Why I won't Be Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

Why I wont Be Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

This video explains all the hazards that damned vaccine will have far better than I do. It's almost 37 minutes long but I suggest only watching the first three minutes in order to fully comprehend where I’m coming from. Keep in mind that I’m obviously not here to change anyone’s views, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to warn the world about potential danger.

All the things this video explained did not come as a surprise to me thanks to all the research I’ve done in the past on conspiracy theories and political corruptions. So it sums up all the reasons why I believe that vaccine everyone is desperately fiending after is no work of God, these reasons are…

I don't want the government knowing all my business

Why I wont Be Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

I really don't want to be part of a Big Brother society. I don't want the government knowing…

  • Where I’m at 24/7
  • What life I live
  • What goes in and out of my body

Not only is it bad enough that others know all these things about you, but imagine how vulnerable this will make you in the long run as they can use it all against you.

I value my privacy

Why I wont Be Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

Again how vulnerable you will become if others know everything that revolves around your life?

If you have tracking devices in you that are strong enough to detect what you put in and out of your body this means that you will probably have cops banging on your door every time you consume weed or any other drug of choice while you’re at the privacy of your home.

Parties, nightclubs sports and the world of fitness will probably lose their meaning

My health is my priority

Why I wont Be Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

If the tracking devices in those vaccines are strong enough to detect everything that’s inside of you then I wouldn't be surprised if they are powerful enough to alter your health too. It will not take long till the pharmaceutical companies are gonna take advantage of this, make people unhealthy just to put them on the meds they feel like putting people on and making themselves richer. They obviously already doing at the moment by the way, but is still not that easy

Let’s also not forget that these vaccines obviously have substances that are non human and non organic as well, let that sink in.

I enjoy my freedom as a human

Why I wont Be Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

Again to sum it all up nothing makes us more vulnerable when our own freedom, health and privacy are at stake. If we lose these then life itself will lose its meaning and we will all be nothing but slaved up zombies for sure without any purpose in life.

COVID19 is nowhere near as deadly as the news says

The survival rate of the COVID19 is a little above 99%

Why I wont Be Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

Of course you will never hear this from the news. Instead they continue to insinuate cases keep going up just to continue the fear within us and trick us into believing that demonic vaccine is the only hope for us. Keep in mind that there are lots of diseases out there that kill far more people annually than the COVID19 and most of these same diseases have vaccines and treatments, they are...

  • The Flu/Influenza
  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • HIV

And many others! our immune system is strong enough to take on this pandemic. I don't believe the news whenever they assume the death rate for the fact that most of these death they report are rigged. one example is that its been discovered that a lot of the folks who have other critical health issues and died from those same issues but were diagnosed with COVID19 prior to their death were automatically considered dead by COVID19. if that's not a rip off then I dont know what it is.

Why I wont Be Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine
Why I wont Be Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine
Why I won't Be Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine
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  • TruthBringer
    Love how there are so many getting mad at someone's way of seeing this. The fact that people blindly let themselves get vaccinated even though the vaccine hasn't been tested in the long term, shows how weak minded and easily persuaded people are.
    By all means, ladies and gentlemen, be the laboratory rat and test it for me.
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    • CasaNorba

      that is all you will ever meet here in America, a bunch of zombie sheeps who believe everything they see and hear on the news. I guess I now know what Marilyn Manson met in that song Rock Is Dead when he said "God is in the TV"

      but I just dont get how people here still dont realize how corrupt our government is after all the crazy stuff its done in the past decades

    • It's fear my friend. People fear the unknown and ridicule those who divert their thoughts from the masses. So any "conspiracy theorist" will be ostracized and ridiculed. All because he preaches things that seem too uncomfortable for them. I've read many things about Zi0n1sm alone. And all of what I see happening in the world today, especially in America doesn't come at a surprise.

