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I Took The COVID Vaccine And Here's How It Went...


As you may be aware, the vaccine rollout in the UK is very successful. I was granted priority because I do come into close contact with health workers sometimes as part of my job (if you are wondering, I am a journalist specifically working in medicine and healthcare).

I made the fully informed decision to take the AstraZeneca vaccine (not a fan of Pfizer because it’s a totally new concept - but to each their own!).

If you live in the UK too or you keep up with the news, you would know that essentially we have been living in hell over here and have been in lockdown since November. January saw our highest ever figures and without exaggeration, I was receiving phone calls every day from different family members and friends to hear about new infections, hospitalisations and deaths. Being in that position, pushed me to take the vaccine when the opportunity came around.

I am also hoping as planned, things begin to open up again in June and I want to play my part by vaccinating.

The Day of the Vaccine

It’s actually been a week since I took my vaccine and things definitely did not go as planned. On the day, I felt quite nervous and excited and the injection itself was very small. Unlike other vaccines, I did not feel it penetrate my arm nor did I get a sudden headache (this is what I usually experienced in the past when taking other vaccines as a kid!)

I went home and everything was great! I didn’t anticipate any further complications.

The Second Day
So I woke up at 3am shivering myself to death (ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration)…I literally couldn't move to reach out for the paracetamol and glass of water at my bedside. It took me an hour to finally manage to move my arm, sit up and take some painkillers. I had never ever experienced anything like this in my entire life.

You’ll be pleased to know that after taking the paracetamol, the chills subsided. That’s when my high temperature/fever kicked in. My colleagues all complained about having a mild fever - yeah I had a very high temperature. In fact, it was so so so bad that I spent the rest of the night (actually morning because I did not go back to sleep until 8am!) covering my head with a piece of fabric soaked in ice cold water.

That's when I questioned what had been injected into my body and whether I was going to survive the rest of the day. And in case you are wondering, this was just my immune system’s way of responding to the virus in my body. The chills and temperature are usually just generated by your own immune system when fighting off a pathogen.

A Few Hours Later…

I woke up that afternoon feeling even worse than I did that night. Not only was my temperature still so high, I had the worst headache ever. Again, I was taking painkillers, cooling myself down and literally could not move my arms or legs. I had to have somebody feed me my breakfast so that I wasn’t taking painkillers on an empty stomach ( lol I know :( )

And that’s how my day continued…

The Third Day

I had a full night’s sleep and woke up with a lower temperature. This time, I could actually move around (although it took everything in me to do so). The chills were gone and I experienced some mild temperature throughout the day.

Anyway, I was forced to stay in bed again and rest up. That night, I took a quick shower and literally almost fell.

The Fourth Day

I finally woke up that morning able to wash up, get dressed and leave the house. Things finally started feeling normal again and all I had was a headache and a sore arm - which quite frankly, seemed like nothing after what I’d been through!


All in all, it was an unforeseeable experience for me. None of my colleagues experienced similar symptoms and at most experienced a sore arm, a small ache in the muscles, or a mild fever that was subsided with some painkillers.

I don’t have any underlying medical conditions, and I’m a healthy 23-year-old. I guess everyone’s body will react differently to the vaccine and this was my unpleasant experience (lol). It’s either this or Covid I guess…

Not looking forward to my second dose but that won’t be until a couple months time.

Hope this was enjoyable or at least informative!

I Took The COVID Vaccine And Heres How It Went...
I Took The COVID Vaccine And Here's How It Went...
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  • AlexanderAnttila
    We've discussed the imminent usage of Astrazeneca at our county council and those responsible for ordering doses and distributing them have stated as a matter of factly that it causes severe fewer that requires leave from work for a few days. We could be looking at 100% sick leave out of the pool of people who vaccinate themselves.

    I just don't see the freakin' point with this, it's a half-baked vaccine haphazardly concocted to counter a largely unknown virus and we've even received reports of entire batches being recalled due to too many complaints of the considerable side effects. My apologies to any whom may have taken it including you Alyssa but it just seems stupid to me. For the majority of people taking the vaccine is worse than letting the virus pass through and be done with. And, and my pardon again Alyssa given your vocation but the media has had a large role in scare tactics regarding COVID-19. Blowing its effects way out of proportion given that only a tremendously small percentage globally at the end of the day, actually die from the virus. And those who do have underlying conditions. We've noticed over here how headlines always read "patients who've succumbed *with* COVID", not *from* Covid. As in the virus itself hasn't been cause of death. It has merely tipped the scales with already ailing folks.
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    • But a good idea for a review nonetheless, thank you for your report.

