only diarrhea after the second one.
  • jimmy2
    God bless you. My story a bit different. I had long term symptoms for a year. The frist shot put me down for 3 days. 2nd shot i.5 days. I left with the right side of my brain feeling like a knife in it.
  • John_Doesnt
    I got the vaccine and now the tiny robots tell me what to do.
  • t-8900
    guys in military uniforms for such a controversial vaccine sure isn't reassuring. *sweating intensifies*
  • Jaumet
    I actually just received my first shot of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday... along with my wife. The first time they tried to stick with the needle it bounced off and they had to slowly stick it in and give it to me. I sort of laughed about it... regardless it was not panful or anything and both my wife and I sat and waited for the 15 minutes as requested.

    However, after awhile both my wife and I became a bit agitated, nauseous and she began to develop a headache. We had to make one stop and during that time I was just ready to go home and crawl into bed. Made it back and slept until the next day. Feeling fine today... hope it won't be any worse after the second shot.
  • 08-OWEN-80
    Thank you for sharing.
    Seeing as you are 26 (guess) and born in July (I'm a weirdo) even if you got covid you wouldn't die. Therefore, I suggest you find flux compassitor 📟 and I'll lend you my Delorian (?) 🏎️ and you go back in time and stop yourself from getting the vaccines💉. (I'll go with you, just as a friend, I won't be pervy 👩‍❤️‍👨)

    There is more of a chance that all those conspiracy theories 🙈 are correct than the chance of you dying of covid-19.

    I'm not saying there is a conspiracy, but the chances of you dying are nil and just remember, Bill Gates wants the world 🌏 population at 500,000,000 million, 14 times less than it currently is. Not saying he's evil, but Dude supports mansanto😱 and they killed the monarch butterfly🦋 by making it sterile by the 3rd generation and sperm🐳 counts are way down in humans. Who knows? Alex Jones has been right more than wrong and I am a betting man.
    • Seriously? She said she has health conditions and you’re on here saying if she got Covid she wouldn’t die. 😅

    • 08-OWEN-80

      She is 26. Look up how many 26 year olds have died from COVID-19, Sweetheart.

    • I am a nurse and ANY body can die from it, we had 4 people under 18 die from covid in the past month. while one was perfectly healthy. I am 23 and got my shots too, not only because my job, but medical conditions that put ME at risk!

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  • Ilittles
    Keep in mind this is a rushed expiremental medical procedure with no long term studies of effects.
  • BUNroaster
    I took the first shot recently. Most of the side effects have passed for me though. Still feel a littl pukey some times and achey in nether regions and also my lower half. I don't know we won't know what it really gonna do for us for years to come.
  • Marioz86
    My sister got warned before she took astra zenica that she will be sterile for 1 year she didn't wanted to take it and gave up. Something most doctors don't tell you.
  • Luckycharms12
    Got the 2 vaccinations headache and stiff arm that's all.
  • bolverk
    None, I've had the AstraZeneca vaccine which is the one most used in the UK aside from a sore spot at the injection site no side effects at all
  • worldscolide
    @asker Would it be ok if i did something similar on my experience with the Moderna vaccine?
    • Anonymous

      You can write what you wish here. :)

  • sixtyeightplusone
    I got the vaccine and with each dose my pecker grew 2 inches and it hasn't returned to normal size. What should i do
  • Floppy2112
    Get those vaccines up, folks. I need my stock prices to keep going up!
  • colours007
    I’ve heard what a lot of people call “secondary” effects of the vaccine is actually covid. A lot of people are actually getting covid at the vaccination centres without realising and think it’s the vaccine cause the symptoms show before the vaccine has even time to work on your immune system. Beware of this and protect yourselves. There’s a large number of people getting together at vaccination centres to get vaccinated so just stay safe and take all the necessary measures when you go in for a jab. I heard this from a doctor/GP.
    • enirikiu

      Oh dear, that’s terrible. I’m glad to know that, and thank you for sharing!