  • Dargil
    I have never missed a day of work out sick. Not one.
    I have probably had the flu. It was sniffles for 3 days.
    I am a medical Courier and have handled and transported thousands of covid specimens. Yes, I mask and use hand sanitizer inside buildings.
    I won't be first inline for the vaccine.
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  • devilman666
    I tried searching for that graph you linked but can't find it, I can't tell of it's 100% fake or if it's just photoshopped to say CDC but that graph seems sus. It says it was done by stolkholm university and then roght below that it says it was done by the CDC. Even if it is real though, there are some caveats, first, death isn't the only problem with covid, covid can have many long lasting impacts on the people who survive it, many are going to have lung and heart damage for the rest of their lives because of this disease. Second, if the disease spreads enough then hospitals will be overrun and the death toll will spike dramarically.

    That woman in your video os not a doctor she is an actress, idgaf about her credentials she's more plastic than a barbie doll and bragging about all the tv shows she's been on. She isn't out to save lives she is out to get famous, so I refuse to view her as a doctor.

    There's no microchip coming, this is just ridiculous, literally straight out of hollywood and with no evidence or logic supporting it. How does a microchip change anything? If they wanted to the government could place chips in our phones to track us, they already have all our personal info, and everyone uses bank cards instead of cash anyways so the idea of them closing down a bank account, they can already do that if they want, and of they're creating a dictatorship that would be microchipping us anyways then it wouldn't be hard to convince banks to give some control to the government. Tl;dr microchips are worthless we could already achieve the same end without using microchip implants.

    Also, doesn't matter how strong a microchip is, I dont think it can detect everything that goes in an out of your body unless it's connected to your brain, which seems extremely unlikely.

    Hand sanitizer is not toxic to humans, we have used hand sanitizer for years now, and the vaccine will be rigorously tested, are they trying to get it out fast? Yes, but they still have to meet regulations.

    This is one of the worst conspiracy theories tbh.
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    • CasaNorba

      let me guess, you must be the same person that asked that question about Trump downplaying the covid19 the other day.

      till then she is not the only person who has said this. in fact not to long ago the prime minister of Italy issued an arrest order on Bill Gates for his involvement behind the pandemic. also you do know you can microchip dogs right? so they can be tracked when lost, the procedure is no different than a vaccine; here see for yourself...


      and yeah a tracking chip in your phone is nothing compare to a chip inside you that knows your health, what you put in your body and many other. talk about being connected to your brain I bet they already accomplish them with the testing kits. I'm pretty sure they jam that long ass q-tip up your nose all the way in for a reason.

      yea rigorously tested by the same maniacs that are gonna plant the chips in them. and they are trying to rush it out for a reason.

      "This is one of the worst conspiracy theories tbh."

      typical comment that will come from a blind sheep that's trying so hard to live in denial because they're to afraid to accept reality

    • But if the government wanted to track you through nefarious methods they'd just use our cell phones. They wouldn't need a microchip, the whole microchip idea is a really outdated scifi-dystopian trope with many variations.

      Nah fam, if they have your phone chipped then they already see all your messages, they know where you go, they could even have people listening or watching through your camera. You think China chips people? Nah, they just force their state run corporations like Huawei and tiktok to give them all your data.

      No, rigorously tested by the FDA and other peer research groups, they are rushing it but that's because covid keeps spiralling out of control over and over and we only ever get it under control for short periods.

      This is one of the worst conspiracies, bruh how would a microchip even read information about your body? Microchips can't read your brain, they can store and sometimes write data and that's pretty much it. It would need a battery, it would need processing power, it would need monitors that keep track of your blood pressure and the chemical content in your stomach, it would need to be a lot more than just a microchip. This is literally the dumbest conspiracy I've ever heard. The entire thing makes 0 sense and has less than 0 evidence. I literally rate this as stupider than ufo sightings and flat earthers, at least with those you can say we don't have all the evidence. With this your literal only argument is: "Look at how fast the research is going? Maybe something is going on behind the scenes? Seems suspicious to me!"

    • www.reuters.com/.../uk-factcheck-italian-government-gates-idUSKBN23229K

      Here's a fact check on that Bill Gates thing. I get it though, I'm a sheep for blindly listening to anyone other than Alex Jones *sarcasm*.