    • Alyssa11

      I see your point exactly, and since I've never been infected with covid (to my knowledge anyway), I am largely unsure about what it would do to me. Although most would say it's not a very different virus and affects only those who are older and have underlying health conditions, the mutation here in the UK and the spread has created lots of unpredictability. My friend is 25 years old, with no health complications, is still aggressively coughing after being infected in December... it could be that the virus has caused some permanent damage to her lungs.

      The situation here is really, really bad. And I am (as everybody else is) desperate to come out of this... we've marked June 21st as a possible date where all of this would end and majority would have been vaccinated, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens here.

    • I understand your situation in all of this. We can only pray that the risk dissipates and lockdown is lifted as soon as possible.

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  • simonqq
    Vaccines will cause symptom so though unpleasant they are far better than having the actual virus. I remember the swine flu vaccine and that gave me insane arm pain, I couldn't move my arm for several hours and it was constantly throbbing and in pain.

    I can't say I look forward to the covid-19 vaccine because I simply don't like shots and the temporary side effects are never fun. However, when it's my turn I will take it.

    Nice post of how your experience was and while not a good experience it's always good to know what can happen. I still don't see any reason to not take the vaccine and hopefully we will all be able to have more social lives in a few months.
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  • GirlsTonguesHOT
    Coming from someone whom had covid months ago, I could COMPLETELY understand what you (unfortunately) experienced. And getting vaccinated was the most intelligent thing to do at a time like this.

    For those stupid enough to undermine it (obnoxious complainers of having to wear a mask), let me tell you, it was no fucking joke! Severe migraines, hellish muscle aches, severe weakness rendering me from standing too long, severe, sweat induced fevers and chills either waking up to a sweat-soaked blanket and having to strip my wet clothes off trying desperately to cool off from a fever that could rival the heat of the Sun to shaking worse than SpongeBob and Patrick did when they were stuck in Sandy's wintery tree dome even with heavy blankets (if you get the reference). It was quite literally the worst experience of my entire life. You could not PAY me to revisit it. And if you still complain about having to follow safety procedures even after this then you're a fuckin' idiot whose stupidity can top that of Patrick Star's. This thing is no joke people. I had it and my elderly mother had. Only her condition was far worse due to her piss poor health (for weeks she was barely able to get out of bed and needed my assistance in making the slightest of movements). So please, please, PLEASE get vaccinated!!! My family and I were lucky enough to survive. But luck isn't enough. We need to take action and arm ourselves to prevent another outbreak. And the best way to do that is get vaccinated. It won't make you impervious to covid but it will definitely lessen the effects should you get it.
    • Alyssa11

      I am very glad you and your family are doing better!

      It's definitely seeing people go through what you did, that pushed me to go and get the vaccine when the opportunity came around. It was either vaccine side effects or the real thing - the entire time I kept telling myself aye at least you're fake ill and not actually infected!

    • Levin

      I take your point Mr opinion poster but it is important to differentiate between certain points. That between Covid being nasty, and that of any treatments being safe and efficacious. I won't be taking this vaccine under any circumstances.

      It is also worth noting that I had the flu in late 2014 I believe. The first three weeks I genuinely thought I was going to die. It was absolute agony to get out of bed. It took a good three months to recover and get back to full fitness as a martial artist.

    • This girl gets it.😎👍

      Thank you ever so much l, ma'am. I too am glad you're doing a lot better as well.

      Yup. Though again, to reiterate, I hope people understand how vaccinations work because the covid-19 vaccination isn't going to make you impervious to covid-19. It will simply lessen the effects so that they aren't as severe; and your immune system will better know how to ward off the pathogen. And hell yeah! I'll gladly take vaccination illness over the actual illness ANY day!

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  • WhiteSteve
    Wow, sounds like you had a rough go of it. I just got my first dose last Monday, I was permitted because my state is vaccinating companions of the elderly as well as the elderly, and I take care of my father now.

