Which would you rather do?

So this is a situation i am in and i need help.

Basicaly, I use to be Obese, But I've lost most of it now, And only have a bit left to loose (like 20lb ish), But due to already loosing a lot of weight, I have started to show some signs of loose skin developing (When i tug on my skin i can stretch it an inch or two where my Moobs use to be)

And, Im afraid if i loose any more weight, It will get so bad that it will just hang of constantly all over my body (Which it will...).

Now, My choices are either:
A) Stop loosing weight, Admit defeat and just live the rest of my life slightly overweight which also means dying alone as girls only like guys with abs (Which i can never physically achieve now).

B) Keep loosing weight, Get vile loose skin, And live the rest of my life alone because loose skin looks 50 trillion times worse then fat, and once again, no girl will like me because i dont have abs.

The way i see it, A involves less effort and has the same outcome as B, So, what way do you think i should die alone?

*P. s, And yes, Im aware there is surgery to remove loose skin, but this same surgery can cost upwards of $30,000 so its completely not an option for me and likely never will be*
Stay fat and die alone
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Which would you rather do?
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