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  • Zeldaismyqueen
    Lol if you don’t get a covid vaccine you are either an ignorant fool who doesn’t know any basic science, or a completely selfish asshole who wants people to die. Choose one.
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    • CasaNorba

      how about #3?

      that unlike you I do know basic science and do my own research on reality and want human beings to be FREE. therefore refuse to be the true moron and a blind sheep who believes all the bullshit he/she sees on TV all funded by the government to instill fear in us

    • No you don’t, if you did understand basic science you would take a few minutes out of your day to get the vaccine and save lives. You’re just a complete idiot, sorry.

    • CasaNorba

      you're use of ad hominems reveals who the true idiot here is

      and yea I'll get that vaccine after you get it first. if you really think a rushed and untested vaccine filled with unknown substances and chemicals will save lives then be our little LAB RAT and get it yourself and let us know the side effects.

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  • Grotty
    Good for you! I also won't be getting the Vaccine I am part of my local stand in the park group I go on Rallies and the Government can stick their Vaccine up their backsides!
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    • CasaNorba

      thank you! glad to see there are people out there who still haven't loss their common sense ability. is like wtf? why aren't people learning from our history? or better yet why do people think the government is God?

  • michael1469
    Brains have been washed since 2016... they voted trump.

    20k lies not only alternative facts, but some how a alternative universe. 30 plus fraud cases slammed by the court for being frivolous.

    Yet a third party not the media says its bullshit and yet you believe... fucking idiots.
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    • Daughter friend died from covid... no preexisting conditions... but ya know, just like the 1918 pandemic... it fale too.

    • CasaNorba

      I believe Trump did a lot of good things like fighting the global elites and sabotaging their plans in continue to fucking us in the ass.

      I believe that people hated him and made him looked like the devil all along for a reason. I also believe that another reason why this bullshit pandemic happened was to further sabotaging him out of the presidency.

      so I think twice before you call someone an idiot

    • Trump made himself look like the devil even before he was elected... great men dont pay 130k to porns stars for sex, cheat on thier wives, like 20k plus times, golf more then work... id keep going but its alredy late...

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  • Bananaman177
    I'll stick that fucking needle right up their ass and then cough right in their face.
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    • CasaNorba

      thank you!

      I'm being honest when I say I almost officially lost hopes on humanity when I realize how so far almost everyone who opiniated on this sounded like a blind little sheeps on their way to a slaughter house without having a clue where they were heading

    • I hope they all take the vaccine and come down with neurological disorders. It's beyond high time for them to learn how stupid they really are.

    • CasaNorba

      uff I should write a part 2 to this mytake on how so far it has killed more than 6 people who've gotten it. I have a video here saved in my drive of a nurse who got interviewed minutes after she got it and literally fainted during the interview.

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  • Belgie
    This bullshit fueled paranoid rant shouldn't be allowed on this website.
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    • CasaNorba

      rather be paranoid than a lab rat

    • Belgie

      Rather be informed than a paranoid nutcase.

    • CasaNorba

      being informed and "misinformed" aren't the same, just felt like pointing that out

  • Celtero
    Right... because you're paranoid.

    The way I see it, is I'm getting the opportunity to be resistant to the disease for free. I don't care that covid isn't that bad, and I doubt the government gives two shits about whatever I'm doing. It's not like they don't already have all the means to spy on me already through my cellphone and other devices. I'm not important in any way, and having me under some sort of surveillance is just a waste.

    Yeah... covid is deadlier than the flu, (maybe it wouldn't be with the vaccine)
    And there's no fucking vaccine for HIV, cancer, and heart disease.

    But whatever, I'm all for bodily autonomy, I don't think anyone should be forced to be injected with something against their will. Though, I'm not going to pretend refusing vaccination is a good idea that doesn't put oneself and others at greater risk.
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    • CasaNorba

      you are one naïve little sheep like the rest of the the world. the news already fucked up your brain cells and your ability to think for yourself.

      anyways that shit is FREE for a reason and you're wrong about the government not giving a shit about you or how important you may be, as when it comes to controlling everyone they dont discriminately or give a shit just as long as they're under control. also you cellphone cannot reveal substances that you put inside your body for the authorities and medical industry to see.

      and THERE ARE VACCINES FOR THE FLU and many other treatments yet it still kills thousands of people a day, so wake up and do some research for one. HIV, Cancer and HD have treatments as well but again they kill millions a year SO WHAT MAKES YOU THINK THIS COVID19 VACCINE IS GONNA DO MIRACLES?

      but again I'm not here to change you or anybody else mind, but if the worst happens I hope you remember that you were warned


      Mocrochips also cannot monitor what you put inside your body. You would need a fuck ton of sensors. The vaccine won't do miracles, it will prepare people's immune systems for the virus, as all vaccines do.