    So yeah, the actual shot was a breeze. Where I live, the options are Pfizer and Moderna. The site we got scheduled at was a Moderna site. My father is 89, and he’s had no symptoms or reactions whatsoever, five days later. I JUST got full use of my left arm back yesterday lmao. My shoulder had a dull ache almost immediately after the injection, which is consistent with every other vaccination I’ve received. But usually that subsides within the same day. This time, it stiffened up by nighttime, Tuesday it was REALLY stiff, Wednesday close to back to normal but I still knew it was there, and then Thursday it was fine again. I haven’t had anything resembling a response to illness though, although I was almost half-expecting it Monday night after receiving the shot, and I was like “nah, get that thought out of your head before you kick off something psychosomatic”, haha. But nothing happened, I woke up fine the next day, and going into Day 5 I feel 100%. So I think I’m out of the woods as far as this round goes. We go back in 24 days for Round 2. That’s when I’ve heard more about reactions from people, after the second shot. My dad’s friend’s daughter got it, she was fine after the first shot, then after the second shot she felt rough for about 12 hours the next day, but that was it. Hopefully my dad and I will make it through without much more than a sore arm, but I’m going to leave the next couple of days open for laying low, if need be. And hopefully you’ve already seen the worst of yours and #2 is easier on you!👍
    • Alyssa11

      Thank you for sharing, congrats for getting vaccinated and glad you are all well!

      It's crazy how we all react so differently to the vaccine. My parents both got vaccinated a couple of days ago and had fevers, chills and headaches too. Though not as severe as mine.

  • Levin
    Hi Alyssa,

    Given you're a journalist, why doesn't this sort of thing seem to be being reported?

    What about the issues with the PCR tests?

    UPDATE to Pfizer and AstraZeneca Yellow Card System. (Report Run 9 Dec to 21 Feb)

    Pfizer: Reactions: 85,179 Blindness: 12 Deaths: 212

    AstraZeneca: Reactions: 157,637 Blindness: 23. Deaths: 244
    • simonqq

      "Dr." joseph mercola is not a trustworthy source to link to. He has made claims that has been proven to be completely false and continues to do so. He claims that pandemics are created for monetary value while he himself profits from marketing frankly bullshit products.

      The gov site lists the side effects and no links between the deaths and the vaccines has been able to be proven.

      A functional vaccine that actually works will do far better than one that puts us in danger monetary because it will then be given to us not just now but to future generations and so on. If there are high risks involved it won't be able to be covered up and that vaccine will be stopped.

    • Levin

      @simonqq I don't know if Joseph Mercola is trustworthy but I do notice a pattern here where anyone who has an opinion that is contrary to the narrative has their reputation completely trashed. He and they (there are many scientists and doctors speaking up about this, including many so called credible ones, and even the inventor of the test wanted to make the world aware that it can easily be abused) are giving scientific arguments why it is highly questionable in many regards. Again, rather than focus on the science, there is myriad character assassination.

      With the greatest of respect, your second sentence indicates that you can be pretty much ignored in terms of providing a reasonable standpoint. It is fair to say indeed that any such reporting is not proven per se, you might say it something akin to a correlation perhaps (maybe not, if you want to be pedantic). That doesn't mean you can discount it completely, because as you know, science is about being open to dialogue, debate, and new knowledge. There *are* questions to be answered with these vaccines. It is important that these aren't swept under the carpet so that the public can make an informed decision. As noted, you can't have it both ways, where deaths from vaccines are due to natural mortality or co-morbidities, but covid deaths are *from* covid rather than *with* covid.

      There are many fishy things about this. I don't want to focus on individual points necessary. Really, the whole thing stinks more than a fish monger. And this stinkiness simply can't be swept under the carpet any longer.

      It really does wreak of fish!

    • simonqq

      I mean you link to someone who isn't credible at all. All while the deaths in connection to the vaccine is being reported on and is public information.

      I don't know what narrative you see being pushed. Reality is that a virus we have no effective treatment is claiming many lives even with drastic measures to control the spread worldwide. Vaccines has been created to help us get back to more normal lives.

      Obviously the companies wants to earn money and you know what will make money? A successful vaccine with minimal risk. All medicine we have ever produced have side effects and some can even be fatal still we take them regularly because the risks are still so small. If you don't want to take them then don't.

