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My experience with my first Moderna Covid vaccine

My experience with my first Moderna Covid vaccine
My experience with my first Moderna Covid vaccine

After a few weeks of waiting I finally got my turn at the Covid vaccine. After checking in at the health department lobby, they gave me a number 3 and sent me to the first floor. They sent me to a room with a pink balloon on the door. Pink means Moderna and blue means Pfizer.

So as I got in, I was very nervous. There were others in there waiting after they got theirs (because you have to wait 15 minutes after to check for allergic reaction). I was kinda panicking as I was telling them my information. They gave me my card and I sat in the chair. The nursing student then introduced herself and explained everything as it was happening. One lady was talking to me and asking me questions to calm my nerves. But guess what... I didn't even feel the needle stick! So after 15 minutes I was free to go. I got my sticker and card, then headed to Krispy Kreme where you can get a free original glazed donut every day for 1 year with proof of vaccination. I go for my 2nd dose on the 26th. So far my arm is a little sore and I'm kinda sleepy but I feel like I'm gonna be ok. When your turn comes, make sure you get your shot!

My experience with my first Moderna Covid vaccine
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  • WhiteSteve
    Nice job, man, got my last Moderna one today. If you told me my arm was slowly withering and dying I’d believe you, lmfao, but so far my reaction is the exactly the same as the first time, arm soreness and some very slight chills. Just zonked out for a few hours after celebrating with my dad, made us some tenderloin steaks and toasted over a glass of bourbon. Might stay up for a bit then knock back out for the night. My arm will be useless til Wednesday if last time is any indicator, but it’s a small price to pay. My old man is cruising with no issues like last time, so I’m apparently weaker than an 89 year old lmao. Sore arm, bruised ego😂 Shout out to Robert Kraft for lending his fine facility of Gillette Stadium for a mass vaccination site, and the health care workers and support staff are fucking studs. Could not have been an easier process either time, perfectly executed. Glad it went smoothly for you too! Rest up and look forward to shot #2, it’s a relieving feeling. Just continue to be careful and don’t let your guard down just yet. No one wants to be the jabroni who gets Covid in between shots, lmao, after all we’ve been through😝
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    • I had a swollen deltoid after receiving my second Moderna. I wouldn't say that it was sore like my first. It was more like tenderness. Initially, I praised my enlarged delt for a while and thought that my workouts in the gym had done some phenomenal changes to my delts! 😆 Then I realized that since it's tender from the vaccine, it was inflammed from it as well, and that wasn't my dominant arm, couldn't have had a large muscle than my other side!

      My delt was tender, even with blanket touching it felt sensitive, when I had teeth chattering chills at night and was trying to sleep with my blanket.

      I did not have fever, although my usual temperature was on lower side, so I did feel warmer with a 99 something degree Fahrenheit.

      I'm glad that I've been vaccinated. Protect myself and protect those around me 🦸🏻‍♀️

    • And I understand what you said about getting COVID infection between first and second shots. I've encountered a few people that asked about what they should do since they were infected between the 2 shots.

    • WhiteSteve

      @StarsInTheEyes Yeah, the soreness is hitting a little faster this time for me. Not even looking more yoked as a result😒 I have chills right now, and that same deal as you, 99 temperature but i usually run cooler around 96.5-97. But I generally feel ok, nothing to trip about. A friend of my dad’s daughter said she felt slightly ill about 12 hours after her second shot, so I think I’m just there now. Pretty light love, all told, I feel like I’ll probably wake up fine tomorrow other than the arm. And it beats full-bore Covid, so I’ll take a night of laying low anytime in exchange👍

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  • DCooper
    Glad it's been smooth so far. Fingers crossed you don't get the bad 'day after' reaction. About 1/3 of the people I know who've gotten the rona shots have had a bad reaction for a couple days afterwards. Still worth getting vaccinated, but not the outside chance that it's claimed to be.
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    • I just got a sore arm that was it

    • DCooper

      Oh I didn't notice that you posted this 3 days ago. My 80 year old mother had nothing more than the sore arm from it too. Her brother who's like 3 years younger ran a 103 degree fever the next day.

Most Helpful Girls

  • NorthShoreCalling
    Kudos to you for getting it. I had mine on Monday but I had the AstraZeneca one and my immune response was a little more intense with vomiting etc, but I do tend to have slight sensitivities anyway, but yay it means my immunity is working! And I’m very glad as I’d probably get it fairly bad if I caught it.
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    • The AstraZeneca conversion is not available in the United States yet

    • Yeah I’ve heard. People are seeming to favour it here in the UK.

    • Wish we got 🍩 with ours though! 😄

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  • StarsInTheEyes
    I'm glad that you've been vaccinated! 😊 I'm a healthcare worker and I give COVID-19 vaccines, so I'm happy for you.

    The symptoms from immune response can't compare with the symptoms of COVID-19 infection. The latter would be worse and can cause death...
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    • WhiteSteve

      Thank you!!!🙏🙏🙏

    • That's not necessarily true, as I've heard that some people have a worse response to the vaccine than actually getting covid. And I am losing faith in the vaccine seeing as how the US cases are still skyrocketing despite over 27% of the population having received 1 dose already

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  • Likes2drive
    Seems like everyone’s reaction is different, I’m supposed to get it on Easter, the Pfizer one so I guess I’ll see what happens after
  • Jjpayne
    Thanks for sharing that! And free krispy kremes! Sign me up 😃
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    Thanks for sharing your MyTake with us well appreciated
    and I'm glad things turned out good for you and went well :) 🙏👼
  • Omar5881
    Were you able to function? Like normal tired or really tired?
    • Yeah I could function it was just for that evening

  • art84
    I got the Johnson and Johnson shot and my arms felt the needle. Had it hurting my arm being sore for a few days but it was gone. I would honestly hate getting one shot and then a second dose as I heard people get sick with the second shot. Glad you got your first dose of the Moderna COVID vaccine.
  • I got the second shot today. I feel okay now but my arm is getting sore.
    • exitseven

      Four days later I am back to normal. I had a sore arm and I felt a little bit achy. definitely a pajama day.

  • PinkHamster
    Seems like they’re giving free food, clothes and 50% discounts on everything all over the world just to get people to go get vaccinated...🤔..
    glad that you are okay ✨
    congrats and stay safe ✨
  • bulletbob555
    Waiting on my second one this week. Can't wait ready to mingle without fear
  • shalt
    Its funny because. oderna never had a single successful human trial until this covid 19 vaccine, went from a stock price of less then a dollar PENNY stock to over 100$...
    • Is that because they’re nonprofit so struggled to get funding previously though?

    • shalt

      Why would a non for profit be listed on the NYSE?

    • shalt

      They've been a biotech trying to make money through different applications and diseases for a decade and everything failed. It's just weird they got a one hit wonder faster then everyone

  • pokerbot
    How long ago was this? The adverse effects don't really set in until the next day. I heard the Moderna virus is the worst one for side-effects.
    • I got it Monday

    • pokerbot

      I guess you survived then. I got the Oxford Astrazeneca on Wednesday, felt like s*** Thursday.

  • RyanK9b
    I definitely get nothing like this crap that is so unnecessary.
    Oh no, your sleepy? that's 1 of the symptoms...
    You've got covid...
  • amyismyname
    Free Donuts makes it totally worth it 😀
  • UnknownGagsUser
    Will have my first dose today 😃
  • KarimM
    I just got my second dose yesterday.
  • msc545
    Glad you got it!!!
  • stuff39
    good luck in hell
  • jimmy2
    Good for you