    • CasaNorba

      @devilman666 who said we are only talking about ONE sensor?

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  • ThisAndThat
    The inventor of the technology himself has said he won't even take it. What does that tell you?https://www.youtube.com/embed/mx6Qu-xQE1Yhttps://www.bitchute.com/video/fJXiAe43fjs/?list=subscriptions
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    • CasaNorba

      It just reminds me that people are stupid and worship the news. Excluding you and a few other who already answered this but did you see all the comments I got from these blind sheeps?

    • I'll have to check that out but I doubt it will surprise me. What makes me sad is those taking the shot will probably allow their children to take it too. And they can't be woken up either.

  • Shamalien
    Each day I care less and less for the fate of those who happily usher in a new era of tyranny and oppression... fuck you. You are my enslaver. You mask wearers, vaccine takers, complicit ASSHOLES paving the road to hell for all of us. I care about me and my loved ones and the rest of you can fucking burn. If only... if only I wasn’t forced to save you to save myself god damnit I at least have to try but you DO not deserve it
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  • imredheaded
    Is this a joke post? Some kind of troll? It has to be, right? Some guy posting on a social media platform and probably has a smart phone in his pocket is worried about being tracked?
    • CasaNorba

      No your blind sheep mindset is the only joke here.

      You do know you can shut down or crush your smartphone if you think it’s tracking you. Now when the tracker is inside of you and which can’t be shut down and knows more about your life then where you’re at then explain to me how you’re gonna seize that one?

    • Careful. With you posting this they might just gas you in your own home and do it to you while you sleep. You'll never even know they did it!

    • CasaNorba

      That doesn’t answer the question

  • Gedaria
    I find this take very entertaining. A load of rubbish , but you follow your slack thinking.
    I will take the vaccine.
    Not , in this world is ,100%, safe...
    • CasaNorba

      yeah do us all that favor and become our LAB RAT since your not such as slack thinker yourself.

      if I see you did become autistic or down syndrome retarded afterwards then I'll probably change my mind and join you. though you will still have to convince me that you have no tracking devices in you.

    • CasaNorba

      did not*

    • Gedaria

      What planet are you on?

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  • Derekk
    I don't understand this kind of reasoning. No human being alive has the time and energy to question and examine absolutely everything. I'm sure that you believe that the moon landings occurred. But why? Why do you just accept what NASA says at face value? We do this because we have enough trust in people and institutions to believe that somebody who's gone to school and has confidential privileged government information is likely in a better position to at least know what we should do about a problem that they've devoted their lives to. The government slogan isn't "listen to liberal academics," it's "listen to scientists and doctors, the same people who understand this illness on a level most people don't". Unless you're prepared to extend your skepticism to virtually anything at all, you'd be a hypocrite by your own admission. You're trying so hard to be an independant iconoclast critical thinker who's better than the sheep, but you're making yourself look like a tool in the process.
    • Shamalien

      You’re not shoving the apollo 11 up your fking arm man have some respect for your health and research shit properly before putting it in your body ffs

    • Derekk

      @Shamalien You missed my point though. Every research I've ever done about what I put in my body has been conducted by third parties and outside of my control. I cannot establish that sugar is bad for my health without accepting the authority of health experts and the integrity of their science and research equipment. Why this basic cognitive outsourcing becomes a problem on hot button topics like vaccines is a question I'll leave to the sociologists.

    • Shamalien

      You have the power of logic and deductive reasoning. You do NOT need to rely on authority, that is a dumb man’s outlook

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  • Deku2009
    It’s a lot real only conspiracy theories say it’s not
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