      These vaccines went through a lot of testing but the great test will be using it on millions and if it shows to be more dangerous than initial testing showed then I can put my life on the line to say it will be written about and it will be stopped.

      It's good to be critical but many have no grounds in their arguments all while they trust someone that has no actual knowledge and has a lot to gain by spreading misinformation. A ridiculous example to what I mean is someone trusting an artist with performing their heart surgery over a surgeon that is trained in performing heart surgery. Because that's how it's like with many. They don't trust scientists but they trust a blogger or activist.

      Take a step back and think what would be logical also think about how many people would be needed to keep a lie like this without it coming out. Lies that are between two people is already at a very high risk of coming out. For this to work millions would need to be involved, is that plausible?

      You don't need to reply further. You've said your points and I've said mine. We'll see what happens going forward.

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  • wankiam
    i was fine by day three. on e thing i had which you didn't mention was the huge sense of relief as the needle went in. i would advise anyone to have it as soon as they can. a bit of a wobble for a couple of days is nothing compared to what could happen if you dont have it
    • Alyssa11

      For sure!!! The relief is real. I haven't felt this genuine feeling of happiness in a very long time.

    • wankiam

      its like we know its still possible to get covid but as soon as that needle comes out at least you feel safer and given that my job means i see covid up close everyday it gave a huge sense of relief

  • kitty71
    Inteh Astra Zeneca vaccine how long u have to wiat for th e second dose why monthts and not weeks? I guess each body like you say is totally different and it is. All my autns who are elder now took the Pfizer vaccine and so far the first dose they have no side effects thank God, and my aunts are in their 80`s-
    • Alyssa11

      You can have the second dose within weeks but the government is giving around a 12 week gap because they want as many people to have their first dose as possible. This way we’ll have some kind of herd immunity.

      And that’s good!! Apparently older people don’t get side effects and younger people usually do. These are all rumours I’m hearing though so not entirely sure.

    • kitty71

      It is odd how come younger people get the side effects and not the older ones. Why is that?

  • Mac-One
    Both wife and I had the Moderna on February 27; we now have 3 weeks till the next dose. Only had very mild reactions; mild head ache for about 1/2 hour (shortly after getting the injection) and slightly sore arm for 2 days ( 2nd & 3rd days).
    • Alyssa11

      congrats on the vaccine and thanks for sharing!

  • Solo22
    I ended up getting the Pfizer- BioNTech one and I haven't had any complications or side effects aside from injection site soreness the very same day but it was mild. Anthrax made my whole arm sore, and no vaccine has kicked my ass like the smallpox one did. I still need the 2nd shot so we'll see how it goes. I also had Covid-19 in December and was asymptomatic, so I figured the vaccine wouldn't be anything major if the actual virus didn't affect me.
  • Holisticapproachsara
    Your experience sounds a tad horrible nonetheless. Thanks for sharing it though. It helps to know more about this whole vaccine things. But with the variants now, does the vaccine help as well?
    • Alyssa11

      The government have come out and said that the vaccine will still help with mutations. Hopefully this stays the case and nothing new shows up!

  • Twenty2
    Your experience is normal. During vaccination, an unknown substance is introduced in the body and the body is preparing to fight it. So for a few days the body is in shock. It's totally normal. My one friend who is in Navy got vaccinated and his first day was normal then second day, he wasn't able to get out of bed then third day, he started recovering. My advice will be to focus on diet right now as your body needs nutrition as it's still adapting to the changes.
    • Alyssa11

      Thank you!

    • Twenty2

      Hey, if it's okay, I would like to ask you some questions about journalism. Can you please PM me?

  • PinkMichae
    From my experience at this point I don't want it. I don't know one person personally that has died of covid-19. We can't confirm it but my husband and I are pretty sure we had it including my son back in February 2020 before the lock down in the United States. I only say that because I had to take my husband to the emergency 3 times because of how bad he was sick. Yet he kept testing negative for any flu. I had to take my son to urgent care but him and I weren't effected as much as my husband. My husband was effected for 3 months.

    Still how has it killed so many people and I don't know any of them. Or even have family that knows anyone that died from the virus. I do however know someone who may have died from her 2nd vaccine shot. My aunt a hairdresser did her friends hair right before her friend was going in for her 2nd shot. The next day her friend Sudden died. Now my aunt is afraid to take her second dose and I don't blame her.

