Answering the question so many people ask: "Why do you self harm?"


( I can't speak for everyone so if these aren't some of the reasons you may do it , then feel free to share why you do . )

Well , one reason is to feel something other then depression or feeling disconnected form everything . When I'm depressed I often feel disconnected from everything around me and I have a lot of overwhelming feelings all at once . When I self harm I guess sometimes it kind of distracts me and helps me kind of control the way I m feeling at the moment .

Another reason is it helps me kind of express myself ( even though I am the only one who sees the cuts ) . When I am depressed I am not able to express myself clearly ( what was the word for that again.......I think articulate .....I dunno ) so when self harming it helps me do so .

Yeah these are the only reasons I feel comfortable sharing yeah there ya have it

I hope that clears things up at least a little bit <3

Answering the question so many people ask: Why do you self harm?
Answering the question so many people ask: "Why do you self harm?"
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  • andy530
    Thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing! I hope things are getting better for you and that you’re continuing to learn and use new coping strategies to help yourself feel connected and in control. I hope you know there any many people who care and if you ever feel like you need to please reach out to them!
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    • Anonymous

      I hope things get better so far... nope
      I haven't been trying any new coping skills

      and okay

    • andy530

      Well just know we care about you and are hoping the best for you.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks <3

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  • Bklynbadboy12
    This is soooooo sad
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    • Anonymous

      Is it?

    • I'm so sorry your going through this how long have you been doing it

    • Anonymous

      I think you've asked this b4 ...
      for about 3 years since 5th grade I think...

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  • mrfoox
    Yes, I can relate. I've gotten past years of self harm and it was an similar feeling for me. An distraction. I would often be sitting down and bawling my eyes out, but once I had done a cut and it bled, I was no longer thinking about all the shit in my head. I would almost stop immediately and just sit and look and feel
    Getting a few minutes of 'peace' without your mind flooding with awful things was so freeing
    For me at the time, some blood and pain was a small price to pay for peace of mind.
    It greatly upsets me how some people still think self harm is only about attention and so on. There is actually some type of outlet you get from it, it's why it can become sort of like an addiction
    And thank you for sharing your words and expressing yourself in this manner. I hope you are getting help with this, and if you want to vent or anything I am always available by pm. This shit is hard and I'm speaking from experience, but we don't have to be going through all of it without any support
    • Anonymous

      Thanks <3

  • Aakash_Hangargi
    Hmmm, ok i understand the feeling the emptiness and the disconnection part which makes us think of our worth and what are we doing or here for!!!

    And sometimes it's just the empty feeling and we are not a certain type or belong to a group or category like having an identity crisis.

    And the feeling that nobody understands us and we are alone in our journey also being bullied worsens that and makes us feel more vulnerable.

    And when we hurt ourselves there is this pain but still it feels familiar and we have control that how much we can self inflict thd pain, do we would feel in control and connect with ourselves and the tension releases slowly.

    But if you see in actual it's just a temporary solution which would put us jn more trouble than anything else.

    It's like sinking in quick sand the more we struggle the more we will be dragged into.

    So I would suggest replacing your thoughts whenever something bothers you try to avoid thaf particular thought and focus on something that have you joy at some point.

    Breathing techniques help to calm mind and give you control over your thoughts and mind.

    But you have to practise it, you will gain control of self once you havd that nothing will phase you or shake you.
  • t-8900
    I never self harmed but I used to hurt others. "You're fat" would be responded to with a coldcock into the mouth. I had a terrible childhood and lashed out at the world. ^^
  • always_og
    I used to self harm too and my reasons were pretty similar. I always turned to drugs and alcohol to help with depression and anxiety but sometimes they ran out or I wanted a different kind of 'high'. Cutting myself hurt quite a lot at the time (although I don't remember the pain), but it instantly took me out of my headspace and forced me to focus on something else
  • JoyGirl
    *hugs* 💜
    • Anonymous

      * hugies * thanks I needed that <3

    • JoyGirl


  • msc545
    Good explanation - thanks!
    • Anonymous


  • DJ1991
    Because I feel better