    • In my area (I got both doses) they only allow 3 people in the office at a time, and sanitize surfaces after they leave. (I know I am also a nurse who administers the vaccine. Some locations are crowded but then, the clinic/location supervisor is doing a shitty job not limiting the amount of people and sanitation. We also make people put hand sanitizer on before entering inside the doors.

  • goldenlily947
    Jokes on you can't take it cause I have a self destructive immune disorder if I take it I die...
  • andrewparker
    pfizer is the first manufacturer of corona virus vaccinces.
  • Jaytheboomer
    I am not getting the vaccine. The virus is a hoax
    • Spade07

      Coolest old man ever. I don't agree with him though.

    • By hoax, you mean it doesn't exist and no one has died from it? Please clarify.

    • Anonymous

      @loveslongnails These tin foil people think that all the deaths are a lie and it's all fabricated, which is insulting to the families who've lost relatives to COVID for a start. Some people have claimed that the NHS workers have been part of a mass genocide which is just laughable.

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    Hey thanks for erasing my comment. :)
    • Anonymous

      I'm not a mod, so I can't delete comments?

  • Super-Sam
    I am afraid of injections n needles
    • Arivor

      Yeah, I hate needles big time... getting my blood drawn is an ordeal for me and I must admit to avoiding getting flu shots... But, this Covid-19 is no joke and after weighing the risk vs benefits... I already got my first shot... got a bit nauseous, and slept the rest of the day. The shot actually doesn't hurt... it's just the thought of that damn needle that freaks me out. 🤷‍♂️ The side effects are supposed to be a bit more pronounced with the second shot... but screw it, I just want to get it over with. This waiting to get stabbed again is actually what I truly hate. Think about all the needles they will have to use on you if you do get Covid-19 and end up hospitalized! Yep, that's all I had to think about.

    • Jaumet

      @Arivor nice

  • Anonymous
    You really shared an interesting and useful information about the vaccine thanks for
  • Anonymous
    I had the Pfizer first pump recently and It was horrible. Thankfully, they held me for a 30-minute monitoring period after the shot because crap hit the fan fast. If I had had to guess, not even 15 minutes after getting the first dose, I threw up. Everywhere. My car was a mess. But it got worse. I was projectile vomiting all over the dashboard and fell unconscious. From what the nurses on site and other EMTs who arrived at the scene told me, they had to drag me out of the car and open my airway. I was choking on my vomit while passed out. 911 was called as the onsite nurses did their best to support my stinking, puking, passed out self. When I came to, I was groggily panting in a folding chair. My EKG and blood glucose/ cholesterol checked out. The EMTs said that I might have a reaction to the bonding fluid used in the new vaccine. I didn't know this going in, but Pfizer is using an untested never before seen gene therapy. The mRna that is injected serves a different function from the antibodies seen in opposing vaccines. After a week and a half, my skin is no longer yellow and my other flu like symptoms are gone. I don't feel as queasy and thankfully I no longer have headaches. If I want to get the second dose in June, I have to check into a hospital to do so.
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    satan is the ruler of this world
  • Anonymous
    I had Pfizer as well. For me it was a headache and chills after about 5 hours. Wife had the same symptoms. Second day a bit of a headache one bit of chills. Third, fourth and fifth days felt great, like super great. The following week I was low energy and then felt okay. Overall the first day was not good and the rest were very tolerable and not a big problem.
  • Anonymous
    Also frontline worker here, got my second dose (Pfizer) in February. Zero reaction.
    • Anonymous

      Wishing you all the best in your work, glad to hear you had no side effects. :)

    • Anonymous

      Thank you, best of luck to you as well. Stay safe.

  • Anonymous
    Why is this promoted? Nobody has commented yet.
    • Anonymous

      I'm an editor.

    • Anonymous

      Ah, how expected.!

    • Spade07

      What's an editor?

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