    And other people have suddenly died after getting these vaccines but you won't hear about them in the mainstream media. The mainstream media was quick to announce people dying of covid-19 before they could even test and confirm it. They even counted people who died like in car crashed but test positive as a covid-19 death.

    I'm still deciding if the virus is worse or the cure. I get people will die from any vaccine which is why I'm not dismissing it. My other worry is I have an autoimmune disease and I'm concerned it could cause a bad autoimmune response in my body. So I'm waiting.
  • Hidden_P
    I had the Oxford vaccine and here’s how it went:

    I had the jab. I was told to wait 15mins before I drove. I danced in the car before time was up.

    2 hours later I was shivering (and I usually run 5-10C hotter than my whole family so the fact I wanted the heater up and a blanket was bad). My teeth were chattering.

    2 hours later my limbs were weak it felt like my auto immune diseases again. I could barely lift my arms. It took mental preparation to lift my legs to go to the loo.

    1 hour later I felt like I had been run over by a bullet train. I had a headache, pains, chills, fatigue, I just felt awful. That was my state for a full day
    • Alyssa11

      Oh my gosh it really could be that the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine has some serious side effects then...

    • Hidden_P

      I dunno people react differently. My friend who has MS had the same jab two days later and she was absolutely fine.

      I’ve read some people have some natural Immunity to Covid so maybe it’s to do with that? Whether you have something in you already?

      I’m happy I had the jab. I need all the help I can get given I take immune suppressants. I’ll have all the jabs and feel like crap for a couple days rather than get Covid. No pain no gain.

    • Alyssa11

      No pain no gain for sure!

      It might be that too... I guess later on we'll learn more about the virus and the vaccine :)

  • I had the first dose of the Moderna vaccine yesterday. My shoulder is sore at the injection site but am otherwise ok.
    I have been told that the second dose is where people have complained about side effects. I get the second dose in 4 weeks.
    • exitseven

      Update. The third day after the shot, my arm was very sore and I felt achy all over and just felt funky. The next day I was a little better and today I am almost ready to start working out again. Hopefully tomorrow.

  • EssenceOfLight
    AstraZeneca causes after vaccination symptoms, that's why this vaccine is not authorized for vaccination of older people.
    Of course there is cost factor. AstraZeneca cost around $2 per dose, Pfizer-BioNTech negotiated with EU 25€ per dose, hover I think Saudi Arabia and Israel paid higher prices that's why Pfizer is actually "not capable" to deliver enough vaccine to countries they produce that stuff.
  • Bee-Hatch
    Also in the UK. Like 99.9% of the population I wasn't fortunate enough to be offered a choice of which vaccine I got. Turned out to be the Pfizer one. Only had one dose so far. But the only side effects I found were the shoulder they stabbed me in went a bit tender for a couple of days. Meant things like changing gear while driving to work weren't fun times. After that no real problem
  • dimitria97
    Wow... I’m sorry you had to go through that :/ I’m a healthy 23 year old as well & I got my first shot over a week ago. My arm was sore for 3 days & felt minor soreness in my lower back. Oh & also sleepy on the first day. I’m from the US & took Pfizer.
  • Scarecrow13
    I am weighing the options and have heard horror stories like this. It will ultimately come down to what I think will be a bigger risk, something like this or getting COVID.
    • What many dont' realize is the vaccines are still technically in the experimental stage. People talk as if they are done with testing and the vaccines are for wide distribution. They aren't they are for emergency use they have just expanded the use of them.

    • Alyssa11

      Well I mean the AstraZeneca is the traditional viral vector vaccine, just like the ones most of us have had growing up.

      It was definitely a horror story but i am alive and well now (lol). I’m also somewhat immune to covid which appears to be much more serious!

    • Shamalien

      ‘Somewhat immune’

      I’d like you to dig into that. What is ‘somewhat immune?’

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  • Bella9191
    Why are you not a fan of pzf? I thought that was the better one to take over Astra?
    both are slowly being rolled out in Australia. I’m hoping to take pzf but my state seems to be giving more astra. There seems to be so much drama with astra which is why I leaned towards pzf.
    I had COVID at the beginning of November and this virus was a walk in the park. For me it lasted at most 5 days. The following week I was tired more than usual, but I was able to cut and trim trees, cut the lawn, ready the property for winter. Two weeks after the virus, I was completely back to normal. In a nutshell, I've had head colds and season flu viruses that were far worse than COVID. Four years ago, I had the flu and it took me about 4 weeks after the virus ended for me to return to normal.

