How to lose weight in my upper body?

I have been exercising 5 to 6 days out of the week since January 2015. I have been trying to lose weight in my stomach and breast area my bra size is 36c I am 5 foot 6 I weigh 140 pounds and my measurements are 36 27 36 I'm aiming to reach 34 24 35. I have an athletic/slim build. Since exercising I have increased energy, glowing skin, better posture, my legs and thighs have become more toned and lifted, and my stomach has become less bloated. However the fat on my stomach and in my breasts will not budge. In fact, it seems like my breasts have gotten bigger since exercising. Im not gonna lie my diet has been crazy, im 16 so im not the best at managing my food. Some days I eat too little, too much and some days just right but nothing is ever consistent. I just assumed that if I ate bad I could increase the time I spent exercising , in general I just assume that exercise is most important so I make it more of a priority to complete even when i don't want to. Should I stop exercising so much and try dieting more? I have a hard time eating right while exercising because for some unusual reason exercise Decreases my appetite instead of increasing it. So after I exercise im not hungry, its like I feel full.
How to lose weight in my upper body?
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