    I caution people to be on the look out for salacious stories written in a melodramatic tone about how dangerous COVID is, the fact of the matter is that most had the virus without showing symptoms or if they did, they recovered without issue. For instance, the US navy had an entire ship test positive for COVID, for only less than 10% the entire ship showed any symptoms, which of the entire ship about 1% had severe symptoms.

    Another point one should keep in mind is that people like to claim you will get a cytokine storm, this is only occurring in people who have dog shit for an immune system. So if you had AIDS, cancer, etc., yeah there's a possibility that one could have a cytokine storm. And this reaction is no different than in people who get the seasonal flu.
  • Rickinct7
    you'll regret it when you catch a cold next fall, many are going to die and they will blame covid, not the vax
    • Alyssa11

      Not sure how the cold and dying are related?

    • Shamalien

      People who get the vaccine experience worse effects from covid and i really hope u dont have to learn that the hard way

  • Shamalien
    So journalist, did you stop to ask how long you'd be protected for? Since when do doctors advertise immunity against new strains the vaccine has not been tested against?

    There is literally 0 evidence that the vaccine will protect against variants, and actually, if you dig deep, which as a journalist you should, you'd discover that those who receive the vaccine and then get covid (yes, totally possible) suffer WAY worse reactions which can lead to death. Not to mention that even the people touting the effectiveness of this vaccine admit it's protective effects last for UNDER A YEAR!!!

    I just cannot comprehend the mindset of people who take this. You suffered for a few days, yes, but what you may not realize is the BRAIN INFLAMMATION which goes along with that reaction you experienced. In developing brains, it can be catastrophic, but it's not healthy for anyone. If you experience poor memory, mood swings, poor motor control, sluggish thinking, or anything like that, you know what to blame
  • That’s cuz AstraZenica is f*cked. We use Pfizer and Moderna in the US of A cuz we’re betterrrr 😁😆
    • Alyssa11

      Lol we have the option between Astrazeneca and Pfizer :)

    • Jack9949

      Then why’d you choose them!!! 🤦‍♂️

    • Alyssa11

      I prefer AstraZeneca because it's the traditional type. Pfizer is novel so wasn't to keen to have that tested in my body - long term effects remain unknown!

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  • Belgie
    Sounds like yours is an outlier extreme example.

    My mother got the vaccine, she's 84 and in poor health. She had no adverse reaction to it and we're looking forward to her second dose (in about 3 weeks now).
  • I just had it done like 3 hours ago.

    After 5 minutes of getting the shot i had some issues with the blood pressure, going really high and then going really low, almost passed out, they monitored me a bit and thankfully it only lasted for 15minutes, so now i'm home.

    Waiting for the days to come. Some people i know have just gotten a fever the first day. So who knows what is coming. Beats covid though.
  • genericname85
    yeah, you better stop telling that story, or you'll be silenced xD certain people don't like it, when the public hears about those things.
  • ayomanwya
    That’s horrible but I’m really glad that you’re doing a lot better now. Thank you for sharing what you went through
    • Alyssa11

      Thank you! And sure, I want to normalise the vaccine and encourage people :)

    • ayomanwya

      You’re welcome 😊

  • TonyMetal___86
    It made me sad reading that the sweet alyssa rapunzel suffered a lot from this injection...
    Your a tender, sweet soft girl and that's why you felt like this, there should have been someone to take care of you and shouldn't be left alone in such situation...

    Anyways i'm wondering if princess alyssa rapunzel was married and she's a happy housewife, will she take the vaccine? Peesonally if i was married, i would not let her take it unless there was a very harsh situation cause i don't want this unknown thing to enter my wife's body...

    Did they knew that your a princess miss alyssa rapunzel? 😄 the princess's body should remain healthy and fresh, no weird things are allowed to enter except love 😊
  • sawno
    Sounds like its worse than the flu, i am pretty sure i had it last year and my symptoms were mostly caughing up a lot of slime, chills and finding it hard to breath.
  • DCooper
    Had you ever had an antibody test done? The first shot usually isn't the one that comes with nasty effects like that, unless your system already recognizes the spike protein as soon as your cells start manufacturing it.
  • kkirk4442
    I had two Moderna vaccines, and all I had was a little soreness in my arm for a couple of days. No fever, no body soreness, no body aches, no confusion, no tiredness, etc. All was good.
  • maxie69
    That sounds horrible, when my sister had covid, she couldn’t move to answer her phone, sounds kind of similar. I got the Pfizer one as it was the only one they were giving out in Ireland at the time. I just had a sore arm after both shots.
  • ManHater
    This is normal for a vaccine. Essentially your are injecting a modified strain of the Coronavirus that is altered so that your body can make antibodies for the virus. So it's normal to get sick because that's how your body is able to fight back. Just without all the bad shit that can kill you.
  • Hannah591
    I have had both doses of the Pfizer vaccine and I wasn't well particularly after the first dose, but I am okay now.
  • msc545
    Still a lot better than what you would have experienced had you contracted Covid.
    • Alyssa11

      That is very true!

    • Millicano

      the vaccine does not prevent covid19, infact some people's immune systems have become weaker!
      If you know yourself to have a strong immune system, the question you should ask is why you need a vaccine? A person with underlying conditions or a generally weak immune system i can understand, but since our bodies have taken quite a few vaccines already, do you not trust your immune system to have got stronger as a result?

    • Alyssa11

      @Millicano I guess we're just gonna have to wait and see what happens to me D: lol

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  • Dayman343
    It's been exactly a week since I had the first Astrazeneca vaccine. I was waiting for the side effects to kick in like what you described but all I experienced was a slightly sore upper arm. So looking forward to the booster in May.
  • jimmy2
    Thank you so much. My first shot 2 hours later i aas at home watching tv when i told my self i can't do this so i went to bed and skept for 8 hours next day i had the flu with fever a d 3rd day i had trouble breathing after 2nd shot i feel normal agsin after a year of long term symptoms
  • CasaNorba
    it won't be long till the government will start tracking all your daily activities and know all the substance you put in and out of your body
  • GAGSucksBalls1
    i do not need to know how you experienced the vaccine. this was completely unnecessary
  • Guanfei
    Well, you're not dead, so I guess it's not as bad as some people try to pretend it is.
  • Phoenix98
    A lot of people have those symptoms at least it’s pretty common with people taking the vaccine here in the US. From what I understand.
  • sp33d
    Considering what a vaccine is, it doesn't sound anything out of the ordinary. Though, I had covid, myself and if anything, it felt like a common cold. Effects seem to vary all across the board.
  • BillHe1
    My wife and I have received 1st and 2nd doses of the Moderna vaccine, about 28 days from 1st to 2nd.
    I haven't had any reaction from either. (I started taking Tylenol just before receiving my injections and continued a couple times after.)
    My wife had a sore arm at the injection site for the 1st one and a slight headache. But, the 2nd dosage has sent her for a loop. She's had aches and pains through out her body, especially her arm, headaches, chills, then high temp. Stayed in bed for a full day and a half. She took Tylenol every 4-6 hrs starting just after we returned home from the vaccinations. She seems to be OK the 3rd day after.

    As per CDC info, the vaccine should be fully effective 2 weeks after receiving the required dosage (1st or 2nd of whichever vaccine received).

    We are currently planning a week vacation out near the Grand Canyon this weekend.
  • Gedaria
    I had my first jab on the 6th of February.. I found it easier than my yearly flu jab.
    I had the Astro one..
  • hihi11
    I've had the AstraZeneca. I was prepared as other have said they were a little ill the next day, so I was expecting an experience something similar to a Yellow Fever jab which kept me in bed the following day. In the event, there were no symptoms. I tool some paracetamol as a precaution before I went to sleep, but woke up feeling fine, if a bit tired. I guess it effects people differently, but very pleased to be offered it. Now looking forward to the second jab in May, and the easing of lockdown.
  • bolverk
    I didn't have your problems, for me it was no worse than having the yearly Flu shot.
  • Meldrum
    I have had my first shot and get the second one tomorrow. No problems.
  • Omar5881
    You’re lucky there are no available vaccines to the public in my country
  • Iron_Man
    That’s awful sorry to hear that
    Wow I'm glad you are doing better.
  • Joker_
    Oh dear
  • Not had mine yet. Didn't know you had a choice.